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Always makes for a nice shot no matter what the location I think. Here it's crossing the Dan River in Danville, Virginia on the way back to Greensboro, NC.


It's going to run this weekend, April 8th and 9th in the first of several excursion trips this year. If I'm not mistaken this will be the last chance to see it because it won't be running any more after this year?

The N&W 611 wasn't wasting any time getting through Reidsville, NC or any other place for that matter. It was all I could to to keep up with it this time...

A couple of lumber cars on this train. Off the top of my head I can't figure out where they would go. This train only goes from Greensboro to interchange with the ATW at Cumnock. There are no building supply stores on this line that I can think of? More research might be in order...

That I'm really starting to like shooting from. This was train F741 that runs from Raleigh to Hamlet every day. It was a nice one today with over 120 cars!

From Hill Avenue, ATW 109 leads a decent size train into town.

When I can go back and try for a better shot. A backup camera, clouds and shadows playing games with my settings every second were working on my last nerve. The inspiration for this shot comes from Fred Wolfe who did this place right like he does all his shots!

Passes south through town on it's way to Hamlet, NC. It would return the next day leading F742 north through town...

After the 611 pulled into Lynchburg, he had to go turn his train around for the return trip to Spencer. This is after he did that and is backing into the Lynchburg station. I got covered in ash and soot when it passed under me and I loved every minute of it! : )

On my third trip into town looking for some action. I caught F742, the Hamlet to Raleigh local heading northbound through town. This was a power move the day before...

Of photographing this old depot in Hamlet, NC. There are so many ways to go about it...

I was finally able to catch a train in Southern Pines, NC. The problem wasn't the train, it was the parking or lack of parking. This was CSX train F741. I got it in Sanford then beat it down to Southern Pines where I was actually able to get a parking spot in time. Life is good! : )

I never know when the train I catch passing through town might be my last one ever the way things are going. A depressing time to be a CSX fan, all thanks to one individual...

Passes by the new Fayetteville Transit Center that looks to be almost completed? I can see some cool shots coming from here?

I'll never take a coal train for granted again. I saw at least three loaded coal trains on this day and was excited about that!

I caught CSX F742 in town and figured why not chase it so I did. I got it again in Moncure and in Apex where he stopped and tied the train down. Fun times! : )

At some of my goals I had set for myself last year. One item was to get a train coming under this trestle. I'm happy to say I can scratch this one off my list. It was a hard one to do...

Nothing really beats a 4 pack of EMDs in matching paint

CN L510 arrives into Ackerville siding on a cold Feburary Morning

SCC 1603 returns to the Atlantic and Western yard after dropping a cut of cars at the CSX interchange. A video of the train coming into town from earlier...

I saw this train in Moncure headed south. Did I dare try and beat it to town and hope I got it before dark? I decided to try it and got lucky with traffic, etc. I was able to get it as it crossed over Horner Blvd just before I ran out of shooting time. Life was good! : )

Using three engines to pull five cars... ; )

Trackside and was able to grab a nice coal train as it passed south through Fayetteville, NC.

The more they stay the same. Graffiti is what got me into trains so when I spotted this REKS wholecar parked on a siding a mile away I was there in a flash photographing it!

That make a difference. Like being able to fan on my lunch hour if I so choose. A mere 1.7 miles/six minutes from the CSX main line. Life is good! ; )

Kayamkulam-Kottayam-Ernakulam MEMU Passing though Green Countryside

With both of them being manifest trains, my favorite kind. A nice start to the day!

The Mid Mounted Beauty 22282 Macho from CNB Leads TVC INDB Ahilyanagari Express

The N&W 611 is about to pull into the Lynchburg station...

To take this pic because it's kind of rare to have two northbound signals at the same time? He knows his stuff so it works for me. I do know when I fan here at night almost everything goes southbound...

KYN WDG-4 With SHF Front Enters Slowly into CBE with 16860 in tow

A five unit lash up leads a westbound high priority train through Erie, PA.

Railfanning at Homo Avenue with Lasko got us the famed "CPBN", rumbling uphill towards Northtown. CP 6262 and a GEVO lead the 6100 ton transfer.

The Chicago-bound NS 21Q with a EMD SD70ACU on point brings this monster of an intermodal through Atwater, OH.

From the crew will make a bad day so much better! : ) CSX 8596 leads an empty coal ash train south through town...

The DPU (back locomotive), an AC44CW, of a Union Pacific(UP) train passes by Lenox Interlocking Tower along a fresh blanket of snow.

Railfanning by Lenox Tower, an interlocking railroad tower located in the unincorporated community of Mitchell, Illinois on February 9, 2010. We had had about 5 inches (12.5cm) of snow the night before, one of only a couple of decent-sized snowfalls that we usually end up getting each winter in St. Louis.

A nice shot if I could have gotten a train in the frame. Looking east with the old Norfolk Southern building in the middle.

So were my hopes of getting one last train before dark...

Railfanning Peoria, IL was a good time in the late 80's And early 90's. C&IM 72 is taking a coal train to a power plant in

Bartonville, IL

PA Piggy 12284 Hauls a Mixed Freight Moving Towards MTJ Crosses 12431 TVC Rajdhani

Cindy and Carl wave to the crew of westbound train NS 35N at Atwater, Ohio on the Norfolk Southern Cleveland Line.

Hadn't seen any BNSF traffic downtown for over a week. Kind of odd. For a minute, I thought they went belly up. The former Burlington station (now a station of a different kind - television - KETV Channel 7) is the backdrop.

DME 6359 leads CP 289 into Milwaukee under the KK Interlocking

Burlington Northern Santa Fe 8199(ES44C4), 5237(C44-9W), 4107(C44-9W) and 7134(ES44C4) Leading a Westbound Intermodal on the Emporia Sub near the Loula Street crossing west of Kansas Avenue in Olathe, KS.


Photo Taken: 5-20-17 at 3:05 pm


Picture ID# 1250

Of getting a decent train shot here because you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a power line, power pole, box, etc that will ruin the shot. However if you like numbers then this is worth the trip.


I was looking through some pics in my archives and came across this one. A CSX Intermodal is heading west here while the signal on the Norfolk Southern side is clear for an eastbound train.


Here is another shot showing two trains with a clear signal awaiting a third train.


I got 90 trains here (Pine Junction, Indiana) back in 2015. I have been toying with the idea of going back if I ever get a three day weekend? 765 miles or 12 hours to get that many trains... well worth it! ; )

Railfanning on the NE corridor is always a challenge. Luckily for us no one hassled us on this Clear Sunday afternoonn.

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