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Happy Easter!

Frohe Ostern!


Eastbound N&W 611 rolls over the Roanoke River near Stewartsville, Va. on 04-23-2017, on it's way back to Spencer.

CSX578-475 Train C620 Pennington Gap, Va. 04-10-2017

Heavy hoar frost brought me out in the cold this day to capture some of the beauty.

Railroad Motorcar, sometimes called a “Speeder”. Smaller models, like this one, were used routinely to inspect the many miles of track for defects. Larger versions would carry half a dozen workers and pull a few trailers loaded with spikes and tools, to handle track maintenance. Although these “speeders” have a top speed of only about 30 m.p.h., they were so nicknamed because compared to the manually powered pump cars they replaced, they were much faster.


Thanks to Brian Plant for a last minute tip off, I was able to get the following series of photos.

Shunting master at Kotdwar shunting the WDP1 to attach it to the rake of the Najibabad bound passenger train.

Mt Washington Cog Railroad passing through a field of beautiful lupines.

FCRD 1810 is hooked up and ready to depart for Yulee.

An eastbound Rio Grande freight climbs the steep 3-percent grade of Tennessee Pass at Mitchell on a July 1984 morning. A total of 18,600 horsepower of EMD locomotives is clawing at the rails with this manned mid-train helper set; behind GP40 No. 3083 is a GP40-2, a SD40T-2, a SD45, and two more SD40T-2s. Combined with the 20,850 h.p. on the head end, this freight required almost 40,000 h.p. to climb the pass!

In glorious sunshine 6M00 11.00 Humber to Kingsbury approaches Tamworth, 30 x 102 tonne loaded fuel oil tanks behind DB Schenker Class 60 Co-Co 60007 The Spirit Of Tom Kendell.

12th April 2012

CSX 8550 West Train Q763 Porters Sideling, Pa. 03-27-2017

CSX 6929 leads intermodal train number Q109 across the Scioto River in La Rue, Ohio.

In 1991, the Utah Railway Company leased 13 blue & gold SD40s from Morrison Knudsen in Boise, Idaho. Here a quartet of the attractive units, rebuilt in SD45 bodies, cross Soldier Summit leading a Wattis Plateau to Intermountain Power coal train on June 12, 1991. MPI 9011 was originally Southern Pacific SD45 No. 9107, built by EMD in October 1969.

Today, another perspective of the train tracks close the train station. The air was much dryer this day, so the sun stars around the lights were much more present.

Positive and negative critique appreciated, so that I can get better! thx

Here are the Final Two, CNW 8701 and 8646 and they look great. This is one of the best schemes worn by a Dash-9. I found them switching in UP Belvidere Yard coupled onto a cut of cars after they came in on UP Train ABEBE 02 at 06:19 this morning. I talked to the UP MYO on duty and asked for permission to take a few shots. I ended up with pictures and a Chicago Service Unit Cap.


Locomotives: CNW 8701, CNW 8646



Belvidere, IL

Working through the wye at Shelton, Washington. The wood products railroad operated from 1890 until the end of June, 2015.

BNSF 4782 just west of Tulsa, Oklahoma, heading east.

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