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View allAll Photos Tagged recommended+reads - Holy Other, "Know Where" - I do appreciate those of you who take the time to read this. It is long, and our attention spans aren't what they once were.


We had a storm on Halloween; a good one. Some snow, some sleet, lot’s of wind. 60 – 70 mph winds coming out of the north, blowing straight down the 300+ mile length of Lake Michigan. On the east and west coasts, those are low-end hurricane/typhoon wind speeds. For us in Chicago, these are as good as it gets. Daytime temps were in the 40’s; with the wind chills it felt like the 20’s, a far cry from our normal 55 - 64 degrees for Halloween.


When the wind blows from the north, it can push our southern lake water level up two to four feet. That doesn’t sound like much, but our shoreline waters here are shallow, 20 feet on average. That's not deep enough to make tall waves; the extra water transfer from up north helps. As is 4 – 6 foot waves get boating advisories. 8 - 10 footers are newsworthy. These Halloween monster waves were on all TV channels at once.


The waves reached up to 20-feet in height; that has happened only once before. To get 20-foot waves means some extraordinary, barely comprehensible energy is being created in the Lake. The top of the tower, the red light, is 20 – 24 feet above the normal water surface level. Normal depth here is 12 - 14 feet. There is a 30-foot wide, concrete seawall at the base of the tower that sits 8 – 10 feet above the water. I’ve never, not seen that platform. I've never seen it under water. I’ve never seen waves this high in my 64+ years of living here. Never.


For us, this mimicked the Sea. It was divine and extraordinary, deliciously wild, sublimely chaotic. Because the Lake is so shallow, our waves have no chance to develop a rhyme or rhythm to their movements. They swell and dip and break everywhere in tumultuous disarray; on shore as well as out into the Lake as far as the eye could see. You cannot time the waves or predict where they will crash so as to move back from the shoreline to avoid getting drenched and/or swept out to Sea (where it could be days, weeks or months before you are found - thus it is recommended you wear bright clothing for this; makes finding the body easier :-) ). It is dangerous to stand close to the water’s edge.


But how on earth can you not?


It’s said there are a hundred ways to die and, you should have no doubt, one or more of those 100 ways has your name in their hands (with a bit of a contest going as to who will get to you first). That being said, well, being swept away to die for ones photographic or video art, or for just plain and simple curiosity, or for the sheer giddiness and idiocy of being so close to something so grand, probably beats a bunch of the other ways that will surely come your way.


Of course, I am speaking for myself.


I could have resisted, but I choose not to. I suspected I was going to sacrifice a camera here. Water spray, rain and sleet were everywhere, and digital point-and-shoots aren't good bedfellows with water in any form. I only hoped to get some decent images before it said, “Argh, they got me boys, I’m a gonner,” and shut down operations, like the Terminator’s glowing red eye going dim and black when it went got crushed.


And digitals aren’t keen on being cold, and trying to focus with nothing to lock onto except smooth sky, clouds, water. Plus I really couldn’t see the viewer too well. All of their functions begin to slow to a crawl under these conditions - kinda' like us. Ah, to hell with it, wing it and just kept moving and shooting.


I was out for about 20 minutes and got 148 shots - time enough to get at least four or five good shots with cold-to-numb, cramped, claw-like fingers, I hoped, as well as to get really effing cold, stiff, and wet. I started rapid-fire sneezing; “a cold, the flu, pneumonia, Ebola,” I wondered (ah, the power of mass hysteria and panic).


Hey, I was not alone. A continuing parade of fifty or so people heading home from work roared into the parking lot by the Lake. So excited were they, some would jump out of their cars before they completely stopped. There was a palpable passion to look at the water, the waves, the sky, the sun and that big, `ol rainbow playing peek-a-boo over the waves with our collective inner child.


Most were wearing work clothes, or lightweight, mild autumn-day weather clothes. Most never saw the wave that got them. A thunderous, deep-throated “Whoomp” is all they heard, then a total body swoosh of water is what they felt. I do love those screams – a mixture of surprise and panic that reverberates up and down the lake shore: “SHIT! F*ck! Eeeek! God Damn! OMG! That’s COOOOLD!”


They’d get thoroughly drenched. Some didn't care, and stayed out - a child's sense of determination, exuberance and fool-hardiness. Others, looking like wet, defeated rats, would scamper and splash back to their cars as best they could with icy toes in bubbling-juicy socks in super-saturated, mushy shoes. (Did you know that when regular, leather, dress/work shoes get this wet, upon drying they morph into clogs? They do.)


Heaters on full blast, interior like a sauna, they’d drive off with completely fogged windows, fingers squeaking across the glass hoping for one last look back. It was the price of admission to experience this type of joy, feed their curiosity, display their nerve, and nurture their delight in seeing Nature do her thing up close and personal.


Not too bad a price to pay, I think - just gettin' cold and wet. At least they could tell their friends, “Hey I was there, in person. I got my pneumonia like a Man; I earned it. (achoo!)”


I was wearing the neoprene wading outfit I wear while wading as I fish in rivers, so I was well protected. Protected, but not invulnerable. I got mini –soaked. I think my underwear stayed dry - most of it, anyway – although even a little bit of a cold, wet butt makes for a long, itchy drive home.


148 shots later, the camera died. I was pretty much done too. I started my way back to the car, 100 yards of so away. I had to walk head long into that gale force wind to do so. It started sleeting, with bb sized pellets of ice whipping into my face at 60 to 70 mph. They stung like a thousand bees.


But I loved it. I laughed and smiled all the while in between my exclamations of ‘oouch, ow, shit, that hurts.” When I got back to the car I was wet, frozen, my face candy-apple red from the sleet, and I’d lost a camera.


Yes, I effing loved it.


It was an exquisite diversion to make on the drive home from work. And, I got four decent images out of it.


Texture courtesy Cleanzor.


If that little Canon Powershot does not survive, it will receive a dignified, respectful burial at Sea on the next full moon, right off the end of that pier. 39th St. Pier and Beach, 39th & Lake Shore Drive, Chicago.



Recommended the "L" Size.......:-)


To Everyone:


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While visiting Mt Shasta area I couldn't miss this absolutely beautiful waterfalls. It is the most scenic falls I've ever seen. ( I can't say the same about the trail. Before going there I would recommend you to read the reviews about the trail to this amazing place)

"In the end, creativity isn’t just the things we choose to put in, it’s the things we choose to leave out." Austin Kleon


Austin Kleon is the author of "Steal like an Artist" - one of my favourite books on creativity. Highly recommended reading!

Recommended View


It would be impossible for me to recall all the legends of the sea I have read or been counted; yet they can be bound by color. A color so precious that it transports beyond the sea, to a place which is familiar, but which you may never have seen. You need merely close your eyes and utter the word: Outremer…




Il serait impossible de me remémorer toutes les légendes des mers que j’ai pu lire ou qui m’ont été contées mais elles évoquent toutes cette même couleur. Une couleur si précieuse qu’elle vous transporte au-delà des océans vers un lieu familier et que pourtant vous n’avez peut être jamais connu. Il suffit simplement de fermer les yeux et de chuchoter son nom : Outremer…




Check out the set as it grows:




- Iceland Set


What do you think?

