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- Long-range railgun.

- Twin homing missile pods

- Advanced targeting systems

- Heavy duty armor plating

- Manipulator arms


Side view:


Inspired by Devid VII's awesome CIRCorp MOC.

Many make the mistake of assuming it's main battery to be a tank gun. The repeating railgun is fully capable of 7-round bursts.







More gray mixing. And I like sound effects. :D

Quad-leg, sort of Armored Core style mech. Uses big chunks of one of Izzo's frames. Fits a fig in back. This is the first build in Brolug's telephone game.


Autocannon, railgun and missiles.


Almost entirely T-joints.

Railgun. Rounds loaded via small magazine in the back (see mag handle), energy provided by gigantic packs mounted in the middle.


Unbalanced and better used when stabilized on a mount, wall, or tripod.


I give a lot of credit for this build to Shockwave - his 'Auger Mk. 2' gave a lot of inspiration to this.

Heavily inspired by Duke Leto's creations.

And of course, as would only be appropriate with something inspired by Leto's stuff, no white shapes were used.

Also was an attempt at something that I wanted to try out.

Mostly though, it was born out of boredom and from waiting for the next tournament round.

Consider this extended universe content for my Cyberpunk storyline.

Oh, I know what I forgot... optics. I forgot optics. Meh, honestly it is probably better, because at this point I just wanted to get it done, any optics would have been kind of half heartedly added.

Rails on the weapon mean you can put whatever optics suit your fancy on it.

Railgun unit deployed. Prepare to engage.

The truth about The Ghostalker....

He was a mutant and the most powerful soldier of the Forgotten...

What is known is that he was extremely agile and strong, wielded heavy weaponry, in particular, a railgun...

Like other members of the Forgotten, Ghostalker and his companions went into self-imposed exile following the Firestorm Crisis...



Pix from Wastelands


You could call it a Day After Tomorrow : Day After Tomorrow Tribute

Fits good to the picture


Now with new legs and a cobalt railgun!

Masters Included - Hongooi, Garde, FLBW, Davidman.

Titan Pipeline Defence


I joined the Octan Security Services straight out of the Spaceforce. After a four year tour on Earth's moon trying to keep the locals under control while resentment of Earth-gov control became endemic. The final uprising, caused by a Spaceforce ship crashing into a school bus was nasty and I saw things. Things no one should see, things I won't talk about.

So here I am on Titan, sixth moon of Saturn, where the rocks are made of water, hard as granite and the rivers and lakes are liquid hydrocarbons, methane and ethane, all the 'thanes' as Gunther puts it. Gunther is my boss here, he basically sits in the control room and tells us where the Meth-Roaches are swarming, he's okay, pretty messed up from stuff he saw on the moon too though.

Meth-Roaches? Yeah, well when humans got here to Titan there was no life, not even bacteria. Great for the oil companies of course, nothing for the hippies to protest about. The Mars settlers wanted to burn hydrocarbons to create an atmosphere, the oil companies had a nice new supply of them. All great, but 'life finds a way' as that old movie put it. The bacteria mutated first, but we weren't watching for that then the roaches first learned to cope with the intense cold, then somehow their mitochondrial DNA started to run on methane instead of oxygen. The scientists tell me it was probably from eating the bacteria. Then they took the moon for themselves, titanic Roaches on Titan. Almost funny.

Most of them eat the bacteria or each other, the problem is the pipelines are slightly warmer, so the bacteria grow more around them, the Methane Roaches (Meth-Roaches) chomp on it, lots of leaks follow.

So I'm a bug squisher! We can shoot them if there's good cause, but firing lasers has a small chance of igniting the landscape (if we hit a pocket of frozen oxygen) and the gattling-railgun is hard to get ammunition for, so we generally stamp on them, they crunch quite satisfyingly. The pays pretty good, too and there are no Lunar-citizens throwing IED's at me. In another five years when my contract is done I should be able to buy a house in an area of Earth where the environment is still reasonable or maybe Mars, lots of room on Mars. Life is good.

A complete finish job on the RAW original, this version sports a good bit of detail. Features flip-up sights, Irish's sling buckle, a Patriot flash hider, and a Zeiss red dot sight.


