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a heavenly moment whilst waiting for fares????

Persistant rain certainly did not stop play yesterday, it just made me look for alternative images.

The rain actually played its part in turning pavements into a fab reflective surface.

So where did January go? I hope the year has started well for you. Our second spell of snow is past its best but after a deplorably mild winter 2013/14, it's been good to scratch that itch. Again it's transformed areas that are usually rather messy.


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black is better - press L'

Taken some where near Sheikhupura, Pakistan.

Some time this past week my photostream crossed 250,000 views.

Wastewater pipes seen in Edinburgh.


Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?

(2012) 365 Day Project Day 359

Taken outside Flinders Street Station in Melbourne. This three exposures with the longest being about 15 seconds and the even exposure at 3.2 seconds. I spent the whole time worried the taxi on the right was going to move into the curb and ruin the shot. As luck would have it he could not get in as there was no movement further down the line.

This is inspired by a shot taken by Andrew(, who I think did a better job with it with the use of selective colouring.

The sea defenses at New Brighton long exposure image

Shin-Yokohama station

I know, I know - another car. This one came at me out of nowhere on the way to work this morning, outside a cab drivers' cafe in East Brisbane. There's a real ex-NY Yellow Cab on the street out front. Once again a really tight fit, like the Cadillac - this is the best I could do given the light and the limited space. Rule of thumb: fill the frame. I think this is probably a '57 but I'm no expert. Canon 60D, 10mm.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I Do Not Condone Any Acts Of Vandalism Nor Do I Participate In Such Criminal Activity. I Am Simply An Observant and Take Photos Of This Graffiti You Have Come Across. ALSO I Will Not Condone Any Usage Of My Photos To Support Any Legal Matter Involving These Acts Of Vandalism Therefore YOU ARE NOT WELCOME TO VIEW OR TAKE THIS MATERIAL For ANY Purpose...

Located in the Cathedral of Turku, Finland, this main organ houses 81 ranks with a mechanical action. Shot in +-0.7 exposures and HDR processed in Photomatix Pro 4 it's can be appreciated in it's full majestical glory.


Hope you like it!




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Taxi rank in front of Duomo, Milan

Took out my Helios today ;)

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Benched in Southern Ontario

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