I recommend viewing this larger and on white


Happy April! :)



I just read the stuff in the forums about the little black and white dither thing in the corner...and people have been FREAKING OUT!!'s April Fool's Day...Chill out, people!

When you are developing a film to you do a pre development rinse stage? I tried it for a while, then read it wasn't recommended. Any thoughts?

Somewhere lost in the Glen Canyon National recreation Area requiring serious backpacking to be there at the right moment. For more details to get there I recommend reading my travelogue.


Please, write ONLY honest/personal critiques. 'BLING-BLING' (pre-formatted) critiques leading to groups without any personal elements will be deleted!


Interested in a photo tour through the American Southwest? I can help you with it and make you come back with unique shots.



Image is under Copyright by Peter Boehringer.

Contact me by email if you want to buy or use my photographs.


I'm always looking for good books to add to my reading list. If you've got any recommendations, I'd love to hear them!


Some recent reads that I've enjoyed... The Violets of March, The Hunger Games (series) and The Night Circus.


Update: I have added a comment with all of the book suggestions that were recommended for those of you who said you were going to check back and go through the list to find a new read (they are the books recommended that I have not yet read)... hope you find a good one in there too!


© All rights reserved.

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Extra long pregnancy pillow for sleeping while pregnant (better for the body and baby) and at the same time after birth the pillow can be used as a nursing pillow.

Highly recommended for excellent quality time off, Summer or Winter. (for us right now and yes I know about the spelling :)

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I had something of a photographic breakthrough today and went out and made a bunch of blurry and shaky pictures just for fun and came home and found a few that I really liked and developed them and exported them and blogged about the whole thing, and it was a wicked blast. If you're a serious photographer then I would recommend giving this a read:

There you have it, thanks for stopping by and have a good one folkies- Nate.

Explored #375 on Jun 7, 2009


Taken with Canon 5DMKII + MPE-65mm (1x-5x Macro Lens) + MT24EX


This potrait picture is taken between 3:1 and 4:1 magnification..


for those ppl that would like to start macro i recommend the following reading.. tutorial written by me (in malay) ..


Tutorial Makro #1 | Lenses

Tutorial Makro #2 | Pencahayaan,DOF,Pemilihan ISO,Av,Tv

Tutorial Makro #3 | Proses Pengambilan Foto,Post Processing


First Impressions are Lasting Impressions


Do you dare ask my first impressions about a world famous national park?


I drove the Lyell Highway A10 to see a portion of Tasmania I have not seen. It rained almost non-stop from Queenstown to Cradle Mountain. Do you suppose rain slicked roads would be sufficient cause for other road users to slow down, below the speed limit or to not tailgate? No! Well how about narrow winding roads with hairpin turns with a recommended speed limit of 15 km/h (9 mph), that are slick, plus limited visibility? TasManiacs!


I had planned stops at Montezuma Falls and Zeehan that is supposed to have one of the best rock and mineral collections, but it was bucketing rain. I decided to continue direct to Cradle Mountain.


Very nearly 6 hours later, my wife and I had checked-in to our cabin. I have stayed at 4 and 5 star hotels around the world that were not as nice! They are supposedly rated 2 star, though I would rate them 4 or 5 star accommodation. Cradle Mountain Highlander-


Raining moderately, cold, and overcast sky, upon arrival. I was eager to visit Dove Lake, but it had to wait for a break in the poor weather. The cabin had its own kitchen, so my wife prepared a lovely dinner. I was tired from the drive, so slept early and past sunrise. I was told by a German tourist the weather was too poor for a sunrise photo. We made our way to the Visitor Centre.


BEST ADVICE Buy a two years Parks pass at Service Tasmania and get a car registration sticker for $98.00 and avoid the queue, the poor or deliberately misleading advice and unfriendly attitudes of the Parks and Wildlife Staff at the counter. With that Pass, avoid the time wasted and time lost waiting in a line of tourists all asking the same questions. I firmly believe the Staff are sick of tourists -AND, Tasmania is reliant on tourism $$$, the "Holiday State".


The C132 is very narrow and one lane, mostly. The bus service there have a special rule book for them, that nobody else has read and certainly is nowhere within the pages of the Tasmania Driver Licence Handbook, that they do not have to drive at the speed limit and they have ultimate right-of-way! One tourist, in queue, ahead of me had complained about that park attraction to indifferent, almost contemptuous Staff, to absolutely no avail.


At Dove Lake Car Park, tourists would mostly take photos whilst standing in the car park. One mainland Chinese older female tourist had her photograph taken in the parking lot by another, she was wearing a bright pink jacket, dark Hollywood actress style thick plastic framed sunglasses (probably a copy of some famous brand label), replete with a toothpick in her mouth, and posing with a President Richard Nixon peace hand gesture. Imagine travelling all the way from mainland China, say 10.5 hours flying time from Shanghai to Sydney, fussing at the airport with Customs and Immigration, for another couple hours, transferring to a flight to Hobart, flying another 1.5 hours, plus driving 4.5 to 6 hours, by tour bus to get a once in a lifetime photograph like that!!! No shit! And, then another mainland Chinese female tourist dropped a piece of paper or tissue, in the parking lot, turned to look at it, then walked off, though a trash can was within 25 meters, at most. We can thank Communist China's President Xi, for the buggers rubbishing our state's most pristine environment. That is not the worst, I saw. Some rogue discarded her tampon near a tree at the famous Boat Shed, where millions of photos have been taken.


I met Canadian, English, French, German, Hong Kong and Taiwan tourists, as well as those from interstate. Those are the ones we need to lure to our state. Thinking of one word to describe them -civility.


My wife and I had planned this for easily two months of likely windows of opportunity for travel, with all else that is going on in our lives and around the weather. The weather during our stay was poor and very changeable. For example, I had my taken a photo with my Nikon D3x and though I would duplicate the photo with my Hasselblad 503CWD. The sky changed from postcard blue with fluffy sheep-like clouds to bucketing rain in 8 minutes! No joke. The German tourists, two older brothers and their wives, gave up an hour before I was willing to submit. After a few hours, we drove back to our cabin. Unbelievably, I had rainwater inside the leg extensions of my tripod 2 days later.


I have not gotten to the best part. I was introduced to a "famous Australian photographer" . . . he charges $7,000 for a guided tour of Cradle Mountain. $7,000!!! I went to get my Nikon D3x camera, though I left my wife guarding my Hasselbald mounted on the tripod, all set up for the above photo. He and his mate could not resist the temptation to spy through my Hasselblad's viewfinder. I would guess for a photographer who can lure other photographers to pay him $7,000 by spruiking how wonderful he is, he should not need to look through my viewfinder, but use his own imagination. I knew he was a "famous photographer" because he was carrying a backpack full of gear and had a camera over his shoulder with a HUGE . . . I mean HUGE telephoto lens. Like who can carry all that shit for very long, unless the famous photographer is also a body-builder.


It was a mental chore deciding what camera equipment and lenses I would bring. I made a list of the things I would like to bring or think I might need. I weighed each, the tripod was 3.4 kg, alone! The night before, I decided to change my list, leave my Nikon 20-70mm and 80-200mm f/2.8D lenses home, because they are heavy. I chose Prime lenses. Nikon 28mm f/1.4D, 50mm f/1.4D, 85mm f/1.4D, Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8D, Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4.0D (did not use) and 300mm f/4.0D (did not use), plus a Nikon 1.4E Tele-converter (did not use) . . . Flash, remote release, spare batteries, 2 CF Cards, a Nikon SC-29 for off-camera flash (didn't use), ExpoDisk, Colour Temperature Meter, and Light Meter. Still, that was heavy and tried carrying it in a backpack. Unrealistic. There are walking tracks of as little as 10 minutes, to half day 6 hours, all day, and further. One does not last very long with heaps of weight strapped to there shoulders.


