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Dawn and I got together once again to put on a puppet performance for you all. :)

Model 1:

Model 2:


Sometimes everyone is a puppet controlled by a blind puppeteer...


I wish all my contacts a great and sunny weekend.



Puppet Master



*NEW* FIERCE Designs Puppet Doll Costume (incl. makeup, shoes, black hair, puppeteer gadgets, doll key)

Hair: Schadenfreude Wendy Reds

Earrings: Nemesis Adorable Earrings

Puppet Pose: Created by Linda Reddevil


SLurl to Fierce Designs Costumes:


Ok I don't really own the official lego Starkiller figure, so I'd make do with what pieces I had.

Let imagination work wonders with this attempt at one of my favourite characters 'Galen Marek, aka Starkiller' and see him in this interpretation.

In this shot I wanted the notion of Vader standing behind his apprentice, pulling the strings, guiding him and controlling him - master of puppets.

....spent the morning at Dufan (Fantasy World) and spotted this...


...Ancol, West Java, Indonesia...

yeah I know, I'm strange sometimes. :)

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World Puppet Day celebrated across the world on March 21st 2009.

These were comming out after performing at Peeru's in Lahore, on world puppet day.

"La gente è proprio cattiva"


" Non cattiva. Idiota. E' ben diverso. La malvagità presuppone un certo spessore morale, forza di volontà e intelligenza. L'idiota invece, non si sofferma a ragionare, obbedisce all'istinto, come un animale nella stalla, convinto di agire in nome del bene, e di avere sempre ragione. Si sente orgoglioso in quanto può rompere le palle a tutti coloro che considera diversi, per il colore della pelle, perchè hanno altre opinioni, perchè parlano un'altra lingua, perchè non sono nati nel suo paese, o solo perchè non approva il loro modo di divertirsi. Nel mondo c'è bisogno di più gente cattiva e di meno rimbambiti."


da L'ombra del vento , C.R. Zafon

an allegory of contemporary human societies


(unknown model)


I have been wanting to do this picture for so long. October had me in the mood for some dark and evil imagery...and while this isn't actually evil, it certainly is dark! This dress was made by a very talented artist, Anastasia Every, send from England :) I thought well, if I am going to hold a photo contest with the theme Supernatural, I might as well play the game!


I want to announce a new exhibition I have coming up in December. It is at the Annenberg Space for Photography in LA, and I've written a blog post all about it with pics from a documentary I shot with them for the show. Details here! :) The biggest shock of this show is that I get to exhibit with and meet Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor, who I have long admired as brilliant artists. I'm very excited!


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Cedar Wood is doing what she does best!


Thanks to Hi I'm Kate, I went out today to see if my Justice had Cedar, and I lucked out!

...sometimes i feel like a Puppet on Strings

Pull them little strings and I'll sing you a song, I'm your puppet

Make me do right or make me do wrong, I'm your puppet

Treat me good and I'll do anything

I'm just a puppet an you hold my string, I'm your puppet

Yeah, I'm your puppet

Walking, talking, living, loving puppet

I'm hanging on a string girl, I'll do anything now

I'm a walking, talking, living, loving puppet

and I love you


The winner of 27'th Art Libre Contest - thank you for all your precious votes! :)*

145/365. My stand broke during this shoot

Details from the Tall Ship Festival, Toronto, Canada. The view from the boardwalk looking across the deck of "The Europa". The lines and shapes were calling to me... taunting... so I shot them.

Poppy made these today. 2 years old.

Model: Me


Dolls of the War Machine,

they are fighting for a hopeless Cause

with Pride and Zest for Action,

until someone presses the red Button

and they will be a Number on the crumpled Paper...


sometimes I think I'm

a puppet

moved by the hands

of Destiny


qualche volta penso di essere

un burattino

mosso dalle mani

del Destino


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