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Catedrales beach, Spain


Kalender 2013



il mio paradiso... mein Paradies



Arte per il cuore... Kunst für das Herz



und noch mit einem wunderbaren Song von Lex van Someren "Pari Passu".... wessen CD`s wunderbar sind!



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Ci sono strade che di notte le distingui solo per l' odore dell' asfalto

non sei sicuro di esserci mai stato ma sei sicuro che ci stai tornando

ci sono strade luminose srade senza voce ed altre invece senza il tempo

non sei sicuro di esserci passato ma sei sicuro che ci stai vivendo

Ci sono strade che somigliano alle vite che percorri tutte in un momento

non sai capire dove sei arrivato ma sei sicuro che ora stai correndo.


(Tiromancino - Strade)

Taken in the Darenth Valley around midday, i like the Viaduct Mid shot as a focal point


Qui si tenne nel 1943 la prima Conferenza del Quebec nella quale i capi di governo di Gran Bretagna, Canada e Stati Uniti - Winston Churchill, W. L. Mackenzie King e Franklin D. Roosvelt - pianificarono l'operazione Overlord, nome in codice per lo sbarco in Normandia.


The First Quebec Conference was held here in 1943. It was a highly secret military conference between the British, Canadian and United States governments aimed at planning the Operation Overlord, codename for the Battle of Normandy.

ahh, i apologize for more hair flip photos! i just freaked out when i saw these and had to post them.

i hope you don't mind.

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for this one, you really really must:)



Serra da Estrela - Portugal

Today nothing like close your eyes and get a rest under the trees listening the murmur of the water with a warm summer sun around us.

And yes, Summer is coming :D (for some of us it's already here!)


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Musical Inspiration: Antonio Vivaldi - 4 seasons - Summer.

The place: Inspiration Point


Raw shot, unprocessed. Please take a look at 'Fingol 365' album description.

You can have a peek too to your top ten on '365'.

View On Black It was falling apart but still much straighter. I, foolishly, disregarded the warning signs and walked to the end to get this shot. I grabbed this just a little before dark and handheld my camera. Now I have a recently purchased Markins ballhead and an Induro CT-113 carbon-fiber tripod to help myself out. My old hands are shakier than Obama's chances at re-election...oops..did I say that :-0? My bad!!!

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Couple weeks ago I went to Central Park, just for a walk. I got some good shots. That day I dedicated to HDR projects. This is one of them. 3 shots handheld.


These rowboats are rented hourly by couples, families and once in a while you would see newlyweds!!!


Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

Tôt au matin fantômes d'eau

et de brume blanchie

réveillent l'univers endormi.


Extrait de Brume et broullard de Ginette Laberge


Photo: Denis Collette

Poème: GinetteLaBerge


Haze and mist ... !!!


Early in the morning ghosts water

and bleached haze

awaken the sleeping world.


Extract from Haze and mist from Ginette Laberge


Photo: Denis Collette

Poem: GinetteLaBerge

Segovia. I did a new edition of this shot. Greetings:)


verb (without subject)

1. to become suffocated; stifle; smother.

2. to be uncomfortable due to a lack of fresh or cool air


we're hurting ourself.

and we don't know how to stop.




Taken back in August on a warm summers day at West Wycombe Park

"fot.Mariusz Krawczyński"

View of Ragusa Ibla (Sicily - Italy)


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My long-hair German Shepherd Dog in morning light.

釣 客 甩 竿 揭 開 了 天


Canon EOS Kiss Digital X

Canon 17-40L @ 17

30-second exposure @F18

ND Marumi Light Control-8 X 1

Black Card

ISO 100

RAW file


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