And, before I leave the topic of photographers, another photographer, came to stand right beside where I scouted and set up, to take the same photo. I asked her, "You must be Chinese?" To which she replied, "Me, Chinese?" My meaning was translated for her, then she walked off. The "mainlanders" will come and stand elbow-to-elbow or walk into my still steaming footprints to try to get the same photo. Nil imagination or just lazy-minded.


Where are these photographers OWN imagination?


By Sunday, I had enough of the gloomy weather, raining and cold 4˚C (39˚F), discounting windchill factor. I told the Receptionist, where we stayed, tat I would probably need a week, here. He replied that he has has guests stay a week and never saw the mountain once, due the changeable and often poor weather.


Cradle Mountain would be an awesome place to visit/camp/live, if not for all the tourists. I waited until after school holidays and end of Summer, for a reason. Still the parking lot was full of tourists snapping photos and taking iPhone selfies, when they are not doing that, they are dropping litter, and when not doing that they are walking off the specially constructed track architecture, installed to protect delicate flora.


I had a great time, otherwise.


Cradle Mountain is very beautiful, to be sure, but there are mountains in China more beautiful and significantly higher, there are the Alps, in Europe, where I saw the Matterhorn, the Rockies, the Grand Tetons, the Sierra Nevada, the Andes, most all of south island in New Zealand, mountains covered by glaciers, in Alaska, too.


A gentle reminder about copyright and intellectual property-

Ⓒ Cassidy Photography (All images in this Flickr portfolio)

Interesting reading from "Tiger Stripe Products" website about the new ABU--what I'm wearing in this shot.


"October 2002


Air Force tasks Tiger Stripe Products to assemble private sector project team. TSP instructs AF Clothing Office (WPAFB) in taking project from idea to production. TSP assembles team from several different areas of textile industry and begins project.


TSP redesigns our copyrighted Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe™ pattern for Air Force tiger stripe pattern. Air Force given several different color schemes including combat ready camouflage colorways. Against our professional recommendations, Air Force Leadership chooses blue/gray colorway which is soundly rejected by Air Force personnel.


Pattern Design Rejected


June 2004


Tiger Stripe Products offers Air Force our copyrighted pixilated tiger stripe pattern, TIGERPAT ™, "The First Pixilated Tiger Stripe". This pattern was offered in blue/grey colorway as well as real combat ready colorways.


Our combat ready, fully pixilated, tiger stripe pattern, based on our copyrighted Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe™ pattern, had been in development since Jan 2004 and was completed in early May 2004.


Pattern Design Rejected


September 2004


Tiger Stripe Products offers Air Force our newest proprietary, 21st century (3rd generation), pixilated tiger stripe designs all based on our copyrighted Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe™ pattern.


Several variations offered but none considered.


Pattern Designs Rejected


October 2004 through March 2006


Air Force announces this semi-pixilated tiger pattern as the new "test" pattern. This pattern merely adds jagged pixel-like edges to the pattern.


Pattern colorway is Gray, Green, Tan, and Air Force Blue.


NOTE: Numerous more advanced, tiger and non-tiger patterns were offered with the current colorway, flightline colorways, or other true "All Terrain" colorways. Air Force did not request to have a test uniform made from any of these far superior advanced patterns. 21st century Air Force research and development at its best.


17 March 2006


Pentagon, HQ U.S. Air Force announces Airman Battle Uniform ABU finalized for production.


US Air Force Leadership announces the production of the new uniform for the 21st century USAF. This uniform has been designed with the mission of the majority of AF personnel in mind.


It utilizes a simple ragged edged version of a tiger pattern and its primary design function is not as a front line combat uniform.


Topping USAF Leadership's design feature list; ease of care (wash and wear), durable yet comfortable fabrics, individual male and female sizing, pocket design and placement to undertake office and general work tasks.


Air Force blue can be seen in the pattern design which USAF Leadership specifically wanted to distinguish the uniform as "Air Force". Camouflage effectiveness was a very low ancillary issue.


USAF Leadership chose to adopt this elementary ragged edged tiger like pattern over any of our far superior advanced Battle ready tiger stripe designs.


Note to the ranks: When we started the uniform project in 2002, USAF Leadership informed us that 97% of AF personnel did not need a Battle uniform but rather a barracks utility work uniform. Leadership ultimately received exactly what they asked for. The resulting uniform is that barracks utility work uniform.


The name actually does apply if one takes into consideration the Battle activity that USAF Leadership says is the mission of the majority of today's Air Force. As determined by USAF Leadership, advanced Battle features like easy entry slanted chest, arm, and leg cargo pockets, elbow and knee padding pockets, improved neck closure to keep debris out and to protect from body armor, gusseted shoulders for ease of movement, and most importantly... an authentic Battle ready advanced pixilated Tiger Stripe pattern and colorway are not needed for the 21st century U.S. Air Force.


Besides making the connection between the Air Force and the pattern; why is blue one of the pattern colors? Besides the sky or ocean, how often does the color blue occur in deserts, forests, jungles, or urban settings? This uniform does not seem to fit the definition of an advanced Battle uniform. This is evidently a new style of Battle uniform.


We're sorry. We wished we had the opportunity to give you an authentic Battle uniform with all the relevant features plus an effective camouflage design. At the very least you could have had a uniform with a State-of-the-Art pixilated Tiger Stripe pattern and colorway.


The men and women of the Air Force have our undying support for the difficult jobs that are performed for our country. Is this new adopted camouflage and uniform design an Airman Battle Uniform or an Airman Barracks Uniform? Maybe it's just according to your own definition. Judge for yourself.


The ragged edges surrounding the solid areas do little for the visual break up of the pattern elements.


The key to a good digital camo effective pattern is that visual break up is achieved at near and far distances. Very little break up is achieved here but it's not really required for a simple barracks work uniform. This pattern and colorway are mainly for show.


Numerous more advanced pixilated tiger patterns, for real world applications, were recommended but all were rejected. This is a new type of Battle uniform that does not utilize advanced battle features like easy entry slanted pockets, etc., or an authentic Battle ready camouflage pattern and colorway.


Unfortunately for the Air Force, Leadership decided that an authentic Battle ready advanced pixilated Tiger Stripe camouflage pattern and colorway was not worth the few extra cents per uniform."



Yay for the weekend.


Some knitting and books I've picked up recently.

The Weird Sisters - Brown

The Outlander - Adamson

The Blindness of the Heart - Franck

Last Night In Twisted River - Irving

Made in the USA - Letts


Finished the Dovekeepers. Excellent book. I highly recommend.

Now I'm reading "The Dirty Life: A Memoir of Farming Food and Love". Another good one. It makes me smile.

Help!!! The kimberley.


Please read on.


This is shot 2 of my save the kimberley awareness campaign.


A good result on the previous photo thanks to your comments and favs we got it to explore and 300+ views to date and at least 2 people that were previously unaware have joined in and helped the cause.


