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My kitchen looked pretty with the afternoon light streaming in, so I took a picture of it.


Also, I´m so glad it´s Friday. Have a very happy weekend!

@ ideal home

To create a country kitchen on a budget, original wall units have been replaced with a simple wooden peg rail. MDF doors from Just Doors were fitted on the old base units and then painted to create an instant new look. A glass splashback behind the cooker is a stylish touch.


Our kitchen remains small but much more onto the new back porch, front vestibule, and bathroom reno :-)

The basic design of this kitchen is the galley or corridor layout. There is plenty of room for 1 or 2 people to work in the kitchen at the same time. The contemporary, clean lines make this a fun space to work in.

I love this blue kitchen with stainless steel, yellow and gray accents. photo from Colorama a Swedish paint company.

i can't believe i'm actually showing this... please don't look too closely!!

#KitchenIdeas - Your cool decorate kitchen walls will find in our gallery or let one of our beautiful kitchen walls can be inspired. When setting up and decorating kitchen especially the plays wall design an important role, since it is crucial for the climate of a room and greatly affect the mood, the...

Link to article on Apartment Therapy:


I am very intrigued by small space design, and while I don't really want a galley kitchen I like seeing how things are arranged to make the best use of space. I like the heavy moldings and the glass front cabinets.

Our kitchen in our new house

This remodeled kitchen retains the authenticity of the age of the home (1940's) by using white Shaker style cabinets, white glazed subway tile and a subtle pattern on the countertops.. Stainless Steel appliances were accented with the cup pulls on the drawers. The flooring is the original concrete with a waxed finish.

My kitchen is so small, but really all I need. I sometimes think of it as the 'galley' of my little house.

For Our Daily Challenge topic - 'Corner'

This is the kitchen in my grandmother's home. It has changed very little in my lifetime or since it was built in 1947 for that matter.


So much of my life centers around this very spot where I stood to take this picture. Early mornings when my grandmother would send me off to school with a hearty breakfast of pancakes and sausage. Evenings coming home exhausted from track practice to the welcoming smells of home cooking. Helping grandma wash dishes while we discussed the day's issues. Summers with friends tracking dripping water across the floor in our wet swimsuits as we dashed in to grab a popsicle. Preparing bedtime snacks with grandpa. He would smile and pat me on the head. Late night talks with my uncles over hamburgers. Countless family gatherings with more people crammed into this small space than you could imagine. Happy greetings. Hugs and long goodbyes (just to the left of the window is the door out to the driveway).


If these old walls,

If these old walls could speak

Of the things that they remember well,

Stories and faces dearly held

"Cooking in the Kitchen with Tom II"


What a day. I got to work, and there was a pile of party sheets for the week. It didn't take too long to realize this is going to be one busy week!! Next up, a slammin' lunch! We cooked as much in two hours as we usually do all week! What the...??


Food ordering day, lots of prep and the day flew by. I am already behind.


So I get home and am just not in the mood to cook from scratch. So I whipped up dinner, with plenty of leftovers, using pre-bought jarred and canned items. Easy and still had time for some TV.

This space is a renovation project that I designed and installed.

It is for sale - contact me if you are interested.


Real Estate info


Luxurious desert living. Golf club access, swimming, tennis, health club all in the best winter climate in the west.

Link for More Info.


See the latest publication of this online at: "Condo" (A European Design Magazine)


See a slide show of this House at

This is my rendition of a kitchen designed by Elaine Griffin of New York.

There are still some ugly cables that need to be covered. Which reminds me of the fact I STILL need to buy a million of frames...

@ coutry homes and interiors


Units from Plain English painted in Farrow & Ball eggshell blend traditional elegance with modern clean lines. Cream walls are a backdrop. A traditional-style radiator, modern wood chairs, reclaimed floorboards and a simple blind with a complementary stripe continue the mix of contemporary and classic. A vintage-style ironing board and peg bag from The White Company and floral china add interest.



our kitchen from the dining area.

This is the "AFTER" of our kitchen. This is a brand new house, and we brought the stove with us and had the kitchen built to fit it. The countertops were perfectly plain white laminate, but they were taking a beating with craft projects and general wear and tear. As much as I don't usually love granite, I can't keep up with marble and tile gets too dirty. So, we found a pretty pale and subtle granite we actually kinda liked and also added subway tile. See the before photos in same set. blogged at

just a few minor details to finish up. notice the new counter tops, sink, faucet, and back splash.

our lovely new kitchen

Mark and I worked hard the last couple of weeks in the house. painting and as you saw, new colour and cabinets on the kitchenwall, etc.

the reason was not only that we wanted to do that for a while but because..

we (our house) will be featured in the ikea live magazine!!!

you can see us in the spring-edition. isnt that cool!!!

Did a little remodeling this summer. Blogged at

More of a detail shot, really.


Lighting is bounced off of various surfaces to left and behind the camera. Honest to god, can't remember much, I made a total of 7 shots in here (delivered) and the setup changed every time. Please don't ask me to remember it!! Please!

Benjamin Moore "Traditional Yellow"

For the Whispery White Wednesday group.


This week's theme is white kitchens or white things in the kitchen.

I think these shots cover both!

(Can you tell I like to put stuff on the walls?)


shot with a Canon 5d mk3, 24 mm TS mk2 a 430 and a load of sb80s


lots going on here there are three images here mainly to give options to the client different styling and chair layouts that are in different layers to make it easy for the client to choose.


430 on top triggering 2 sb 80s to the right, bare bounce and 2 to the left through soft boxes. separate exposure for the stove and for the cooker


For editorial use and a kitchen manufacturer this image will have another final touch up if it is selected, plug sockets and light fittings will be removed and a fire might be added


Kitchen by

One exposure, ambient light.

2415 Carman Crest Drive, Los Angeles, CA

This shot combines 4 exposures, one main overall shot with the others using a single Speedlight to highlight a certain area. Blended in Photoshop (not HDR).

Nice big kitchen with plenty of room for me to back off and shoot wide - nice!


One SB80dx camera right at 1/2 power aimed at the windowshade (which I drew down to use as a giant soft reflector). This is blanketing the entire kitchen with nice soft light.

Another SB80dx behind the island, aimed back at the camera, 1/32nd or so.

A third light, can't remember what kind, in the room to camera right, bounced off the wall.

One of the shots I did for the brochure to sell our house.

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