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I edited this photo (and many others) in Photoshop live on Discord. CLICK HERE if you'd like to join my public server and watch my editing process. I sometimes also stream the photo-taking process and other games. It's a good time! \o/

Green Heron, Wildwood Lake, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

🎧Angels and Airwaves - Heaven


Male shape by Tivoli -


✨Tivoli Flickr✨


Credits 💎






➤ Bra: Stories&Co. x Quirky / Midnight Stories - Bra01 - Dark

➤ Skirt: Mug - Punk Rocker - #2 Plaid Skirt RARE

➤ Jacket: BOOSH - Nya Cropped Puff Jacket Black

➤ Guitar: Mug - Punk Rocker - #18 Electric Guitar Red

➤ Mask: Mug - Punk Rocker - #6 Studded Mask Skull

➤ Boots:.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Estries Boots @ Midnight Order

➤ Hair: [monso] Lalisa Hair - Mid Option

➤ Body: Legacy Perky

➤ Head: LeLUTKA Fleur Head 2.5




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Girl 1:

.:the-HAUS:. Dani BOM Eyebrows

:::ChicChica::: Trick Pops Gacha @ The Arcade

[ kunst ] - Glam Rock bracelets @ Anthem Event

[Enchante'] - Marcienne Boots

amias - HUNT Mask @ Hallow Manor

AsteroidBox. Zara T-Shirt

Gaia - Kiki Denim Jeans

PUNCH / Belly Piercing / Spider

VOBE - Naughty Choker

:::ChicChica::: Kate Rings

~GD~ Feeling Myself (Iced Diva Talonz) - Legacy Bento


Girl 2:

MICHAN - Hollow Gacha @ The Arcade Gacha

[Enchante'] - Holly Boots

BOOSH - Nya Cropped Puff Jacket @ Tres Chic

Magnoliac - Adore Top

MICHAN - Hera Choker @ Kinky Event

PUNCH / Navel Piercing / Diamond

SPIRIT - Tilly Jeans

~GD~ Doll Gorgeous (XL Almond) - Belleza Bento

.:the-HAUS:. Seraphina BOM Eyebrows & Aradia Eyeshadow Pallet


-- more info @ Haus of Fashion

Hooded Merganser checking out his punk rock look in his reflection

365: The 2021 Edition

Day 109/365


Limited Addiction - LOTD126







Thank you SO much for the opportunity to blog for you ♥


Backdrop @ Backdrop City

FOXCITY. Photo Booth - Lux Plain PEACH (Rez)




Ruby Poses - Female - From Behind 2

(modified arms with Black Dragon Poser)


on Raeven

Cae :: Princess :: Collar

*AvaWay* ZODIAC SIGNS Necklaces Set

LIVIA::Gaia Bento Rings *UPDT

RichB. Lightning Piercing [TWS G'Gift]

~~ Ysoral ~~.:Luxe Piercing Anita:.(Legacy)

~~ Ysoral ~~ .: Luxe Bracelet Lucille :.

~~ Ysoral ~~ .: Luxe Wedding Ring Sibylle:.(Legacy)

[CX] Mobile (TWS Group Gift)

[CX] Headphones (TWS Special)

- Tivoli inc - Giulia shape lelutka Avalon 3.0 evo x

[LEGACY] Meshbody (f) Special Edition (1.4)

Tville - Body Freckles [BoM]

Ascendant - Chrome French Nails 08

DeeTaleZ *SKINS* Body ADDONS *Moles*

DeeTaleZ *SKINS* Body ADDONS *Vains*

e.marie // Naomi Earrings - Golds

itGirls - QUEEN Body - Love Handles (ROSE)

itGirls - QUEEN Body - Moles

itGirls - QUEEN Body - Stretch Marks (PALE)

Izzie's - Dimples (LeLutka Evo X)

LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.1

MT - Booty Enhancer

Not Found - (f) Legacy Body Applier Sorbet

Not Found - Skye Skin Sorbet (Lelutka)

Women's - C-String - Black Transparent Lace - LEGACY

DOUX - Seulgi hairstyle [BASIC PACK]

Cake Inc.: Spotted V4 Blusher (Watermelon)

I've been sad I couldn't go to the mermaid parade in NYC on Coney Island again this year...but, unfortunately it always comes at the worst time-end of my school year. This is from a couple of years back but is a keeper.


