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~ for Macro Monday's theme - "This, I Love"

this week's challenge was awesome..a very thoughtful week,

trying to capture in macro what I love was fun :)

this image captures my love of the rain...I love storms too, but just couldn't figure out how to capture,

~ Happy Macro Monday Everyone!!! ~

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A beautiful but wet day at Longwood Gardens.

After the rain with just a little bit of sunshine.

Have a wonderful start of your week!!

The rain is gone today so I decided to go back and reminisce the glory days of earlier this week.


I found myself enjoying these drops with the varied backgrounds. I'm a fan of amber. The combination of this hue with a good soaking set me over the edge in to bliss.

through the glass...

Red bittersweet berries in winter rain.

From my window



explored Feb 1 2011

After over a week of nice weather, the rain is back today.

In such a busy world, sometimes it's nice to just focus on the simple things -- like rain :)

Once the seemingly endless pelting rain started to ease up, we were greeted with this staggeringly lucid rainbow.

Another work that is at the Colore Art Gallery show "Miuccia".


Textures by SkeletalMess - all in Flickr - Thanks.



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Blue Monday

Wishing you a wonderful new week full of fun !!!!

Finally we're getting the rain that we need...yay!

Tacoma, Washington State


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Thanks for all the comments and fav's!!!


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Of Summertimes in the subtropics.




Wishing you all a happy new week!

only always,it is raining,raining,raining...




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Gotas de LLuvia


Serie - Foto Verano 2009 Asturias


Recuedos del Verano, Gotas de LLuvia.


Series - Photo Summer 2009 Asturias


Summer recollections, Rain drops.

Impact somewhere in Wildhaus/Schafberg - unfortunately covered by this roof

Rain Drops on a green leaf

from langston hughes: “let the rain kiss you. let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. let the rain sing you a lullaby.”

Explored: 2009-11-05 #14 (best position) thanks everyone for your comments and favs!!!


The days are growing shorter and the only time I can go shooting is in the evenings while I'm getting home from work. That's why I'm posting only night shots with high ISO these days.

I just noticed that bokeh from Canon 18-55 mm kit lens is not too bad :)

Due to extremely high winds plus rain, hail, sleet & snow my house is covered with Maple leaves. I took this standing at the kitchen window looking out through two panes of glass. The following photos are a quick tour of town while it was snowing this morning. Shot out the pickup window, not the best composition but you will get the idea.



New photos coming soon! (hopefully...)


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