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I had a different photo in mind - but someone put a leaflet through the letterbox & Daisy reacted like this.


A girl can never have too many toys - Daisy is spoilt for choice. Happy Caturday!

My lovely Sally

Moscow, Russia

As Bob chose "bright colours" for the theme, Daisy decided to do some research on the subject.

Happy Caturday!

Daisy checked the calendar to make sure it was World Animal Day - though every day is "animal day" here!

Ben spent some time outdoors today. I followed her around trying to get some decent shots.

Missile, my other cat, will follow me but Ben goes her own way.


No, I didn't take her to the gym with me - she wouldn't have enjoyed the swimming pool ;-))

Happy Caturday!


I'm not allowed on that chair, now you're grumbling that I'm on top of a cupboard!


Casa Torre.


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Yorkie/Cairn mix at Renninger's Antique Market.

Not so ordinary mood for this very cheerful dog

This is a very grumpy cat, who rules the house and everybody in it, {including the German Shepard}, I love him.

Oscar is a pretty kitty and unfortunately he knows it all to well!

Photographs of my cat 'Jasper' using a 50mm

canon lens.

Riley was born April 17 2014.

He is growing up so quickly.

He's a wonderfully affectionate boy, and loves to play with Jaspurr and Quinn.

He tries with Bailey but Bailey just walks away with a look of disgust on his face. ;-)

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