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John Clare


The Fallen Elm


Een nature's dwellings far away from men,

The common heath, became the spoiler's prey;

The rabbit had not where to make his den

And labour's only cow was drove away.

Like Hares, wild rabbits are not easy to approach. They are highly alert and stamp their back feet to warn others, but I managed to crawl pretty close to this beauty.

If I had a hundred of the in yard I would never have to mow again!

This little rabbit is about 6 inches long, nose to tail. It's fearless and didn't blink an eye when I got very close. It lives in the thick vegetation in her yard and my daughter named it "Bun-Bun" and I've read that when they have a white "blaze" on their head it means they're still with the mother in the nest. This shot doesn't really show its size as there's no perspective......But it was very small....1/800 sec; f2.8; Aperture Priority; 200mm; ISO 320; WB Auto; Matrix Metering

Jack Rabbit, Golden Valley AZ

I was out with the camera when something furry bolted from the woods racing in my direction when it just stopped hoping to go unnoticed .


It's been an eventful few days with a wild rabbit for me and Bessie finding her first toad yesterday and trying to decide what photos to post. The rabbit showed up before the cute little toad named Juniper.


My thoughts were.....please wait wild rabbit so I can get a good photo of you before you race back into the woods. This rabbit seemed to allow me three chances at a good photo and in a flash it flipped around and was racing back into the woods.


Think I'll name you Woodrow


Here is a cute poem


Run Rabbit Run


Run rabbit run


There's a shadow behind you


it's only your own shadow


don't dare take any chances


for the sound of your own fear


- Gomer La Poet



Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view, comment, and fave my photo.


he was sitting very still in the tall grass in front of my house

A cute bunny, Pulborough Brooks, Sussex

Rain stopped, clouds opened up and the sun came out and the rabbits have come back to feed on our way too long grass.

:copyright: 2014 Alan Mackenzie.




The rabbit may be common, but I've always found it a difficult animal to observe from close distances. In many ways, it's harder to photograph rabbits than deer. The slightest movement or sound and they will flee.

© 2014 Alan Mackenzie.




It's the first day of summer and I enjoyed a lovely stroll in the morning air. The natural world is in full flow and everything is so green and fresh. It's a wonderful time to be alive.

Too grainy. :/ I had to use a high ISO because it's a gloomy day today. (Waking up to the rain is awesome.)


I've been wanting to get both of my bunnies in one picture, but it's so hard! They've grown a lot since this picture.


(I really didn't want to upload this one today because I already made this, but I couldn't resist!)

Wild rabbits in Windsor great park UK

This photo was taken in Milton, Delaware.

Because I’m visiting The Netherlands for holidays, I went to my favorite spot near the dunes.

This wild rabbit bunny was curiously looking up from its borrow. I’m not sure but it looks like it is a pretty young one. Well, it may not be Rudolf but with this bunny shot I’m wishing you a happy Christmas and a happy New Year. Thank you all for your kind comments and faves this year;)


A wild rabbit spotted in a strawberry patch in Gros Morne National Park.

Rabbits are small mammals in the family Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha, found in several parts of the world. There are eight different genera in the family classified as rabbits,

Rabbit habitats include meadows, woods, forests, grasslands, deserts and wetlands



Lugar de Observacion / Taken: Croton Point Park , Westchester County park , New York



Scientific classification







in part


* Pentalagus

* Bunolagus

* Nesolagus

* Romerolagus

* Brachylagus

* Sylvilagus

* Oryctolagus

* Poelagus


Kind of a metaphor for spring...Bunny Rabbit in the tall green grass surrounded by tiny spring flowers. After this last horrific winter, such an image could not be more welcome.

We have some ever-bearing straw berry plants, and rabbits love them very much.

Little rabbit in my yard!

Ballannette Nature Reserve, Isle of Man.

© 2014 Alan Mackenzie.




I began my career in wildlife photography training my lens on rabbits in Withdean Park, Brighton. I seldom have much luck with rabbits, as they are quite hard to photograph, due to their quick movements, excellent hearing and acute sense of smell. This rabbit living on the outskirts of Brighton was a little more tolerant of my presence than most.

My attempt to capture kingfishers failed. Fortunately I found this cute rabbit near my car. I was happy that I didn't have to go home with an empty CF-card :-)



August rabbit

had this habit.....


Ignoring being born wild

found himself trying to be so mild


Yes....unnoticed in a yard

August remains on guard....


Be calm still

pretend not to be real.....


August rabbit has many survival tricks...

as my camera clicks and clicks...


Thank you August rabbit

since we both have this habit


Loving to be unnoticed for our own reasons

in all of nature's seasons.


Suzy Holm

on a cold , windy, winter like day




So what do you think of this new neighbor of mine pointing that camera at me? I'm all ears! Do you see his reflection in my eye?


As I was slowly driving down the street just around the corner from our house, I saw this rabbit munching on a flower petal so I instantly stopped the car, grabbed my camera and began to fire off a few shots. Eventually he finished his snack and turned his head to check me out.

this is a shot shot taken by by my beautiful daughter Becky.

best viewed in large

she is ma, have a beautiful baby....

Seen this furry fellow near the woods at my sisters place.

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