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Westafrikanische Zwergziege

Zoo Frankfurt

Taken near Okanagan Falls, British Columbia, CA. by David.


A well over due *Lifer* for David and Dad. A very common nuthatch in the Okanagan Valley that for years eluded our attention.


学名 Dendrocopos kizuki

英名 Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker

Mount Lemmon, Arizona-1571

Mambasa, Oriental, D R Congo

24 October 2013


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Pygmy Nuthatch – Boulder, Colorado :copyright:Neal Zaun. Photo taken on the Wild Bird Company Saturday Bird Walk on February 18, 2017.

Mount Lemmon, Arizona-1575

At Singapore Chinese Garden.


A short while after I had photographed a blue collared kingfisher on an overheard electrical cable, I bumped into this sunda pygmy woodpecker. I was aware of this bird for a while, but it had always eluded me. So it must have been due to the rain that I was able to take this picture.

I recently won a photo contest with the BC SPCA's Wildlife-In-Focus Photography Contest. My Northern Pygmy-Owl came in 1st in the Backyard Habitats Category and my American White Pelican received Honourable Mention in the Wild Settings Category.


You can view all of the winning photos here:


BC SPCA Wildlife-In-Focus Photography Contest ~ 2012 Winners!


I have previously posted a cropped version of the Northern Pygmy-Owl. I have also posted several cropped shots of the American White Pelican.

You absolutely want these little birds in your yard especially in periods of drought that often leave trees vulnerable to insects, such as tree destroying beetles and a variety of other bark hungry bugs.


This Pygmy flew down from its perch looking for prey, poor little thing came up short and I guess this is a Pygmy's look of disappointment, looks a bit like a burrowing owl to me!

Taken in Leavenworth, Washington, U.S.A. by David.


I photographed this guy while visiting Leavenworth to see the local White-headed Woodpecker pair. We got great views of the 'peckers but between their preference for shade and man-made perches they were extremely tough to photograph.


Pygmies are almost as bad as Kinglets for hyperactivity, but they are pretty friendly little guys.



You absolutely want these little birds in your yard especially in periods of drought that often leave trees vulnerable to insects, such as tree destroying beetles and a variety of other bark hungry bugs.


Los pigmeos bagdeli viven en pequeños núcleos de población, diseminados por la selva del sur de Camerún. Debido principalmente a su pequeña estatura (que en los varones apenas alcanza 1,5 metros de media y en las mujeres no llega a 1,35), los pigmeos siempre han sido maltratados e incluso exclavizados por sus vecinos bantúes, más altos y fuertes. Afortunadamente, hoy en día estas prácticas casi han desaparecido, aunque todavía siguen siendo injustamente menospreciados. No obstante, los pigmeos se consideran a sí mísmos los auténticos hombres, capaces de dominar la selva y el fuego. Anclados en el tiempo, su día a día se reduce a cazar, comer, descansar, jugar, procrear... En la selva encuentran casi todo lo que necesitan. Sin embargo, esta sencilla vida en comunión con la naturaleza tiene los días contados. Podrán seguir nomadeando aunque no por mucho tiempo; las voraces compañías madereras están devorando sus bosques sagrados.

This little bird was very cool looking It might not look like it has a neck but this thing can twist almost all the way around.

Point Defiance Zoo Tacoma Washington.


Some further reference:

Close up of

Hippocampus bargibanti from Lembeh Strait.

The Cotton Pygmy Goose or Cotton Teal (nettapus coromandelianus) is a small perching duck which breeds in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, southeast Asia and south to Queensland. Small individuals of this species are the smallest waterfowl on earth, at as little as 160 g and 26 cm. White predominates in this bird's plumage. Bill is short, deep at base, and goose-like. It is largely resident, apart from dispersion in the wet season. It nests in tree holes, laying 8–15 eggs. This is an abundant species in Asia. Found on all still freshwater lakes (jheels), rain-filled ditches, inundated paddy fields, irrigation tanks, etc. Becomes very tame on village tanks wherever it is unmolested and has become inured to human proximity. Swift on the wing, and can dive creditably on occasion.

This baby African pygmy hedgehog is possibly the cutest thing I have ever had chance to photograph. So small and full of character. He was a little poser in the tunnel & while sleepy but once he woke up a bit was running around and a little harder to shoot!


A big thank you to Janine & Mark who were kind enough to let me photograph him.


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African Pygmy Kingfisher, Kruger National Park. This tiny insectivorous kingfisher is approximately 12–13 cm in length. We have been frequent visitors to the Kruger National Park for more than 20 years and have seen this beauty only twice, and both times in the same general area.


© Gerda van Schalkwyk. All rights reserved. This photograph and all others on my photostream are protected by copyright and may not be used on any site, blog or forum, nor linked to without my permission.

One of a pair of pygmy owls in the area. This little one flew in my direction and landed about forty feet away, posed for three or four minutes then left to fetch a worm. :)

Hippocampus bargibanti, close up of these beautiful little creatures.

Saw this Northern Pygmy-Owl in a tree not too far off the road. Lucky for me, he sat there while I climbed up the side of the mountain. I would inch a little closer than grab a few more shots. Eventually, I got up high enough that I got this straight on shot as he looked back over his right shoulder.


Diamond Fork Canyon, Utah.

Pygmy-Owl last spring...

Pygmy Cormorant, Microcarbo pygmeus, Hula Valley Israel.

קורמורן גמדי

Pygmy Cormorant, Microcarbo pygmeus, Hula Valley Israel.

קורמורן גמדי

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