Thank you

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As far as I can tell from their profiles they are not from Australia.


Im not suggesting that none of my Australian contacts did anything upon reading my plea.


Please tell me that is not the case.


With these kind of environmental issues it follows similar procedure a lot of the time.


-The government approves the development

- Then the future of the development going ahead in these environmentally sensitive areas is largely dependant on how loud and how many people make noise.


what difference can one voice or one signature make by its self it is only small. however when combined with many others it can be very powerful.


How can we help?


awareness is a powerful tool.


Take 10min out of your day, it might just make the difference.


-post a link on your photo uploads and spread the word.


- post a link on any other social media you use.




-has several address's of influential people to send old fashioned letters to.

- Like the Facebook page

- pass the link onto friends


Recommended listening


John Bultler "Kimberley"


A very powerful song. well worth taking a moment.


- post a link on your facebook.


I was holding back several of my best shots for a future exhibition, Instead Im going to post them over the next week or so to try and raise as much awareness as I can.


Hope you enjoy,


Cape Leveque, Kimberley WA.


Thanks Again


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Oh I do recommend this book so very highly. More a novella than a book, winner of the Man Booker prize this year. Very finely drawn it moves you from the clumsiness of youth to the immutable end of life. Beautifully written. Highly recommended. Reading at the river. Lovely.


This series is inspired by Xenotar28 here, he has some incredibly beautiful shell images at the moment.


To whom it may concern. I leave tomorrow for Ireland. The details of this year's trip are secret of course, but trust me when i tell you that it will be dangerous. So i am posting a copy of my Last Will in preparation for the unlikely possibility that my enemies penetrate my defenses and somehow overpower me. This would require a force of human or cybernetic soldiers existing well beyond the scope of the worlds wealthiest military entities. So please do not worry, I am writing this because my lawyers are demanding it. My Will is divided into two parts, the first being a list of individuals to whom certain belongings have been awarded, and the second describes the post-mortem procedures I wish to to be performed on my body after careful examination by a qualified physician.


If you once found your name honored among the list of disciples, there is no guarantee that it remains. If this is the case i recommend you engage in a serious re-evaluation of your life from the perspective of the wayward child, and seek approbation as soon as I return. If the situation is reversed and you previously went conspicuously unrewarded but now find yourself illuminated among the chosen, then you should know that this reward does not mean I am happy with you. I am, simply put, short of people who are not on my revenge list. I remind you, as always, that this will is little more than a prescient announcement of the collapse of civilization, since the economic and political structures of the world will more than likely implode after the news of my demise is leaked to the public. So in addition to my will, I have provided a short survival guide detailing how to live through and possibly prosper in the impending anarchy. I offer this to you as consolation for your loss... your loss of me.


Part 1. Distribution of goods


1. The Mediterranean Island Compound. Brendan and Jen. You get the island but not the weapons. You two have never fully committed to my vision of the future and therefore I can not trust you with the arsenal. I also suggest that you avoid the western peninsula, as this is where I keep the genetically enhanced snakes.


2. W.M.D.'s I had given these to Brian, but now I think Marty might better be suited for this. He will more than likely forget about them and consequently they will not be used. The secret storehouse will be mine when I return.*


3. Videos of me cage fighting. These were lynda's, but now they go to Orange and K8. Shirtless, sweaty and mercilessly hot.


4. What is left of my sperm/genetic documentation. This information was to be donated to the insurrectionist rebel movement know as "The Fist of Democracy", who were going to use the data to create the perfect warrior. But now I think i will have it cloned and donated to sperm banks across the country in such prodigious numbers as to statistically outnumber any other potential father 200 to 1. The people of the world will need as much of me as they can get.


5. The computer map of the neuro-pathways of my brain. My lawyers engaged in a lengthy battle with the US military to regain control of this complicated Bio-software. It would be a waste to give it to any of you. I demand that this model be plugged into a computer and powered indefinitely. You may refer to it when in need of answers about life, strategic operations, or connect four.


6. My surfboard. Ben you asked for this. The caveat is that you may never ride it. In fact, I demand that you never even learn to surf.


7. Brian and suzette, As an engagement present, I am transferring ownership of my diamond mine to you both. The only problem is, it is currently staffed with slave children stolen from nearby villages so this is kind of like leaving 1,500 starving, overworked babies on your doorstep.


8. Albert and Juliet, You have both entered my life with the speed and fury of a level three, pandemic tropical disease. The resultant social dependence dictates that I offer you a place in the council of my future reign*. This will of course require that you are both frozen. I have alerted my Cryonics division, and on your respective 30th birthdays' you will be forcefully put to sleep.


8. Erin. You get my nanotechnology lab in silicon valley. I predict that you will squander the massive profits acquired from this resource. You are bad with money. Therefore all money will be placed into a trust fund. You will not be able to access this money until you have given birth to three male children. After the birth of your third son, who must be named William you may receive it in full. The choice in fathers is left to your questionable judgment.


9. Aieghdeigkna. I have something for you this time. I got you a pocket Chinese translator. Actually, he is less pocket sized than you might like since he is now 13. His name is Ling. Feed him well.


10. Tom. You get the videotapes of my old truck sitting on the street. This is my most prized possession.


11. Meredith: you are now the owner of my bedding design factory in SE Asia. We have a lab there filled with tiny beds in which tiny monkeys sleep to test our new products.


12. Trevor mcnaab. Fuck off... I will strike at you even from the grave..


13. Jennifer H. You get the robot guarded penthouse on Central park west. The robots have been programmed to kill you on site. They are armed with weapons such as, laser beam eyes, machine gun arms, and the ability to crush and stop your useless future right out of metaphysical existence. good luck.


14. Michelle, as a wedding present to you and Murat I give you the Atlantic undersea base. We have had some trouble lately with our hyper intelligent dolphins so you will have a bit of cleanup work to do once you take it over. My scientists have been telling me that the dolphins won't do any work without listening to Tina Turner.


15. Neinke, You still get southern Europe. I never really liked it anyway. Just check in at the Hague to collect. Oh yeah, they may "resist" at first so see #2 above. I'm sure Marty will let you borrow them.


16. Bryson, I have been developing a secret weapon. The weapon is designed to pull the moon closer to the earth. Earth's gravity will eventually kick in and the two planetary bodies will collide. This information was of course something I hoped would never reach the public. In fact I kind of regret building it in the first place but I was out late one night and when i got home I was sort of drunk and I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time, sooo... anyway, it's yours.


19. Steph, You are going to be with me on this trip so it is likely that if someone tries to kill me, I will have used your body as a shield. I therefore can not envision a situation in which you will be alive if I am dead, so I am not leaving you anything.


20. Corrina, You are given the apartment. You earned it. You must however seal off my room, curate it and once a year allow visitors in for a modest price.


18. The cadre of assassins is yours Damian. After all, you helped me train them. I can think of no one I trust them with more than you. I would ask one favor though. Please kill Trevor with them. Oh and just in case please kill Brian Ferrier as well. Thanks buddy.


19. Eric, We share the same birthday. In many ways we are very similar. This has forced me as i am sure it has you, to question life from the standpoint of astrology, genetics, behaviorism, sociology, psychology etc. etc. These analysis's are done in search of an answer for why we are so much alike. We are both architects, we both see the world as contemplative outsiders and we are the two greatest dancers in the world. It is for this reason that i demand we share the same death day. You have little time (if any) before they find you, better start running.


