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Puppy - la mascota "guardián" del museo Guggenheim de Bilbao

Hey I finally got him to lay down a while.

He got a new collar which matches his checkered paw....and has his fave blanket....spoiled...OHHHH nooooooo ... what would give you that idea???...LOL!!! Despite all my efforts....any inside shots results in blue eyes...although his eyes are very dark

Well here she is ! ten weeks old now and those needle sharp teeth getting to grips on one her toys ! rather that than our feet ! She has taking a liking to Charlotte s toes especially !


This was taken on day we brought her home ..

These puppies were looking for a home. We took some shots to help get them adopted.

We're a foster family for this little guy!

Meet "Murphy" a beautiful little 8week old szitsu/pomeranian. He is totally adorable!!!!! Ernie was kind enough to lend him his bow-tie for his debut appearance on Flickr!

C;ick on image to enlarge

BBMaui, Kula, Maui. Seven week old Maremma puppy. They grow so fast. This one grew 25% in one week (6 lb @ 6 weeks and 7.6 lb @ 7 weeks).

I found one Colleen! This is a photo of Layla as a pup, she was so cute!!! soft dense fluff yet to grow long :)

Keelin's best picture yet.

You can not believe how much fun I had to take this photos.

I started with one chicken because I was a little bit afraid Maybe would hurt it. She was so very fascinated by these little critter in her basket. When she was used to this one I dropped a second one . The "puppy chickens are two days old and Maybe think they are toys because of the noice they make.Yet, she didn't do anything to them. I would like to take a photo of Maybe with all (8) the little ones in her basket...Maybe I do this later.

She is such a good girl :-)))

Dit is één van de drie puppies van Zsa Zsa en Yazoo (ras: boerenfox). Ze zijn hier zeven weken oud.


This is one of the three puppies of Zsa Zsa and Yazoo. Here they are seven weeks old.


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Another shot of the Grandkids new puppy Tucker they are sooooo Happy even thou they still miss Brandy or Boo Boo their nickname for their last dog.

My daughter's new puppy

I thought I would let the dogs run in the back yard some so I could some photos of them together, but it was a little cool out so my Dharma, the princess, was not interested in going outside. Glinda had to endure me chasing her with my camera, finally some ivy growing in the deck distracted her long enough to get this.

My little princess Mathilda

My puppy just pass away....

Trying out a new lens on my friend's new puppy. I love this 24mm for indoor, more room less blur with slower shutter speeds. I'm in love. And I guess the puppy was cute too.

I have new neighbours and they love eating my fingers :)


Soon on the blog.

Taken at the training center near the golf club called Bachgrund. The lady trainer here has done an amazing job with Toby. Lots to do before Christmas, off to say hello to all.

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