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A peace rally in Farmington, Michigan got ugly when some KKK members butsted into the parade. The clan member is the one that is on the receiving end.

Un día cruzaré la frontera y seré considerado un árbol de primera clase.

okay, so you can see these ducks, right? And, do you know what their feelings are right now? Well, I hope I could express their sympathy for each other quite well. They LOVE each other.

There is no reason to care about their different colours, because colour is NO reason to treat others differently or badly. If you love someone, you love everything, the whole person - No matter, what colour he is, what nationality he belongs to or how old he is.

This photo should be a message to all of you out there. Try helping people who are treated violently cause of their nationality by some stupid guys! We are all the same.

Oops, wrong time wrong place. Eggs are racist too...

Why Spoons?

I believe that delivering a message through a photo is like writing a quote, it should be as simple as it gets and straight to the point so i decided to choose a simple yet a useful object to deliver my message.


The Message:

While someone could serve a community as good as the others (if not even better), Racism could actually break this person turning him/her into a useless part in that community.


The only difficulty i faced in this shot was painting the black spoon with a spray paint without losing original texture and shine.


No to Racism

@: Kundrathur / 16 Sep 2011

all different, all equal :]

"Racism springs from the lie that certain human beings are less than fully human.

It's a self-centered falsehood that corrupts our minds into believing we are right to treat

others as we would not want to be treated." Alveda King


No one has the right to jude anybody else!


Hi there,

I didn't play Skyrim for a longer time and would like to restart with a Dunmer, known for Destruction Magic and stealth, without SkyRe. Its 'successor' PerMa could be nice, but I don't want to reprocc all the time and use 25 (merged) esps for compatibility reasons anymore.


What are your favourite magic overhauls? Ordinator and Path of Sorcery seem to be popular.

[explore #57 on 29.10.08]


alternative title: when you have no ideas for your shot of the day take a look into the fridge :D

this shot remind me once again I need a graphic tablet T_T and a macro lens. and I also need a remote, but this has nothing to do with it now :P

help me to win a lottery T______T


titolo alternativo: quando non hai idee per la tua foto del giorno dai un'occhiata in frigo :D

questa foto mi ricorda ancora una volta che ho bisogno di una tavoletta grafica T_T e di una lente macro. e c'ho bisogno pure di un telecomando, ma ora non c'entra :P

fatemi vincere una lotteria T______T


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... mi visión del racismo desde otra perspectiva.


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“Everybody is a book of blood; wherever we're opened, we're red.”

― Clive Barker, Books of Blood 1-3


Bogra. Bangladesh 2011


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Going to start My first project , it will be a marshmallow project and with every photo I'll write a fact about my self .

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اكره العنصريه


(by Lola, burnt pullman by parri)


Roma. Parlamento italiano. Maggio 2009.

Piano sicurezza contro l'ingresso di migranti clandestini approvato!

Il governo ce l'ha fatta, se ne parlava da un anno. Ce l'hanno fatta!


Ora possiamo stare sicuri.

Diminuiranno le violenze.

Gli Italiani ora hanno assicurato il loro posto di lavoro.

Quanti di noi hanno avuto finora il prurito alle mani per denunciare i clandestini, ora potranno farlo.

I figli degli Italiani possono stare tranquilli: non avranno più compagni clandestini.

I medici potranno non sporcarsi le mani con il loro sangue.

Chi chiederà il rilascio e il rinnovo del permesso di soggiorno dovrà pagare un contributo variabile tra gli 80 e i 200 euro.

Sempre 200 euro dovranno sborsarli tutti quegli stranieri che vorranno sposarsi con un italiano, fermo restando, naturalmente, che abbiano tutti i requisiti per ottenere la cittadinanza italiana.


Ora siamo più tranquilli.

Possiamo pure respingere i "barconi della speranza" verso la Libia, paese democratico.


E poi, a Milano c'è chi propone di mangiare i panini, i gelati, il kebab al chiuso e di riservare i posti sui mezzi pubblici ai soli cittadini milanesi.

Ora si, quando andrò a Milano potrò stare in piedi senza costringere alcuno a farmi sedere!


Come? Cosa dite? Dall'est Europa si arriva tranquillamente in Italia?

Ah, vero! Ma si, per esempio andate in Albania, comprate un biglietto di circa 20 euro per il traghetto che da Patrasso arriva a Brindisi...arrivate a Brindisi, in territorio italiano tranquillamente. Come? La guardia di finanza? Nooo! Mica vi controlleranno, non salgono sulla nave, caso mai potreste essere fermati (per sbaglio) all'uscita del traghetto, altrimenti siete in Italia!


Ora siamo sicuri.

I clandestini neri extracomunitari non potranno più arrivare in Italia.

I clandestini bianchi europei potranno continuare ad arrivare in Italia.


Ora siamo sicuri!



Nous sommes

Des étrangers

Des sans-papiers

Des hommes

Et des femmes

Sans domicile

Et nous te demandons

Asile! asile!


Nous sommes des va-nu-pieds

Aux portes de la ville

Et la ville est dans l’île

Dans l’île de la cité


Le monde va changer

Et va se mélanger

Et nous irons jouer

Dans l’île

Sta foto sarebbe, in teoria, coperta dai diritti d'autore! Gente senza dignità....


Due occhi, una bocca, due orecchie e un naso.

Un paio di occhiali fighi..

Barba e capelli..

Un Uomo,un ragazzo simile a tanti altri..

Niente in meno,niente in più.

Che sia italiano o ungherese americano o africano..

che sia del nord o del sud,

in base alla provenienza non si può pregiudicare un individuo.

è uguale,come tutti gli altri e va trattato come tale.




I had planned on posting one of my Prague / Praha photos next but this shot seemed more appropriate in light of what happened today in my country....hard to be on vacation and not hear about the horror of neo-Nazis getting violent against anti-racism demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia today.


It's not that I couldn't see this happening in my country. Of course, I didn't want to believe it but I think we've always had a huge problem. I try to tell myself that in any country of this enormous size, there are bound to be some very good people and some very deplorable people who are willing to commit acts of terrorism and murder against people in their own country because they are so committed to hateful ideology.


But, I also know we have an administration that actively sought out for it to be legal in many states for cars to hit protestors, who encourage hatred against anyone who isn't rich, white, male, and able bodied, and has cut funding for anti-hate programs. Some of this racism has laid slightly dormant below the surface for decades and comes from a long line of both "nature" (genetics) and "nurture" (or lack thereof as the ignorant raise the ignorant). We've also dumbed down our public education system and forced teachers to teach to the test not to teach kids to think for themselves.


Between the problems Trump has created between North Korea and the turmoil inherent now with poor Guam and now the threats to Venezuela...when is the crazy going to end. I'm not going to stop protesting myself but all Americans need to be out on the streets taking back their country. We cannot allow America to turn into a nazi regime. We have to fight back. It shouldn't be merely about resistance either. It should be about creating a kind, safe world filled with empathy for us all. Certainly, this world is Gegen Racism or Against Racism. A sign I posted a photo of many weeks ago at the Women's March rings a bell at the moment as well...I am not free when any human is not free. Freedom is an easy word to say and perhaps too easy as it has been used for too much propaganda. We must fight for the Liberty of all.


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The creation power in our diversity.



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