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Der Kohlependel vom Kraftwerk Mumsdorf zurück zum Tagebau nach Profen hier auf der Flutbrücke bei Tröglitz. Die Brücke wurde leider beim letzten Hochwasser zerstört.

I have a few granary and elevator shots on hand - so thought I would begin posting a few over next few weeks.

Please enjoy these huge towers often a centerpiece in the small farm towns scattered around Iowa.

Texture, "Devil's Parchment", courtesy of SkeletalMess - Shadowhouse Creations.

Something a little different.

CS 8579-8642-8569 Boone, Tn. 10-22-89

CS 4438-6924 CB-97 E. Avalon, Md. 11-29-86

Just off State Highway 80 in North Central Louisiana. The railroad runs parallel to the highway for quite a ways and I happened to catch a glimpse of this right before I pulled over.


Late Autumn in Strasburg, Pennsylvania at the historic railroad.

NYS&W 3800 rolls North through beautiful Fall foliage on it's way to Syracuse, Ny. Thanks to Brian Plant for taking us to this great location.

CS 8568 R 317 Mckenzie, Md. 9-24-89

CSX 7250 South Boone, Tn. 10-28-92 15:15

MEC 232 ABEB Red Rock, Ny. 12-28-85

Bird Point, Alaska reflected along the side of Spencer Glacier whistle stop Alaska railroad train car.

CS 3799-8584-6830 Baltimore Clipper Manilla, Pa. 5-23-87

CSX 7584-7525-7585 Gate City, Va. 10-21-89

WM 7571 ESSP Sandpatch, Pa. 6-25-81

Northbound Santa Train Deadhead crosses The Copper Creek Viaduct . Access to this location was with permission from CSX.

After being tipped off that the Westbound Stone train was coming I went in search of a sun lit location. I followed the tracks for about 15 miles with no luck. Once encountering the train I rushed back to Smiths where I thought there may be a chance of Sunlight. When I arrived the sun was in some very dense clouds but I decided to wait it out. As the horn began to blow around the corner the Sun dropped below the clouds an lit the scene with a marvelous glow. I'm glad I waited.

A simple shot from my S scale model railroad. Shot with the Olympus E-M1.


The New Haven RR boxcar at left is a "hirail" version that came ready to run from S Helper Service. The reefer at right was a "shake the box" scale wooden kit from Kinsman.

Haydarpasa Station - Istanbul - Turkiye

CS 4150-6711-6803 #397 Hyndman, Pa. 5-16-87 16:28

New tracks are being laid, and a new station and mega-hotel are under construction here on Main Street. Grapevine will become a train-commuters' hub. (sigh) And it was such a quaint little prairie town only a decade or so ago. Time stands still for no man....or town.


The former Morrilton Railroad Station is located on Railroad Avenue, between Division and Moose Streets, in downtown Morrilton, Arkansas. It is a single-story brick building, with a tile roof and Mediterranean styling typical of the stations of the Missouri Pacific Railroad. The broadly overhanging roof is supported by large brackets, with a telegrapher's bay projecting on the track side. Built about 1907, it is an important reminder of the railroad's importance in the city's history.[2] It now houses a local history museum.


The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.[1]


WM 7546 Coal Cumberland, Md. 6-24-82

D&H 756-762 Hlpr. Tunnel, Ny. 1-12-84

CSX 8931-6711 CB-97 Gaither, Md. 10-31-86

Spotted this train on the way back from shooting mountain scenes, and had to step on it to get ahead of the train and in position to take the photo. This is just north of Arlee, Montana, population 636.

CS 7524 Cumberland extra Weverton, Md. 10-17-84

CN C40-8 leads NS train 15T South through Twin Falls, Va on 05-12-2018.

DL 3642,3643,3000 roll East through Moscow, Pa. on 10-17-2018.

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