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red seats repeated... I liked the way the light was hitting the tops of the seats. A 13 second exposure at f/9 w/ISO 200, was a fun setting.


Set Desc: Photographs of The Ohio Theater in Columbus Ohio, which was the subject of the a recent Columbus Flickr Meet, with over 40 Flickr folks from the Central Ohio area converging to hang out, and photograph this beautiful theater.

Red Planet, Paria/Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness, Arizona


Simply an amazing display of light at sunrise over the bizarre sandstone world deep in the heart of the remote Paria/Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness. I camped here for three days in order to be on location as a storm pushing cross the west finally brought dramatic clouds to the Colorado Plateau.


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I don't know the name of this one..But I have in my garden.I wanted to share it with you..


Seats at BMO Field in Toronto

another view on a wonderful small staircase


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I was in a very pensive state today.

I was thinking about my life, where its going and where I want it to go. So many difficult choices that you have to make.

Im very happy where I am now.

Everyday is an experiance that helps you grow and become stronger.


I thank God for all the good things and the bad things in my life. They have made me what I am today....


Thank you all so much for leaving me some really incouraging comments and mail. I really appreciate it. I try to go to all my contacts photostreams and if I havent done so, I'll be there soon :)


Have a great day my friends.


Have a wonderful weekend, my friends :))

I have not edited the red colour. The tree was so red and so beautiful. It was surprisingly difficult to photograph.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view, comment, and fave my photo.


In Explore 9.12.11. Lisbon, portugal

Something red for a wonderful day. Red tulip. Water drops. Simple led and natural light as lightning. 105mm Micro Nikkor lens.


Wish you another wonderful day.


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This was another shot I did for the Macro Mondays red theme.


Thanks for viewing!

Canon XI 77/1.1

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The End Start Here

Working on my last video.

Here it is :


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Architect Sir Norman Fosters` competition winning design to rebuild the Reichstag Building in Berlin, this evening photo ( enhanced) of a maintenance worker ( a lady) walking up the ramp within the dome caught my eye.

For a photo taken slightly later please link below :

Added to the Cream of the Crop pool as ..

most interesting


See where this picture was taken. [?]

Droplet on a red rose

My favourite red leaf details behind the oposite light

Sympetrum frequens

wasteland walk

Give me a key,

And let me see,

All the beauty

Around me, But

Best of all

Let me see me.


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Hi to all my flickr friends hope your all ok.

Just got my new macro lens.. (jumping for joy) and this is one of my first. I still have to learn how to use it properly...


Hope you like it :)

red poppy emerging from bud

Picture taken in Okayama Garden.Pune, India.

Red Coffee - Macro Mondays Theme

Softness of red dahlia


Dahlia n. large-flowered showy garden plant. [Dahl, name of a botanist]


Red —adj. (redder, reddest) 1 of the color ranging from that of blood to deep pink or orange. 2 flushed in the face with shame, anger, etc. 3 (of the eyes) bloodshot or red-rimmed. 4 (of the hair) reddish-brown, tawny. 5 having to do with bloodshed, burning, violence, or revolution. 6 colloq. Communist or socialist. 7 (Red) hist. Russian, Soviet. —n. 1 red color or pigment. 2 red clothes or material. 3 colloq. Communist or socialist. In the red in debt or deficit. Reddish adj. redness n. [Old English]


Taken at home back in 2006.

Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka

The Image may be old, but the sentiment is not!


#205 on Explore 04/23/07


I grew these last year and its almost time to plant some more! I love their jewel toned colours.

Macro shot of a beautiful red flower with varied textures.

Red rose on the restaurant table against the blue pool outside.

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