20. Mike Wrobel, Jon, and the rest of the "Demons of North" , You get my motorcycle. If at all possible, could you please MAKE IT FUCKING WORK! If you can't I demand that it be set on fire and pushed into the east river because I am pretty sure that it will be more useful down there than it is up here.


21. Kielty. You are given rights to the autobiography I paid someone to write for me.


22. Maureen. You get the Monster truck factory.


23. Ellen and Ute, you are both given architecture. All of it. From every basswood model to every non-cementatious epoxy based exterior panel slab. It is all yours, but I should warn you that it doesn't do anyone any actual good no matter how many late nights you waste on it.


24. Pinky, you get my hotel/internet dogfood empire. It is a rough combo.


24.5 Andy, my collection of priceless gems is yours. You must first solve a puzzle though. Please be at Union square at exactly 3:40 on January 31st 2008 under the statue of General Marquis de Lafayette to receive your first clue. Bring a change of underwear and whatever weapons you have.


25. There is a note written at the bottom which should be mailed to the president of the United States upon official statement of my death given by a qualified physician. Please send it for me.


26. Mom, Dad, Brianna, Virginia, James, Bwendan, Patrick... fuck it

the whole Oberlin, Dowd, Koneche, Goggin, Reilley, Gallagher, Jarabak, Cligget,

Pattersonian Tribe. As a special gift to you, just for having been born with even a shadowy resemblance to my messianic genetic coding, I offer you a seat in my future ruling council.*

(You must of course arrange and pay for your own Cryogenic storage.)

Anyone who makes it back will also be given a free yogurt.


To everyone else. As stated above, I offer you the knowledge that your civilizations will probably collapse shortly after they learn of my demise and therefore in the ensuing chaos, my possessions will not be of great importance to those who have received them. Please see the survival guide below.. I look forward to my awakening.


* See below funeral procedures explaining all matters relating to future reign.


Part 2. Funeral and Interment procedures


It is my wish that the physical manifestation of my self (ie. my body) undergo the following series of ceremonial and medical procedures after an official statement of death given by a qualified physician.


If I am proven dead.

1. Please carefully remove my brain. Please carefully reinsert my brain into a robot. Make sure the robot is designed with extremely powerful weapons and make sure that I am VERY relaxed at the time of insertion. (we all know what happens when the brain wakes up in the new robot body and in a fit of anxiety kills the room full of doctors.) Monitor my behavior for any signs of abnormality and then leave me alone so i can get down to business. It might be a good idea not to load the weapons until this point. Just as a precaution.


2. It is my wish that the liquid in my body be removed and replaced

with a gelatinous nitrogen mixture capable maintaining it's non-Newtonian, solid state at temperatures well below freezing. I then would very much appreciate being frozen. This is of course only after my brain has been removed and inserted into the Robot-Death-Machine (ummm. don't call it that publicly) described above.


3. After my rule is sufficiently established, a minimum of 100 years of tyranny (again please keep these descriptions to yourselves) I probably will want a body again. Since I really haven't seen anyone on this earth as strikingly handsome as myself, I will most likely want my own. Hence the freezing.


That is it. I do not expect much. I do expect swift and zealous obedience. Remember loyalty purchases reward. Hopefully none of this will be necessary yet but you never know. Have a good week.


William Oberlin


Letter to the president.


Dear mr president,

You are a puppet. Yes, sorry to have to tell it to you this way, but

you are nothing more than a figurehead who's policies and actions are the inevitable result of 60 years of armament build-up. When I return from the grave and peacefully rise to power, I look forward to sitting in your seat. Actually with my new robot body (you will see) I might have to install a much larger seat. In fact the white house of my rule will look slightly less neo-classical. The new architecture will have more of a shiny, stay-the-fuck-away, feel to it. Windows won't really be needed. All light will come from the fiber-optic treated exterior skin used to photo-voltaically power the hydrogen fuel cells and simultaneously light the sleek sexy interiors. These interiors will be occupied by models; beautiful ones in lingerie because I will have no need for a staff of weak-minded humans. My current brain, which is far superior to yours, will be augmented with state of the art processors upgraded weekly and funded with 1/3 of the world's countries' taxes. It will connected to a global network devoted to operating

the mechanical, electrical. political, and economic infrastructure of every city and suburb in the world. This will eliminate the need for a bureaucracy since I will run the entire planet myself, hence the models. They will be hot, mr. president. You are welcome to come visit occasionally. You can eat your puny-human foods, like egg sandwiches on a roll with cheese and sausage. You can have any delicious beverage you choose, it will be prepared by one of my beautiful sexy models!! We can discuss how similar my reign of terror is to your presidency, and if you get tired you can shut your brain down to take a nap while I communicate with the human colony on Z-Beta-Prime. So that is it. Hope to see you soon. The doctors will need to get me up and running quickly.


Survival Guide.

Ok, So if you are reading this then the world as you know it has ceased to function in a recognizable fashion. This could mean that your government has collapsed and the streets are occupied by mobs of shiv wielding looters. Or that the military, in response to what will have been referred to (i love to use pluperfect tense) as the greatest power vacuum in human history, has mobilized a coup. But whatever the case, it is certain that by now you have already killed your neighbor in an act of heroic self preservation. That's one down, 7 billion to go, because in your new world the only way to survive is to be the last one standing. This simple guide will provide the techniques and strategies that will keep you one step ahead of your post-apocalyptic competitors.


step one: mapping out your future.

there are two possible ways to survive in this new world and neither of them are pretty, but you will have to very quickly make your choice. You can either take a sedentary and consequently defensive approach, establishing a semi-permanent water source and agricultural life, or you can become a nomad scavenging, attacking and foraging whatever you come across. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

The sedentary approach, if employed successfully, will allow you to lead a life of moderate comfort while the nomadic system offers you the opportunity to plunder which is equally important. Below are some simple rules to the establishment of both.


Sedentary Life Model

1. Do not wait for the dust of the apocalypse to clear before you join or start a settlement of humans. it is unadvisable to live in a fixed location outside the protection of a tribe or band. Those stationary few who shun the sheltered settlements in favor of isolation, will probably be forced to watch their families die at the hands of wandering raiding parties. This is usually just before being left for dead in a nuclear wasteland (if you are part of the raiding party, It should be noted that the people you leave alive tend to survive and seek revenge so be thorough and just kill them). Therefore, quickly seek out other survivors for defense and, if you have the courage, establish your role as leader.

2. Gather healthy people and valuables quickly. The strength of a society is dependant on the strength of it's citizens. Leave the old, sick, weak and injured behind. don't hesitate to remove their food, clothing and useful items as you do so. If they resist, kill them. In your world of violent resource acquisition young men and women between the ages of 16 and 30 are critical for the establishment of a well defended civilization. In the beginning these men and women will be used as farmers, builders and laborers as well as your fighting force. But soon, as your numbers grow, you will want to establish a professional military fed by the labor of the civilians. Never let this military forget who is in control. It is advised that you kill some of them in hand to hand combat duels about once a month just as a reminder.