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It doesn't even feel like Halloween but as teachers try to negotiate to see if we can have some of our strike days back (taking away some of our winter break days and making the school year longer for example), it feels pretty scary that I'm still not at work.


Anyway, this family is hilarious.


**All photos are copyrighted**

[2021/08/22 22:06] Aodhan Dunne (lucius.templar): lemme see how it looks with a different shirt

[2021/08/22 22:06] Arwin (arwin.flinders): OK :)

[2021/08/22 22:06] Arwin (arwin.flinders): or none!


It was her idea!


By the way guys... This kilt from fakeicon has been tried and tested going full commando. Even walking and dancing.... *taps nose*. You know what I mean.

Available NOW @ SWANK!


Punk Rock A.C. Earrings with 170+ Mix and match texture options!


Stella had an eeg today. They marked all over her head with red marker, then applied bunches of leads with thick goop. It left her hair pretty funky and made her cop quite an attitude. I found it inspiring. (:

Camera + for 2 different figures & parts there of combined, collar & pearls from 16thc painting, processed using icolorama, procreate & superimpose on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Butterflies created separately by first drawing them in procreate with further effects in icolorama with placement & shadows created in superimpose. Lettering from magazine photos.


Included in Portrait of an Artist, Feb 28 post.…/mobile-photography-portrait-a…/


A Story;

She arrived in her dark blue Audi, one of the reasons why I now have one. A tray of the world’s most delicate sandwiches arrived, cucumber squares and triangles with small curls of anchovy set at the corner. Prada’s beautiful, beaten, brown Miu Miu leather coat was now off her shoulders; she was wearing a light brown jumper underneath. She wore a silk, off-white shirt and a pair of burgundy-colored sandals encrusted with fake jewels. Her hair was her typical mid length blonde. Everything she had on her body was invented by her. I told her that if I was in her shoes I’d sometimes be desperate to get away from the brand. And then we kidded each other about our Italian looking long noses noting that we were both still strong in our femininistic movement beliefs and never felt the need to change our bodies or faces surgically.

Prada’s clothes make you feel you are appearing at your most calm and your least demonstrative, which is a kind of freedom for people who yearn to look good but don’t want the yearning to show. This fall she has introduced a corset look that I questionably ponder. She also thought about “what is happening now,” alluding to the wars, violence and upheavals that are destroying or displacing millions of people. Her show, she said, was the product of “mixing, in a contemporary way, all those impressions and finding a way to make it "now.”

I feel to Punk Rock Miuccias brand here is not so far from her truth thus I reservedly do so while still in Milan as I say good bye to my Italian friend. She thinks this new little side line mobile art endeavor of mine interesting for me at this stage of my life but is wanton of my more serious oil & watercolor work as she ponders what the gallery that she owns is showing. I note how I have become content with a low profile for now as she is still consumed by making the best of her influence and billions. That we are both discrete & mysterious In our many ways you can't disregard as you ponder this piece. Saying how Miuccia Prada is just like her collections with political & artistic intents so true to her is because her very beginnings & family (Ph.D in political science) ring true to this day for her as I knew her then & now.

So I said to my daughter: what's this punk doing hanging out in my kitchen. She replied: what's a punk?

