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The Reykjavík (Iceland) skyline from the balcony outside the sprint room. Kudos to Andrew Dalke for the photo - standing out in the freezing wind to take the panorama.

Visit to Blue Lagoon. Effbot all muddy.

Fredrik Lundh (with a blurry Tim Peters in the background) at the Need for Speed sprint.

Out for more partying after the CCP welcome party.

Visit to Blue Lagoon. Richard Jones.

The sprint room fills up in the morning. From left to right: Tim Peters, Fredrik Lundh, Georg Brandl, Bob Ippolito, Richard Jones, Jack Diedrich, Sean Reifschneider's back, half of Steve Holden.

The view from the sprint room.

Visit to Blue Lagoon. Kristján Jónsson, our guide from CCP Games.

Visit to Blue Lagoon. Martin Blais.

Mid-sprint dinner. Andrea and Christian Tismer and Georg Brandl.

Visit to Blue Lagoon. Andrew Dalke.

Visit to Blue Lagoon. Andrew Dalke.

Meeting up in the bar as we all arrive. John Benediktsson, Bob Ippolito and Runar Petursson.

Fredrik Lundh couldn't come. so he sent this human in his place

Mid-sprint dinner. Steve Holden and Martin Blais.

Mid-sprint dinner. John Benediktsson and Richard Emslie.

Visit to Blue Lagoon. Christian and Andrea Tismer.

Mid-sprint dinner. Sean Reifschneider, Hilmar V. Petursson (CCP games CEO) Andrea and Christian Tismer. You can just see Richard taking yet another swig of the beer that just kept coming.

Visit to Blue Lagoon. This is the entrance path which is cut through the volcanic rock.

Mid-sprint dinner. That's a teeny piece of shark on the end of the toothpick, accompanied by dried fish.

Jack Diederich seem to think someone else's code is more interesting than his

Mid-sprint dinner, Christian Tismer not at all sold on the idea of dried fish.

Martin Blais is optimistic about the prospects

John Benediktsson of EWT talks about Python's value to them

Mid-sprint dinner. Richard Jones and Fredrik Lundh.

Mid-sprint dinner. Sean Reifschneider discussing the nekkid wimmin just above Richard's head.

Steve Holden rallies the troops with some inspirational words

Hilmar Petursson of CCP explains just why CCP will appreciate faster Pythons

Bob Ippolito ponders which C file to delete from the trunk next

Sean Reifschneider is sporting an interesting spiky hairstyle today

Tim Peters exchanges ideas about the value of benchmarks

Richard Jones decides he's had enough of zombie frames and starts hacking on the exception code

Visit to Blue Lagoon. The Need For Speed crew, relaxing mid-week.

Richard Jones and Tim Peters on the balcony outside the Need For Speed sprint room in Reykjavík, Iceland. Photo: Andrew Dalke.

The second best picture ever of Tim Peters

Kristján V. Jónsson says we *will* go for a viking feast tonight!

Andrew Dalke wonders how can we make eight-bit strings faster than Unicode again?

Meeting up in the bar as we all arrive. Sean Reifschneider, Runar Petursson's back and Richard Jones.