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Leave me alone at the record shop

I wish that I could drop

I wish that I could drop a million bucks

Leave me alone at the record shop

Don’t let the record stop

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For the record, I know what you did.

For the record, I said what I did.

For the record, your silence says it all.

For the record, don’t cry ‘cause I’m gone.


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Back to work after a long weekend I took the evening hours for a ride with the scooter of my son to take some shots. My tour went into the countryside of the Melle-Area in Lower Saxony. Enjoying the warm evening I read that this May is the warmest ever in recorded meteorological history. At least in Northwest Germany. Day temperatures in the mid-twenties and 10+ hours of sunshine are a pleasure for all of us. To be continued...

Hoyel, Lower Saxony, Germany

Without the knife ,this could be just a close up of a rose ,so I drew a cutting knife to show how big the rose is.

weekend shenanigans

.:Tm:.Creation Take your Time Ottoman

@ The Chapter Four Event

Ottoman with pillows and blankets, 100% ORIGINAL MESH


LsR Sexy Maira Camo Set


Maitreya, Isis, Hourglass, Altamura and Freya Bodies,


Bishes Inc Shiva Shoes MARKET PLACE

Maitreya, Slink and Belleza, Fatpack Hud



Record Rapid

Lith print

World record holder HST Power Car 43302 races north away from an approaching storm towards Colton Junction, York on a late spring Saturday afternoon. I’d ventured to Colton with the intention of capturing a pan shot of the Intercity liveried Class91, which I managed Ok and this HST came north a few moments later, as I’d not changed the camera settings this had the spray and pray pan hoping at least one frame would be in focus.


HST 43302 carries a commemorative nameplate, celebrating its fame "World Speed Record HST The 30th anniversary of power car 43102 (43302) reaching 148.5mph on 1st November 1987 setting the world speed record for diesel traction which still stands today."


The service 1S22 15:00 Kings Cross to Edinburgh Waverley


11th May 2019.

A bird very much on my photographic wish list is the Great Northern Diver.


This is my best attempt yet. However poor light a rocking boat and distance once again conspired against me.


Th GND is the UK's largest diver and a regular though distant sighting for me. Perhaps 2019 will be my year.


Great Northern Diver aka Common Loon - Gavia Immer


Kerrera - Scotland


As always I extend my sincere thanks to all those who follow my photography and trust you will be kind with this one ;).


BAVA is a music label, based in Switzerland. DnB and familiar sounds, produced and spreaded by it's members. BAVA stands for Bass Valley, because we live in it :)

The scratchy blues record playing on the small speakers. The sun setting through the door. The smell of aged cardboard sleeves. The black wax discs that somehow, magically, lock music and feelings in their grooves, waiting to be rediscovered. Slender fingers carefully flipping through the rows of albums one by one, searching for treasure. In a word, Heaven.


Reckless records in Soho, London and a man smoking whilst on his mobile phone.


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O´Higgins y Echeverría 6 de febrero de 2020.-

Ciudad de Buenos Aires

2:32 PM (GMT -3)



Casi supera el record de 1957.-

Almost beats the 1957 record

Cattedown, Plymouth, Devon

All grand in record land


Following their routine 30 mile morning run, Hoof and Horace settle down for their pre breakfast drinks, “red for you Hoof and you Horace, no need to ask Mrs P”💃🐎🐷🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️


Suddenly the telephone bust into life, who could it be as most people are normally drinking wine at this time of the morning. Hoof answered and it was Mrs Penberthey “could Horace please look after her Jack Russell Nipper again”.

This is becoming quite a regular occurrence, not that we mind but it is one more to provide wine for.☎️🐶🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷


Mrs Penberthey did apologise profusely, she had forgotten about her training session in the local gym. Oh yes Mrs Penberthey is the West of England left handed arm wrestling champion in the light weight division and needs to keep herself in the peak of condition, don’t mess with this lady👹💪💪🏆


With the boys fully refreshed following their breakfast, H & H felt it would be nice to pop round and check on Mrs Trebogus, well you know after the incident with the naughty vacuum cleaner so to speak.

With Nipper on his skate board off the three of them went, with a bottle of course, as it is bad manners to turn up at someones house empty handed. (It’s more a tradition here in the village)🐶🐎🐷🍷🍷🍷


As you can imagine Mrs T was delighted to see Hoof, Horace and Nipper, plus as luck would have it, Trixie Trebillcock (Mrs T’s sister) was sat at the dinning room table with an empty glass, this was indeed good timing.💃💃🍷😁


For those of you that don’t know, Trixie is on the church council and it just so happened she had been going through the parish records and noticed that Daisy, the Friesian cow who had traveled to the International Space Station with H & H recently had not been baptised.📘📕📘


Immediately Horace saw a logistical issue, “how on earth is the vicar going to get Daisy in the font in order to wet her head”.🐮💦💦💧


Hoof being the brains of the outfit said “lets go on eBay and see if anyone is selling a large inflatable swimming pool. We could walk daisy up some steps and she could dive in.

