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Okay so frankly now I'm just showing off.


Sorry about this, I think I'm a little obsessed.


I also think my family is getting kind of sick of cupcakes. Oops.


Here are my first three attempts:

Attempt one.

Attempt two.

Attempt three.


And my recipe is here!


Explored #272 :)

These ones are stripy... WIN.


Here is the secret: you need your batter to be a pudding consistency. Use your kitchenaid mixer and whip it like crazy. Yayyy. :)!


Attempt one.

Attempt two.

Something... 2. that's rainbow

4 Colour rainbow cupcakes topped with peaks of orange buttercream and sprinkled with multi colour round sprinkles.

Something... 2. that's rainbow

RIP Stompin' Tom Connors

Stompin' Tom Connors - The Hockey Song --


Having a very busy day so this is about the best I can do for a shot of the day. We made rainbow cupcakes for one of the children's birthday party, they really tasted yummy!


66/365: The 2013 Edition

365 Canada -


Thank you very much for your wonderful visits, they mean a lot!

Second fondant figure, 24 rainbow cupcakes for my lil cousin's birthday. His favorite is Patrick star so I had to make him.

Rainbow cupcakes and cookie toppers made for a little girl's 9th birthday.

visit www.weekitchen,com to find out how to make this rainbow cupcake. They're worth the effort!

This is my first attempt at rainbow cupcakes and it was mildly successful. They didn't quite come out like we wanted them to, but they were still the cutest cupcakes I've ever eaten. There will be more attempts this summer, to be sure.


If anyone has any tips on how to make your rainbow cupcakes look stripy and not like tie-dye, I would appreciate them a lot!


More in the comments. :)

My mom and I made these for Lorraine and Stanley's August birthday BBQ

Rainbow Cupcakes In the Oven by cupcakesDF

This is what the inside of my very fist Rainbow Cupcake looked like. I was pleasantly surprised.


Search for "rainbow cupcakes" on Youtube to see how they are made. That's how I learned how to make these. And yes, you can do the same thing with a cake though with a cake their are two different methods I have seen depending on how you want the colors (layered like these, or circular patterned)

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