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This particular lighthouse, Morris Island Light, is a repeated motif in my Lowcountry photography. Here, it is just a small emphasis against the much wider sky, and yet still an important element--without it this image lacks, to my mind, some punctuation.


I don't do as much black and white now, but this image called for it. Another from my Lowcountry series that you can see on:


Thanks to all for the birthday wishes yesterday. I had a dandy day and I keep getting older....


Blog post - Museum of Modern Art, Luxembourg

the unblurred houses of the previous photographs


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"All rivers, even the most dazzling, those that catch the sun in their course, all rivers go down to the ocean and drown. And life awaits man as the sea awaits the river." -Simone Schwarz-Bart


"Seeing death as the end of life is like seeing the horizon as the end of the ocean." -David Searls


Standing at the edge of this place, the tugging wind, the steady roar of water, the fine spray of salt, and the occasional punctuation of rogue waves, is a tremendous cleansing process - i can look over my shoulder and see bits of heartache and depression streaming out behind me, dissolving into sand.


Are they gone for good?.... **sigh** only one way to find out.


(Hello Flickrinos,


Another trip to the ocean - lovely lovely. Brought my suit and hat and umbrella and fake brief case along cuz one never knows...


Cheers, my friends.


your pal.


Last of the four tree pieces. Their Springtime, pre-foliage crispness of line works out really nicely with this kind of image fragmentation. Since "Tumbleworld" was only developed in the Fall, it remains to be seen what happens with the fullness of verdant life in the Summer.


Sunset and twilight were described by Carlos Castaneda as the 'window between the worlds'. This can be taken to mean literally night and day, but also what happens deeper in with both demarcations of time. That idea was also meant to express a Shamanic acknowledgement of the time of day when dreamtime journeying is at it's most open potential.


Day and Night have also been cited as representing the two main types of consciousness - Day = Reason, rationality and linear thought and Night, the Subconscious, dreams, mystical states, the non-linear and non-rational.


Whatever that may mean, evening, bordering on twilight, has a richness of colour and mood about it that has always made it a time of deep, quiet feeling with sumptuous red and golden tones and dramatic punctuations of light and shadow.




Music Link: "Bajan" - Michael Stearns, from his album "The Storm". Stearns has been producing atmospheric music for a very long time. Sometimes he's been filed under New Age, but that's not quite what he does as his music has just enough tension and darkness in it at times to have it sit quite outside of the gushing of waves under Pachelbel's Canon. He is mostly known for his soundtracks to Ron Fricke's two films, "Baraka" and "Samsara".


A bajan is a Hindu song of devotion. I chose it for the feeling it gives me of that golden, wistful time of day that I allude to with this image.


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Not sure which one I prefer. Have posted them both. Which one does it for you?

Back from a wonderful break in beautiful West Cork.

(Note: please excuse typos, mistakes in syntax, punctuation, structure, grammar, spelling, logic or missing words. It has been awhile since I tried to write at length.:-))))


Yay…for being a visual artist. Yay, for living to see, and seeing as a living. It is a life where everything, anything, the simplest things, can stop you in your tracks and compel you to sit and look. Take it in, soak it up, be delightfully and unashamedly mesmerized. - So May It Secretly Begin


You get to linger. As a normal, regular part of your day.


Even a scene as seemingly mundane as “setting sun/evening at a shopping center” can hold incredible power. Not potential power, but real visual power. Even a quickie stop to the shopping center to pick up some salad fixin’s and smoked salmon for dinner can have one encounter visual events that can compel, captivate, and hold your attention.


The sky was talking me….. talking loud. “Look at me, look at me.” The light coming down from the clouds was highlighted on the metal and glass sculptured parts of cars, but it got lost – sucked up into the shadows – everywhere else. Mesmerized by the sky and it's dance of shifting, warm colors, and its interplay of light and dark, I could not leave the car. I simply sat for awhile.


It was a warm evening, so the windows were down. I could hear car radios drifting across the lot, the sound of conversations between passersby or others speaking into the ether of those damn ever-present cell phones.


Car doors opened and closed. Some cars held someone in the front seat, waiting, I guess, for the other passenger(s) to come back from shopping. People strode by, some going to a shop, others to their car, others wondering just where the hell did they park their car.


I sat on the hood of my car, camera in hand, snapping pictures. I felt like I was looking at a great big, Drive-In movie screen with some grand Steven Spielberg epic about the Cosmos showing on it (maybe a personal, "Close Encounters of the Everyday Kind.").


People would walk by and then look up to the sky to see what I was looking at, what I was taking pictures of. Most didn’t see anything…particular. Nothing worth sitting and watching and taking pictures of. Their quizzical looks and furrowed brows said that. A few would stop, look up, look back at me, smile, arch an eyebrow and say something like… “oh yeah… nice.”


Did you know…that clouds can dance? They can. They do.


Birds flew – some high in the sky, some low, playing at the very tips of the tree tops. Airplanes flew away to points unknown – some heading into the sun, others into the dark of night. I often wish to be on one of those planes – heading somewhere in particular: although, in truth, sometimes, anywhere would do.


I am not sure how long I sat, watching the scene. There are no timers to run for such things, except internal ones. But, hanging out a few minutes longer is always a bit better than a few minutes shorter. Wait until the sky turns from crimson to blue or gray, then, go get your food. Let the show play out to its logical, visual end – right on through the credits.


It fun, usually rewarding too, to be an artist. You can tell yourself you have perfectly good reasons to linger. You’d be right.


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Time finds a place - new words on blog.


Catch you on your streams later - work - work - work, now.

My little boy James being a little boy on the beach. Trying to get him in a photo is a great challenge. He does not stay still for long.


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Not colourful - but I do like the light shining through.

Have a great weekend - Flickronians!


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Ink transfer onto distressed aluminum (soaked in OxiClean) .

Original shot with a Brownie Hawkeye Flash with a flipped


Cork, Ireland


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Temporarily renamed in honour of their Superbowl win.


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Geographically and punctuation-wise, however, this still remains -


Giant's Causeway,


Northern Ireland.

Have posted my 12 favourite iPhone images of 2013 on blog. You can read about them by clicking on the links here.


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Another image from the North Cascades, this time from Artist's ridge. The whole area up there (although super busy) is magical, and truly representative of the subalpine Cascades terrain. Since sunset colors were a dud, I focused on encompassing just how beautiful and complex the area is-- ridgelines, tarns, meadows, and rocky outcrops-- all surrounded by two Cascade giants: Baker and Shuksan. To cap off the evening a full moon rose and made for a nice punctuation point for the small group of trees.


Very delayed in my commenting. Apologies. Work, work, work!




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