3. Find a scientist. This can not be stressed enough. You will need a brain to your organizational brawn. In fact, find as many as possible but let us clarify the term scientist. We are not looking for meteorologists, microbiologists, agronomists, ethologists, cytologists sociologist, ect. Nor are we seeking any academic fields dependant on technologically expensive equipment. We need scientists of a practical nature. Like physicists, chemists, geologists, epidemiologists and this is the big one here, doctors, doctors, doctors. holy shit are these guys going to be cooler than they ever thought possible. You should keep them protected, give them immunity from your heavy handed legal system, shelter them and provide them with as much sex as they can handle. Their children will probably be just as valuable as they are.

4. Laws. step one, kill the lawyers, they will wrestle your newly acquired power away from you the first chance they get. Step two. establish a fighting arena to settle internal disputes because justice is best served at the hands of the individuals. Step three. establish a police force. Step four, remember that it is good to kill the troublemakers before they reach maturity. At the first sign of insurrection kill the troublemakers and his/her family. Kids love to grow up seeking revenge so don't give them the opportunity.

5. Stronghold. stronghold. stronghold. You need to keep your people and your food protected from your enemies. Caves are a good natural defense structure. If you don't have caves build walls. anyone who knows how to build, has a duty to work on your stronghold and palace ASAP. those who resist should quickly find themselves subjugated to waste management duty or thrown outside the protection of the camp.

6. Escape route. ALWAYS have a back-up plan. keep a hidden stash of food, weapons and clothing in a well fortified location far away from your settlement. If possible store enough provision to supply the minimum number of people you will need for a fresh start. If and when you are attacked and overrun take your best officers and their families with you to the new secret base. If necessary, use the lives of those subjects about whom you do not care as barter for your escape. Just make sure your conquerors don't follow.


Additional tips and helpful hints for the sedentary survivors.

try to keep as many skulls and disarticulated corpse parts staked or mounted around the perimeter of your encampment. This intimidates both the advancing raiding parties as well as any who might try to escape. Remember, signs and other nonverbal communication techniques might not work since few will know how to read. Since they won't be of much use to you, I suggest using the graphic designers of this world as your corpses.

Don't be too greedy. This applies to all levels of your life. Your new subjects might not appreciate your rule if they feel like you are going to swoop in any second and take their food or their women.

For some reason, children are relatively important to their parents, so try not to hurt them if possible, it breeds dissention.


Nomadic Life Model


The nomad is a hearty and healthy individual who has shunned the comforts of daily life in exchange for mobility and efficiency of resource collection. The nomad's life is an equation in search or balance. It is quite literally, an economy of means. One must travel light between water and food sources but never so light as to run short of supplies. The company of others is critical for survival, but never let your band expand large enough to outgrow your foraging intake. The successful nomad is constantly aware of his/her environment and never questions or challenges nature's wrath. The lack of shelter and protection from the elements is the Nomad's greatest enemy and the fight against this can only be fought with knowledge of your terrain. Use the rules below to help establish a working band of nomadic forgers.


1. Since this world will most likely be a barren wasteland of infertile soil, The foraging of the future will be based largely, if not exclusively, on the destruction of established settlements and the subsequent stripping of what few crops and storehouses they have. This will mean your foraging band (war party) will need to be fierce enough to attack and destabilize whatever strongholds you encounter. You will also require some method of transporting your spoils.

2. Find a vehicle. Even better than vehicles are pack animals. They provide companionship, Do not require gasoline or combustible fuel, and they can be used as an emergency food source.


3. Gather strong and healthy people to your group. Keep in mind that for every person you pick up you will need to acquire an equal amount in provisions during the raids. This can be a problem unless you have some resource wealthy targets within striking distance. At every conquered settlement it is advised to conscript new warriors from the young if needed.


4. Do not keep a fixed position for too long. Once you overrun a fortification, stay as long as it takes to re-supply and recoup from your attack then pack up and leave. Don't forget to arm yourself with as many weapons as are available. If you linger, you are open to retaliation from satellite camps, scavengers looking to capitalize on your work, and worse, rebellion from the conquered. Since it is not good to leave angry victims in your flank, you should kill anyone who might cause trouble before you advance.


5. Establish a code of law. Don't get too fancy here. Just pick some catch phrase that can be shouted by the masses but still allows sufficient room for your subjective interpretation. Just so the people know who is in charge make sure to slap your name on it. Something like "williams code, . An enemy of your brother is your enemy too. b. Stealing from your brother is stealing from the people! " Something like that. keep it simple. remember, there is no prison when you are on the move and resources are too scarce to justify mercy. Therefore, the penalty for all indiscretions should be death.


Additional tips:

Get a harem, you need to procreate prolifically.

Never miss an opportunity to attack. This is true even if you are outnumbered. Your enemies need to fear you more than you need your warriors.

Send the heads of your victims on a cart or a wagon to your next target just to let them know you're coming.


So that should do it. I recommend you keep this guide on you at all times during my trip because if something does go wrong and I don't make it, this may very well be the only possession you have left.

Emmitouflé.......french word which means wrapped up in warm clothes.


:: I really recommend LARGER..... because I really think it is BETTER for eyes and soul.




:: Something new.....FOR YOUR EYES ONLY


:: Emmitouflée et Chaleureuse!, St-Barthélemy, Québec, Canada.

Copyright © 2009 Gaëtan Bourque. All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal.


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I just finished reading "A New Earth" and I really recommend it if you feel like changing your perspective on reality. Now I'm starting "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying" and "Everyday Consciousness and Primordial Awareness"... I have my work cut out for me. Good thing I have the next few days off.


PS: Sorry for yet another backlit sunset photo. I'll try to get some variety back into my photography.


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Perhaps the most abundant North American bird, and certainly one of the most studied, is the Red-winged Blackbird, which is also one of the most highly polygynous of all bird species. In northern and northeastern North America, males that have successfully claimed territories mate with 2 or 3 females; in dryer regions, where marsh insects may be more plentiful, the usual ratio is 3 to 6 females per territorial male. Up to 15 females have been observed on the territory of a single male, but the territory owner may not necessarily father all of the young on his territory. Females sometimes mate with several partners during a season or even during a single nesting attempt.



For an interesting I read, I recommend the rest of the article.


This is the female resting in already exploited cattails. Many nests in the building are near by.

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View on black please!


It's been a while since I've posted a black and white image, let alone a square format one! I was about to leave the Louvré when I thought I'd better take a photo of La Pyramide Inversée. I rushed over to it to find it, unsurprisingly, surround my hundreds of people. I had no time (or permission) to set up my tripod, so I took a quick handheld series of shots and thought I'd see what I could do in Photoshop later. Then I went off to explore the rest of Paris.


Well, last night I thought I'd give this shot a go. I think it's taken on quite a ghostly and mystical feel. I wasn't hugely taken with it at first, but it's been slowly growing on me, so I thought I'd post it up. Sorry if I haven't been as active on Flickr as usual; I've been hugely busy with my day job and with martial arts stuff in the evenings and weekends. I'll hopefully get some catching up done this weekend when I have time to relax and redesign my website (hopefully).


Speaking of which, in case you haven't already seen it, Oliver Winter (Discovering Views) has done a fantastic write-up about commenting on photographs and promoting yourself in a respectful way. I thoroughly recommend you read it, not just because yours truly gets a special mention:


Discovering Views: Commenting on photographs.