This one has deviated too far from the original ideals to be called a RAW weapon. Fabricated parts include the buckle, the shaded side rail, the flash hider and the Zeiss.

Yupe, I've actually built again and posted something.

It's been a while since I've done a mecha or my first time at a VT and it was really nice to do and this went rather smooth.

It meant to be rather small when I first started but as I built the main cockpit, that was no longer gonna happen. It all worked out well because I had no real problem as I built, parts didn't fall off, nothing was loose and I was getting results I really liked.


So the main attachments for the Reppumaru are as you see here. A couple of action shots showing some poses and this weapon set are here and here.


This is what it looks like without any weapons.


When I was building I saw two large wing pieces and I put them right beside teh cockpit, it really reminded me of FateHeart's Paladin. So I called the new armour pieces FH armour. Here is a pic of the armour without crappy and last minute weapons or in an action pose. If you wanna see those then look in my stream.


Not only did it remind me of FateHeart's Paladin but it really reminded me of a Rex from the Metal Gear series. I wasn't inspired by either of these things one I first planned and built it, it just started to get really similar.


The cockpit will open as seen here and a comparison to a fig here


Hope you enjoy it. As always C and C are very welcome.

Justice & Sons launches the TX Supernova! Featuring lasers, nuclear railguns, blade blasters, dual boosters, hyperdrive enabled rockets and more!


Prospective outlaws in the wild systems beware!

Adapted from space weapon research, the MK 5 Magnetic Rail Accelerator Cannon hurls a depleted uranium slug along a pair of conducting metal rails, causing the projectile to reach very high speeds which enables it to pierce light to medium non-reactive armour and continue on through.


It is used primarily in anti-armour roles, though recent reapplication research on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (until now used for medical diagnostic purposes) may beget a new role in removing enemies through cover such as bunkers.

For the Brickarms Technical Terror Contest - Winner of the Tremendous technical Contest over at the BA forums.


My first attempt at a sorta train. hopefully Michael Gale my train inspiration won't be too appalled by the simplicity of this!


The Year is 2035.


The Bullet Train is a repurposed Metro Train converted into an APC. American production facilities are stretched due to the on going nature of Civil War II. Corporations such as Brickarms are forced to use ingenuity to adapt and grow for the new economy. Some have flourished while other house hold names have vanished into bankruptcy.


The DSA (Divided States of America) is a very dangerous place to live. The Brickarms Corporation (formerly a toy company of all things) has repurposed its array of maxi maker and 3D printing machines to develop high quality ceramic blades and fully plastic firearms (such as the rifle pictured above).


The bullet train is primarily used for community policing in the refugee ghetto's of Redmond, WA. It can deliver a small strike team of up to five operators into hot zones for gang control/supply runs or surgical strikes.


Other than its potential for demolition, it's sole armament is a MK19 Grenade Launcher with a trifecta of grenade types, Hi Explosive, Smoke and Tear Gas.


The operators within are tooled up with a variety of both brickarms manufactured, shields, blades, firearms and tactical wear.




Brickarms used


2 blue proto half ball joints

12 brickarms tripod legs

12 Brody helmets

1 Mk19 Grenade launcher

4 Brickarms barrels

1x Brickarms printed 1x2 tile

2x Brickarms printed 2x2 tiles

3 x Brickarms Crate lids


Operator "Obi Samuels" has Brickarms printed LCW tac vest and blue trans sparkle railgun


Decals by TLG and US military from Cooperworks.


Photo by GmanVespa - the man behind the lense!


The REAPER Multiped Tank. Remote Engagement Artillery Platform

Current Weapons Loadout: 1 Hellfire Rocket Pod, 2 Vulcan Cannons, 1 Long-Range 'Scythe' Railgun.


Fully articulated legs, 12 countermeasure dispensaries, forward pilot cockpit, rear gunner station and interchangeable weapon attachment points.


Ammo and chains courtesy of Will Chapman from Brickarms, Inspiration from other LEGO Mecha builders - especially brickmaster92, snowleopard and Nate_Decastro just to name a few.

Need to destroy a flat block, a super-heavy tank or a medium battleship? Then you need the Götterdämmerung (twilight of the gods).