Nipper piped up and said “yea right who is going to blow the thing up, think how big it will need to be too accommodate Daisy”. 💨💨💨


Horace had one of his light bulb moments (make the most of this) and said “I read in the Farmers Weekly magazine recently that cows, how do we put this, produce a lot of methane gas.📖🐷💨


Horace went onto say “how about if we machined a special adapter and delicately fitted it to the trumpeting end of Daisey’s body, we could then contain the methane and pump it straight into the inflatable pool, via the vacuum cleaner hose that Mrs Trebogus had surgically removed from her derrière during ‘the incident.’

Horace also felt the methane would have the potential to warm the water as well, so job sorted.🔥💦💨


Have you seen a friesian cow baptised, it could only happen in the village, 💦💦🐄💨💨


I will leave you with this thought for the weekend.

How did the farmer find his lost cow, he tractor down.


Thank you so much for viewing my photos, the comments and banter you leave are so much appreciated, take care🍺🍺🍺🍷🍷🍷💃🐎🐷🐄🐶😎😂😂😂


Ende der 70er Jahre kaufte ich mir als Teenager eine Stereo-Anlage. Der DUAL Plattenspieler funktioniert immer noch, wenn ich ihn einmal im Jahr anschalte. Das Tonabnehmersystem ist jedoch kein Original mehr. Für das Foto drängte sich das neueste Dua Lipa Vinyl auf.


At the end of the 70's, as a teenager, I bought a stereo system. The DUAL record player still works when I turn it on once a year. However, the pick-up system is no longer an original. For the photo, the latest Dua Lipa vinyl came to mind.



You spin me right round, baby

Right round like a record, baby

Right round round round

Old 'Record' wood plane. I think this belonged to my long departed ex father in law, can't quite remember, so a good few years old now. Still works too, wood shavings done just prior to shooting !

Nikon F6 w/ 35mmf2 AF / Expired Fuji Superia 200

Development by Labo-Argentique

Home scanned on Epson V550

Lith print on Record Rapid

Now in stock 200 packs of 20x24 in.

“Record Store UK” was a nationwide event that was scheduled for the 18th April but obviously didn’t go ahead.


There is great interest nowadays in vinyl records, cassette tapes and other means of recording music that had been thought of as being largely defunct and this has spawned a wealth of smaller, independent retailers dealing in them.


Vinyl Attraction in Newark had not been opened long and suddenly had to close again due to the lockdown. The window is always very interesting, with many discs and memorabilia featuring many groups and names from my youth, even some records that I actually owned.


The event is put back to June and, as yet, no news as to if it will actually happen.


Happy Window Wednesday!

Memories of bygone days in a small store, going trough bins full of records to discover a hidden gem.



record shop sharevari is now moving! to Hakushima (from Namiki St.), Hiroshima, Japan


Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear derailleur Pat'72.

C-FPQB, a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, passing overhead Dixie Road during its approach to runway 05 at Toronto Pearson International Airport in Mississauga, Ontario. It was arriving as AC7214 (Air Canada) from Sydney, Australia. The aircraft flew 9,824 statute miles / 8,537 nautical miles / 15,810 kilometres non-stop! Most likely, it was the longest distance ever flown by a Canadian registered aircraft. With only four crew aboard and a 20,000 kilogram / 44,000 pound payload, the repurposed freighter was airborne for 16 hours and 20 minutes. Its final cruising altitude was 41,000 feet.


Additional details about this noteworthy flight can be read here:


At the Antique Emporium in Eau Claire, WI

Bit of a surprise to see this splendid otter pop up in front of the hide at Catcott lows today.

« Paris : Le jour le plus chaud jamais enregistré » 25/07/2019


Il s'agit d'un record absolu de chaleur dans la capitale.

Le record maximale à @paris à été largement battu on relève 42,6 degrés à 16h30 - source - @meteofrance

Le record datait du 28 juillet 1947 ou la température avait atteint 40.4 degrés -


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Here in northern New Jersey, we see our last Ruby-throated hummingbirds pass through between the 3rd-4th week of September. I always leave a feeder up until late October "just in case". And this year, on October 4 a juvenile female showed up, to my total surprise. She has an injury to her left eye but appears to be in otherwise good health. As of today, she's been with us 4 days. Surreal to hear the squeaks and whirring of hummingbirds at this time of year.

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