Please view this one on a dark background. First person to mention Dan Brown gets a punch.


No images in comments please.



Canon EOS 5D Mark II / ISO 200 / f/6.3 / 17-40mm @ 17mm / HDR

The Clash 'Train In Vain' - Play this track here.


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"Train in Vain" is a song by the British punk rock band The Clash. It was released as the third and final single from their third album, London Calling. The song was not originally listed on the album's track listing, appearing as a secret track at the end of the album.


This was because the track was added to the record at the last minute, when the sleeve was already in production. It was the first Clash song to crack the United States Top 30 charts and in 2004, the song was ranked number 292 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.


In the US, the song's title is expanded to "Train in Vain (Stand by Me)", the words "stand by me" dominate the chorus. It was titled "Train in Vain" in part to avoid confusion with Ben E. King's signature song "Stand by Me".


"Train in Vain" was added after the deal for The Clash to write a song for an NME flexi disc fell through, and as Mick Jones commented, "The real story on 'Train in Vain' is that originally we needed a song to give to the NME for a flexi disk that NME was going to do. And then it was decided that it didn't work out or decided the flexi disk didn't work out so we had this spare track we had done as a giveaway.


So we put it on London Calling but there wasn't time because the sleeves were already done." The result of its late addition was that it was the only song without lyrics printed on the insert, and was not listed as a track, although its presence is announced as the title and position on the original vinyl record was scratched into the vinyl in the needle run-off area on the fourth side of the album.


'Train In Vain' sums up the 1960's British Beeching report.


The 'Beeching Axe' is an informal name for the British Government's attempt in the 1960s to reduce the cost of running British Railways, the nationalised railway system in the United Kingdom. The name is that of the main author of The Reshaping of British Railways, Dr Richard Beeching. Although this report also proposed new modes of freight service and the modernisation of trunk passenger routes, it is remembered for recommending wholesale closure of what it considered little-used and unprofitable railway lines, the removal of stopping passenger trains and closure of local stations on other lines which remained open.


The report was a reaction to significant losses which had begun in the 1950s as the expansion in road transport began to attract passengers and goods from the railways; losses which continued to bedevil British Railways despite the introduction of the railway Modernisation Plan of 1955.


Beeching proposed that only drastic action would save the railways from increasing losses in the future.


Successive governments were more keen on the cost-saving elements of the report rather than those requiring investment. More than 4,000 miles (6,400 km) of railway and 3,000 stations closed in the decade following the report, a reduction of 25 per cent of route miles and 50 per cent of stations. To this day, Beeching's name is unfavourably synonymous with mass closure of railways and loss of many local services. This is particularly so in parts of the country which suffered most from cuts.


Bury Bolton Street station was originally on the line from manchester Victoria to Accrington. Lines were closed between 1966 & 1980.


Bolton Street Station, with its original features, was rescued from demolition and placed in the care of the East Lancashire Railway, a preservation group. The line to Ramsbottom and Rawtenstall was re-opened as a heritage railway, under the name East Lancashire Railway in 1987 and has since been extended to Heywood. The line and station have since become a leading tourist attraction in the area.


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Thanks for all the comment and checking out this shot. After reading some of the comment I feel like I should tell a little about this photo. This was take on my most recent trip to Hawaii, Hawaii (original name of island) also known as the Big Island, Hawaii. This was shot out of a four door helicopter with no doors. That's right no doors because it was the only tour on the island that had this feature and for the life of me at the time it seemed like a great idea. My thought was that with less obstructions I can get a clean shot. What I didn't plan on is being kicked around by the wind while having a wide angle strapped to my neck and a telephoto to my right hand. By the way; the only thing that hold you in place is a seat belt that is very similar to a car seat belt, and when the helicopter makes a sharp turn in your direction you have a beautiful view of straight down and some flash backs reflecting on your life. The biggest concern though was making sure my equipment didn't slip away from me and to get as many shots as possible because the movement of the helicopter with the wind make it very hard to focus and shoot. Over all it was a great experience that I would recommend for the thrill seekers and one that I would do again. I would definitely recommend against going right before a large storm because I almost lost my ND filter and a camera body from getting wet.


Focal length: 210mm F:18 ISO:800


Here we go for the details, which I really recommend reading:

"ROQUAI Gecko 1-6"


But before we sing again: "Up in the sky..."!

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Tagged into showing my Fantasies and Facts by Sheree.


1/ A I first discovered my love for Fantasy when a friend recommended Neil Diamonds Album 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull'

B When I read the book 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull' by Richard Bach.


2/ A I am 27 years old.

B I am nearer 72.


3/ A My religious belief is 'Pagan'

B Listen to your SOUL and LOVE thy neighbor.


4/ A I do not like spending my hard earnt money.

B I can spend for England .


5/ A I have not shed a tear for nearly 60 years.

B I shed tears for any SOB Story.


6/ A When I was 18 years old I bought a Guitar and Bert Weeden's book 'play the guitar in one week' but learnt to play in LESS than one Week .

B I would LOVE to learn to play the Guitar.


7/ A I like films with plenty of violence and strong language.

B I hate films that have to use strong language to make an impact.


8/ A My earliest memory is from age 8 years old.

B My earliest memory is from age 2.


9/ A Kissed my first girl when aged 13.

B Kissed my first girl when aged 18


10/ A I find it easy to talk to people.

B I find it easy to talk to people on Flickr.


11/ A I will only spend one hour a day on Flickr.

B I could spend all day on Flickr, but the knife in my back becomes a PAIN.


|| We enjoyed our second stay at the Four Seasons Hotel, Dublin, Ireland in December 2013 || We also visited the “Sculpture in Context” Exhibition at the Courtyard and Reading Room in the hotel || Overall, this hotel comes highly recommended from us. ||

A while back, I read up on a naturally occurring phenomena called Zodiacal Light and at one point, even pursued it (without success). So early one recent morning out for a different purpose, I couldn't help but notice a glow in the sky above. It was a little early for twilight but yet this glow appeared in the eastern sky in a way that was somehow different from what I'd expect from just twilight. And when I looked up higher, I could see the distinctive pyramid shape leaning towards the ecliptic path that told me it was in-fact Zodiacal Light.


I was excited to see it and now, I can say I've finally captured it! For more information on Zodiacal Light, see this article:


There is a lot more to this post...

See the rest and get free wallpaper from



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By the way, this would be a great time to get in your deposit for a night photography workshop.

Check out the great night photography training events in the 2014 lineup.

This was inspired by the book "Looking for Alaska" by John Green. I highly recommend reading that as well as "The Fault in Our Stars".




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This is a tribute to Aidan first book that we actually "bought" together. Thank you for those that have recommended this book from the original post.


Yes, you have seen this shot before. I have redone it to fit more with the actual book. Some commented on the original post that it look like "The Giving Tree" book. After I read the book it I couldn't help it but to make a tribute.


I HIGHLY recommend looking for this book.


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Amazon health & beauty shopping

taken for a photo project in school, the assignment was 'light'. The book pictured is called "to capture what we cannot keep", it's a melancholy love story of a nanny and the architect who designed the Eiffel tower. I recommend it!

This is why I have five feeders. When it snows, they go on a feeding frenzy!


This is a copyrighted image and may not be used for any reason without written permission.


©Tom Lampman - All Rights Reserved


Large view recommended.