For Arch's challenge. Done in PMG 0.6.

Equipped with a Warp drive and railgun (for those pesky asteroids).


A new style of building I have been wanting to try out for the past few months. Turned out well! This was partly inspired by .Tromas so I put that non-transparent cockpit on just for him. :D

The Proteus is a heavy gunship class.


6 dual ion guns

2 dual short range defense guns

70 missile launcher tubes

1 railgun capable of launching "moonkiller" projectiles


28 fighter launch bays

4 shuttle launch bays

2 big hangars


630 meters long

65 meters wide


Length: 120 STUDS without the antennas in front and back.


This is my second SHIP build. The first one was called the Interstellar Transport Ship ITS. Both in micro scale.


This ship was build after Red Spacecat told me to give it a try. Normally I prefer building in mini fig scale.

The Gungnir, named after Odin's spear, that always hits and kills its target, is a weapon designed to hit targets at mind-boggling distances. It fires metal rods at very high velocity, making the Gungnir a danger to both personnel and vehicles. The gun is aimed via a powerful sensor suite with satellite uplink capabilities. The shooter must have certain cybernetic enhancements (most notably a jack port and a so-called Eagle's Eye - a cybernetic eye specially tailored for the use with sniper rifles and satellite uplinks).


Done in PMG 0.6.

Some sorta desert purpose railgun rifle

A frame built by Vera, focusing massively on energy output, not only equipped with one long range heavy duty railgun, but also two smaller railguns built into the chest meant for midrange combat.

Thank you so much Will!


"remover of obstacles"

Bharati Anti-material railgun. single shot, breech loading hyper velocity slugs.

This is the v1, overmolded. I'll have it, and the v2 at Brickfair for you all to see.

Minifig & armor by Pecovam and Pedro.





This is the "Pilum"

a multirole drone-starfighter.


"Designed as a long rage defense device, or mass dog-fighter ship, it use a nuclear reactor to power a railgun cannon.

This weapon offers an enormous destruction power, but also produces big ammount of electromagnetic radiations. To use a drone instead of a uman-piloted spaceship, is the best (less expansive) way to survive a long railgun exposure.


The main weapon, can shot explosive shells, or even a non-lethal web, mainly used to wrap enemy ships and break their solar power plant without killing the crew or destroying the hull...most of the time...."


this was born as an idea of a defensive device for colonial station in "near space" and near future: for space/orbital station, lunar stations, or Mars stations. After the defensive phase, i decide to power it up with nozzles and rockets, and other things to make it more suitable to starfighting role!


Thank you Tromas for this contest! I had real fun on bulding something "realistic"!!!

Bored, made this. Puts that minigun and railgun I have to good use.

The Lion is a 24 tonne bipedal Vertical Tank which has all but replaced the role of MBT in corporate sectors. The synthetic muscle tissue is easy on roads, more responsive and quieter than any mechanical equivalent. The Lion can carry two primary weapons, although this model has an extra countermeasure system installed in the left chin hardpoint.

The Lion has a fearsome reputation as a melee weapon, being known to kangaroo kick smaller hardsuits through reinforced concrete.

Stalks and preys upon NATO heavy tanks with dual heavy railguns.

Nicknamed the "Monster of Mazandaran", CaspianCorp.™ has released their most closely guarded secrets. Capable of scaling hills and buildings, and sustaining large-caliber fire due to its thick armor, it costs just under $156 million. A small price to pay for the most fierce force on the battlefield.


-CaspianCorp.™ advertisement


Mostly GitS inspired.

The Ashuras were colonised by the Andromedan empire 400 years ago when they barely started to create flying vehicles. They are an amphibian warrior race using the bio-metallic skeletons of the creatures from Tensei their native planet to create various tools.

Scarabee are made using metallic giant beetle shell. They are heavily armored and equipped with two dual railguns and a set of acid bombs.


My take on Legohaulic Bullfrog for the telephone starfighter game. Shipped to m_o_n_k_e_y. ^^

I'm new to building tanks, so go easy on me ;) Whaddya' guys think?

Just some stuff for you. This guy started out as a landmate but evolved into this.

