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sitting on a random box on my idea what it's for...

Random find on the seat at a lookout on the Goodwill Bridge over the Brisbane River. I gasped with delight on reading this message from a stranger and proceded to look through all the drawings.

Some random stuff from 2013, with some more random stuff from 2013, and some more random stuff from 2013, with some random background photo from 2010, uploaded on my randomly available wifi...

Random bokeh test shot with the Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8

random night sky today a windy semi cloudy, reveals an unusual pattern of light n shadow

random shot, random subject, random location

Random click from the garden

My last name begins with a Q! So seeing this random thing made me smile.

adj. *Random:

1. lacking any definite plan or order or purpose; governed by or depending on chance

2. taken haphazardly


Random Dinghy Parking, Rockport, Maine, USA. (Circa 1980 archives)



"Does not the very word 'creative' mean to build, to initiate, to give out, to act - rather than to be acted upon, to be subjective? Living photography is positive in its approach, it sings a song of life - not death."

-Berenice Abbott



This is a "digital painting" of an original picture which means that I have post-process image in order to look a bit like a painting. I do so in Photoshop, using filters and a graphic pen on a Wacom Tablet.


im not one to take pics of shops but than im not one to shop. but i never was in one that looked like an impressionist painting before. i landed here looking for something else and my jaw dropped. i didnt do a thing to this pic.


Poses for Prose and Poetry (under construction) Companion/131/181/2001

random pretty things around my room :)

Random hearts twisting and turning...some sweet colors and some bold colors of Red. East pieced hearts joined as a chain in opposite directions. Super simple quilt - great for beginners!

Just a random view of perspective!

Photographing random crap while waiting for our dog to go to the toilet!


Lensbaby Composer, Sweet 35, 12mm Extension Tube

That Random piC cuz i was Really busy .. ;(


& Just want to say ,, ;)


ThanQ my sweet sweet contacts ever ❤❤


❤❤ for commenting or what ever else in my flickr ;$$


& be sure I appreciate all that ,,



i hop that i can comment you all back ;$$ ,,, Really i try to ;Pp


ThanQ again my friends ;D

Random Custom 3


Face Decal is Roaglaans

A PetShop has climbed up into a Moooi Random light

Random snapshot taken this evening... just felt like sharing.

Old random building on the side of the road.

random DoF shot whilst rather tired and tipsy last night:-)

Random...I know...she just love the place... :P




Original picture

random DoF shot whilst rather tired and tipsy last night:-)

..che poi uno può perseguire che cazzo di icona gli pare. ma pure una concezione del tutto personale di perfezione. per esempio, a me piace moltissimo marc almond.

un'altra cosa che amo fare con morbosa mania è guardare i video di david bowie. in ogni modo e in ogni tempo.


current music


My random pictures from my photostream.

Random automobile parked in an alley in Granada, Spain.

I was testing some stuff out on Queeky. This picture almost looks like grass to me.

by dmitrievskaya_aleks

Random photo, wasn't sure what to do. Though I'd make some topic but too tired. So, random photo time!


Photo Credits:

Random scenes around Rome

A random shot for today. This is actually the light fitting in my son's bedroom!


Been really busy at the moment, only time to post and run, but i'll catch up with everyone as soon as i can.

Random xerox and ink collage


Check out Xerox Art

Random Click when on wall


Random or spam, new camera pictures.


Color magic, Lunch on the terrace. Primavera, springtime.

taken out the car window in hometime traffic.


i love these trees.

Random photos of sculpture or artwork

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