Top: Storybook - Sedated - Black @ Rewind

Pants: .miss chelsea. Sidd Leggings, Flag @ Rewind

Nose Chain: [CX] Vermin Silver @ Rewind

Gloves: [Fetch] Berena Gloves @ Collabor88

Tatoo: Reckless-Tribunal-GG- 75L to join

Floatie: FAKEIKON-Dark Dolphin Floatie-GG

Choker: *COCO*_BlackChoker_

Hair: [KoKoLoReS] - Val

EyeShadow: Slackgirl-Lelutka Powder Pack-August

Head: Lelutka-Chloe

Skin: Glam affair-Kendall

Body: Maitreya-Lara

Acting on a tip from a fellow photographer, I high-tailed it over to an area of the Rocky River Reservation Metro Park where the river runs behind the Nature Center. I was told there were a couple of Wood Duck Drakes feeding and frolicking in the river, not paying much attention to people up above on the platform behind the center. Finally, I was able to get close-enough to these beautiful ducks to get some detailed shots. The only disadvantage was being elevated above the river which ruled-out any water-level POV shots. Here is one of the drakes after doing a bit of grooming to get that spiked hair look.

Hugggs Spanky Heres a pic for ya awesomeness gf !

Lulu was to cute in from of theses paper cutz guitars.


Taken with a Polaroid Spectra camera with Impossible Film BW

We got into her car

Away we started rollin'

I said "How much you pay for this?"

She said "Nothin', man, it's stolen"


Punk rock girl

You look so wild

Let's have a child

We'll name her Minnie Pearl

Just you and me

Eating fudge banana swirl

Just you and me

We'll travel round the world

Just you and me

Punk rock girl


       – The Dead Milkmen, Punk Rock Girl

A guitar, an iPhone and a willing musician - all you need these days for a future album cover...

Figurine in a Tattoo shop window.

Shot in Rodez - Aveyron - France -


Colored by me in Paris even the monkey, except the Perfecto Jacket.

For the Fun:

"One Saturday I took a walk to Zipperhead

I met a girl there and she almost knocked me dead

Punk rock girl please look at me, girl what do you see

Let's travel 'round the world, just you and me, punk rock girl"

- Dead Milkmen, "Punk Rock Girl" Lyrics


Details here:

Punk Rock.


Energies focales performances formulations théâtrales dynamisme épileptique puissant indiquant des ombres questions cataleptiques,

экспрессионистские вариации, включающие в себя спонтанные постановки, танцующие напряженные движения интенсивности, важные звуки громкого искусства,

apstrakcije primitivna emotivna ekstatična stanja neobučeni efekti gutanje slobode živopisna estetika transfiguracija istorijski,

personaggi culminanti esperimenti unici visioni essenziali che cambiano i tempi celebrando passioni simboliche poetiche desideri esterni pazzia accettata,

dlíthe a thréigean ag saobhadh rialacha drumaí casadh fórsaí ceannródaíocha ag teilgean smaointe siombalachas mhéadaigh codarsnachtaí freasúracha,


walczące cele stany psychiczne plastyczne postacie groteskowe inscenizowanie słynny złożony niekonwencjonalny cyrk ironii,




It's my shrine to all things punk... it's gonna take time. But it will happen.

::Wild Rose Dress::@EXCLUSIVE Darkness Event April (5 - 28 April)

4 colors for Maitreya, Slink Physique & Hourglass Bodies



Model: Rebecca(AKA little sis).


The theme was punk rock. I think the best part about this photo shoot was doing the hair and makeup. It took A LOT of hairspray to make her hair stand sideways like that. hehe


Hope you like it!!

Se vienen los planes, los cambios, una nueva vida, una comunidad.

Tu eres el que construye, pone cimientos, planifica, yo me dedico a soñar, a fantasear con un vida romantica, compañera.Yo cubriré las paredes de calidos abrazos, en el florero de nuestra mesa pondre ramos de ilusiones y alegrias, en la cocina preparare los mas ricos regaloneos, cuando lave la ropa, limpiare las penas y cansacio. Habran dias en que deseare levantarme temprano, recorrere la casa descalza, solo se viste de buenas intenciones, amor y respeto.

This fellow saw me, threw it's crest up and took off like a shot.. Glad I was able to get any of it

She's a little bit punk rock

She's a little bit sweet

She not so soft

She'll knock you off your feet

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