Home of the "Tonnerres" and "Foudres" squadrons, the ZEUS is the First Fleet admiral starship. Administrated by Arthur KING, this CYGNUS Corp. warship carries 100 starfighters (always including at least 10 Claymores, 6 Trebuchets and the Excalibur KING's personal figther). Heavily shielded with 6 giga scales generators, the ZEUS can engage battle with other capital starships without fear. 14 heavy laser gatling turrets provide defense against enemy starfighters and torpedoes while the 2 dual hyper railguns give the ZEUS dreadful fire power and range.

Tachiama presents, the DIRAU Mod.5 :Designated, infantry, railgun, assualt, unit.


>Range: 5500m


>Ammunition: 10mm tungsten slugs- 50 round capsule

>Onboard weapons systems: Concussion launcher, 30mm cuncussive shells, 5 shell magazine.


The Sabre was made for infantry troops for intergalactic conflict throughout the galaxy. used by the Galactic Defense Fleet, multiple paramilitary/ groups and the Tachiama Corporation. Specialized for Planet-side confrontations and orbital warfare. Comes with, HOLO sight, illuminated backup sights, underbarrel concussive launcher, & Cherry Blossom insignia.


Sorry guys for the paucity of builds recently i've been pretty busy recently. Credit to Zach for the workspace.

Ammunition : .8 Tungsten Buckshot

Magazine : 12 round

Range : 200 yards

Rate of fire : 400 rpm

Firing modes : Full Auto Only


Death is an art with Vepr Industries. Watch your enemy die amongst a crowd of dancing flame or watch them be fried in a swirl of electric bolts. Watch the fleshy body disintegrate harmoniously into fifty million equally sized blood red pieces and sweep right into the wind. That... is the beauty of Vepr.


The Grizzly. Untamed power.


Vityaz-B Class Trimaran Attack Ship




The Vityaz-B Class is a revision of the Vityaz. It was first upgraded in 2031. It has been re-equipped with new electronics, sensors, radars and sonars.


It is able to detect all enemies - ships, subs, and planes, and is able to engage all of them. It also now features three hulls, not one, for stability and more weapons capacity.




• 1x 130mm Dual Purpose Railguns


• 2x Palma (Kashtan) Laser CIWS (w/ SAM)


• 24x Small VLS Cells (6 Quadcells)

• 14x Forward-Facing Missile Cells (House multipurpose missiles, used for dealing w/ subs and ships)


Air Force:


• 1x Yakovlev Yak-114 "Oceanus" Helicopter Cruise Missile Platform (Tier 4, Stealth)




GC Cost: 8,000 Credits (Tier 3) 23400* (Tier 3)

*With ship's airforce

The tender reads "Death to Fascism!"

REAPER Multiped Tank. Remote Engagement Artillery Platform

Current Weapons Loadout: 1 Hellfire Rocket Pod, 2 Vulcan Cannons, 1 Long-Range 'Scythe' Railgun.


Fully articulated legs, 12 countermeasure dispensaries, forward pilot cockpit, rear gunner station and interchangeable weapon attachment points.


Ammo and chains courtesy of Will Chapman from Brickarms, Inspiration from other LEGO Mecha builders - especially brickmaster92, snowleopard and Nate_Decastro just to name a few.

The Ultaran Navy decided to revamp Gahnn Dreadnaught design while reclassifying it as a Battlecruiser to better match classification of opposing forces. The Nose job on the beast, coupled with power supply improvements allowed for the addition of two heavy Quad artillery turrets at the prow of the ship. These medium range turrets were very welcome by Ultaran Pilots who only had their ultra long range railguns and rather clumsy torpedoes to count on before that redesign; leaving squads of gahnn dreads, vulnerable without a proper destroyer escort.


Fielding the new camouflage colors of the Ultaran Navy, Ultaran fleets, upgraded with these battlecruisers send a clear signal of conflicts escalating rapidly.



This is an experiment in using clear printable sticker sheets as camouflage to give some ships a rather unique look.

Obviously this is beyond Lego Purism, but doesnt harm the bricks as paint would.

It's also a very tricky busines on an already assembled (and fragile) ships. If I choose to apply this camouflage technique on my next big project I will have to plan ahead and sticker the build as I build it, making it a rather new process.


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