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Westafrikanische Zwergziege

Zoo Frankfurt

Taken near Okanagan Falls, British Columbia, CA. by David.


A well over due *Lifer* for David and Dad. A very common nuthatch in the Okanagan Valley that for years eluded our attention.

Mambasa, Oriental, D R Congo

24 October 2013


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This Pygmy flew down from its perch looking for prey, poor little thing came up short and I guess this is a Pygmy's look of disappointment, looks a bit like a burrowing owl to me!

I recently won a photo contest with the BC SPCA's Wildlife-In-Focus Photography Contest. My Northern Pygmy-Owl came in 1st in the Backyard Habitats Category and my American White Pelican received Honourable Mention in the Wild Settings Category.


You can view all of the winning photos here:


BC SPCA Wildlife-In-Focus Photography Contest ~ 2012 Winners!


I have previously posted a cropped version of the Northern Pygmy-Owl. I have also posted several cropped shots of the American White Pelican.

I think this is an African Pygmy Goose, which is actually a type of duck. Taken at WWT Slimbridge in their tropical house, if anyone can confirm or deny that identification that would be great! (Or until I go there again)

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Taken in Leavenworth, Washington, U.S.A. by David.


I photographed this guy while visiting Leavenworth to see the local White-headed Woodpecker pair. We got great views of the 'peckers but between their preference for shade and man-made perches they were extremely tough to photograph.


Pygmies are almost as bad as Kinglets for hyperactivity, but they are pretty friendly little guys.



This little thing is the size of my pinky fingernail. Photographed 11-9-13 at Little St. Simon Island, Georgia.

Close up of

Hippocampus bargibanti from Lembeh Strait.

This little bird was very cool looking It might not look like it has a neck but this thing can twist almost all the way around.

Point Defiance Zoo Tacoma Washington.


Some further reference:

Los pigmeos bagdeli viven en pequeños núcleos de población, diseminados por la selva del sur de Camerún. Debido principalmente a su pequeña estatura (que en los varones apenas alcanza 1,5 metros de media y en las mujeres no llega a 1,35), los pigmeos siempre han sido maltratados e incluso exclavizados por sus vecinos bantúes, más altos y fuertes. Afortunadamente, hoy en día estas prácticas casi han desaparecido, aunque todavía siguen siendo injustamente menospreciados. No obstante, los pigmeos se consideran a sí mísmos los auténticos hombres, capaces de dominar la selva y el fuego. Anclados en el tiempo, su día a día se reduce a cazar, comer, descansar, jugar, procrear... En la selva encuentran casi todo lo que necesitan. Sin embargo, esta sencilla vida en comunión con la naturaleza tiene los días contados. Podrán seguir nomadeando aunque no por mucho tiempo; las voraces compañías madereras están devorando sus bosques sagrados.

Eurasian Pygmy Owl, the smallest owl in Europe.

Another shot on a nice background. These little guys were so much fun!

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Taken near Watervalley, Alberta.

Hippocampus bargibanti, close up of these beautiful little creatures.

African Pygmy Kingfisher, Kruger National Park. This tiny insectivorous kingfisher is approximately 12–13 cm in length. We have been frequent visitors to the Kruger National Park for more than 20 years and have seen this beauty only twice, and both times in the same general area.


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One of a pair of pygmy owls in the area. This little one flew in my direction and landed about forty feet away, posed for three or four minutes then left to fetch a worm. :)

Another one of our species. A pygmy chameleon only about 2 inch long.

Calgary, AB


Never seen one in a tree hole before. I know this is a male for shortly after this he called in a female and mated with her...a first for me also :)

I have had many people that have observed this bird in a tree or in flight wondering just how big are they? They are small. This bird is an adult male and is approximately 6.5 inches in length and weighs 56 grams. The smallest owl we have in the state of Idaho, U.S.A.

He was out hunting for voles in the forest clearing when spotted. This adult owl is only about 6 inches in size. They are incredibly hard to spot in the forest because of their size and color.



Olympic National Park, Washington


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El Moro Elfin Forest, CA.


Gum-over-cyanotype print of digital photo. Straying from using the "straight" yellow and red pigments with their respective negatives.

4 layers, counting the cyanotype (B neg).

I used azo green with the Y neg, permanent brown with the R neg, and ended with sap green, using the Y neg again. Image size 7in x 10in.

This cute little owl has made its winter home in one of Calgary, Alberta's busiest city parks.

Went for a hike yesterday in the North Shore Mountains with Jess Findlay and we were lucky enough to come across this little guy!


Hopefully we'll find one on our Winter Birds of Vancouver Workshop in February!

lat. Hippocampus bargibanti

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