Questions and Answers About God’s Work of Judgment in the Last Days

Almighty God says, “I wish to bring people from all the earth to the land of Canaan, hence I continue to utter My voice in the land of Canaan to control the entire universe. At this time, there is not light in all the earth apart from Canaan, and all men are imperiled by hunger and cold” (“The Seven Thunders Peal—Prophesying That the Kingdom Gospel Shall Spread Throughout the Universe” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). “And so, during the last days, when God becomes flesh, He principally uses the word to accomplish all and make all plain” (“All Is Achieved by the Word of God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). “All who are wicked will be chastised by the words in God’s mouth, all who are righteous will be blessed by the words in His mouth, and all will be established and made complete by the words in His mouth. Nor will He show any signs or wonders; all will be accomplished by His words, and His words will produce facts. Everyone on earth will celebrate God’s words, whether they be adults or children, male, female, old, or young, all people will submit beneath the words of God. …” (“The Millennial Kingdom Has Arrived” in The Word Appears in the Flesh).


It is strongly recommended to read the link

Perched on the southern tip of Brisbane’s Redcliffe Peninsula, on the shores of Bramble Bay, Woody Point developed in the shadow of a significant slice of Queensland history.




Prior to European occupation (read invasion), this and every part of the land we now call Australia was occupied by what we now call Aboriginal people (See profile for an overview of this history).




The area has a rich indigenous history. The Turrbal generally occupied the area north of the Brisbane River. Both groups had closely related languages which are classified as belonging to the larger Yaggera language group.


Under customary law, the history and culture of the Turrbal people cannot be told or used in any other manner, shape or form by non-Turrbal person without permission.. Therefore, I refer anyone interested in the history of this people to the website below for more information.


In nearby Shorncliffe the Ningy-Ningy clan had displaced the Turrbal by the 1850s . Again out of respect for their customary law, I refer anyone interested in the history of this clan to the website below for more information


Of course the experiences of Indigenous – European interactions were not homogenous nor were the attitudes each Indigenous group took towards European ‘settlers’ and visa versa. The overall story was not good for Indigenous people, but simplistic accounts of adversarial conflict and a will to wipe out the Indigenous community are simply false. I recommend reading The Australian People (edited by James Jupp). This account gives a reasonably balanced view from a historians perspective. See the link below to order this book.




Apart from cropping and brightness/contrast adjustments, all of my images are presented as they were when the shutter closed, unless otherwise stated.


I just finished reading the most interesting book War of the Whales by Joshua Horwitz, which brings back wonderful memories of our trip to Alaska and down the Inside Passage of BC, Canada.

I highly recommend this book as it tells the story about two men taking on the all-powerful US Navy's high frequency sonar training exercises in oceans around the world. Fascinating reading.

Here is a video link one of the men, Ken Balcomb took while watching a destroyer blasting the Pacific while a pod of dolphins panic, becomes disoriented and show how distressed they are. Usually they suffer horrible consequences like organ failure, etc which end up in mass beachings wherever the Navy is active.

Unfortunately this link is not clickable, but you can just copy and paste it.



It was a trying weekend. Kaleb Bloated (Gastric Torsion - GDV) Saturday night and needed emergency surgery to untwist his tummy and save him. We caught it in the early stages, but it is so scary how fast it happens, and how fast a dog can take a turn for the worst. He is home and healing, and we are so thankful he is alive.


The mood around the house is pretty glum as you can see. Kaleb's new bed couldn't have come at a better time, Jane hasn't even been trying to lay in it :)


If you don't know the signs of Bloat / Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV), I would recommend reading up on it. I have a bit of info on my blog.


K's story blogged

This image was taken at Curtis Falls in Queensland, Australia . Curtis Falls is in the Joalah section of the Tambourine Mountain National Park .


Prior to European occupation (read invasion), this and every part of the land we now call Australia was occupied by what we now call Aboriginal people (See profile for an overview of this history).




Joalah is an Aboriginal word meaning "haunt of the lyrebird". Tamborine Mountain was inhabited by Aborigines for tens of thousands of years and was the territory of the Wangerriburras. Tamborine Mountain is a 28 km2 plateau. The name is of Aboriginal origin and has nothing to do with the musical instrument. The name Tambourine, which was pronounced Dumbirin meaning “yam in a cliff”. The mountain itself was also called Wanggalbooin.


Of course the experiences of Indigenous – European interactions were not homogenous nor were the attitudes each Indigenous group took towards European ‘settlers’ and visa versa. The overall story was not good for Indigenous people, but simplistic accounts of adversarial conflict and a will to wipe out the Indigenous community are simply false. I recommend reading The Australian People (edited by James Jupp). This account gives a reasonably balanced view from a historians perspective. See the link below to order this book.


Footnote: Apart from cropping and brightness/contrast adjustments, all of my images are presented as they were when the shutter closed, unless otherwise stated.



home furniture pallet 1999


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The road.

I just read The Road by Cormack McCarthy in the span of about two days. The book is a post-apocalyptic, linear tale about a man, his son and a world burnt to ash. There was a movie made recently and the DVD awaits my watching. Independent of the film, however, I recommend the book to anyone who has the guts to read it (it is harrowing).

McCarthy's coast is a stygian waste of ash and sand and cold hell. Ocean beach is no such waste, but this long exposure of the seal rocks and the evening sun has all the mood to remind me of the final chapters of The Road. The gray sea, its churn all but ash, threatens to crush what hopes drove the two to its shores.

I myself am on the road, though I hope I travel in more comfort than McCarthy's.


This set of images (5) were all taken in Springbrook National Park, Queensland Australia.


Prior to European occupation (read invasion), this and every part of the land we now call Australia was occupied by what we now call Aboriginal people (See profile for an overview of this history).




Springbrook National Park's earliest human inhabitants were an Aboriginal kinship group, the Yugambeh who lived in this area, carefully managing and using its rich natural resources. Known as kaban (bush or rainforest) to the Yugambeh, the mountains are sacred and spiritual, places to be nurtured and respected.


Of course the experiences of Indigenous – European interactions were not homogenous nor were the attitudes each Indigenous group took towards European ‘settlers’ and visa versa. The overall story was not good for Indigenous people, but simplistic accounts of adversarial conflict and a will to wipe out the Indigenous community are simply false. I recommend reading The Australian People (edited by James Jupp). This account gives a reasonably balanced view from a historians perspective. See the link below to order this book.




Apart from cropping and brightness/contrast adjustments, all of my images are presented as they were when the shutter closed, unless otherwise stated.


Our Daily Challenge - Book

Emily hd an appointment at a Body Stress Practitioner and I waited in the car with no battery on my mobile, no battery on my laptop - so I rootled in her school bag and found THIS. Highly recommended reading for anyone from 9ish upwards - going to finish it this weekend! Seriously!

I strongly recommend to watch "“A Spacecraft for All”: The Journey of the ISEE-3." Amazing!


Launch into space with a Chrome Experiment that follows the entire 36-year-long odyssey of the ISEE-3. See its entire path as an interactive documentary, read its instruments, and view its live trajectory and position as it flies through interplanetary space:




Armação/ Florianópolis / SC / Brasil


Love is in the air:


I invite you to take a ride through this magical

island watching my video:


Florianópolis - The Magical Island :

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