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Home of the nomadic peoples of Central Asia is a traditional family house . Family , about 3000 years ago and the current pattern is formed , and our time has been the need for a human life . Seasonal survival of the best adapted for family housing structure zokhiomjiinkhoo has attracted considerable interest . Light , compact and long edlegddeg and architectural landmark , etc. are provided as a supplementary home .

XIII century Mongols home team a record of a medieval residential tourists " to move their carts , who moved to the city as dangerous , " noted looks . Permanent family housing needs of design and shape of the Mongolian and Turkic family includes two main categories . Mongolian ger Halha , Oirat and Buryat that is isolated .

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I'm going home I'm going home

I just need time alone

I'm going home I'm going home

I need to be on my own

I'm going home


I miss the Michigan sun

and everything and everyone

Everybody who pushed me to be

Everything I could ever be

They all just wanted the best for me

And they all knew

All I ever wanted was to be like you

Even when i was young and loud

All I ever wanted was to make you proud

And I need to get back to the start

Because Michigan holds my heart


I'm going home I'm going home

I just need time alone

I'm going home I'm going home

I need to be on my own

I'm going home


I need to feel the Michigan breeze

That makes everything feel at ease

Because your so hard to please

AndIi just need to get away

Cause with you nothings ever okay

I cant stand being here with you

Because I just cant be who you want me to

And everyday I try

But every smile I have is a lie

I just can't do this right

So I'm leaving town tonight


I'm going home I'm going home

I just need time alone

I'm going home I'm going home

I need to be on my own

I'm going home


And I need to get back to the start

Because Michigan holds my heart

~Jorge Rolon

I stopped at a friends home near Kelso on the Scottish borders and saw this tree in a nearby field.

my home ♥

relaxing spot

Home this past weekend, and here's the view from my mom's, looking across the valley at the Oquirrh mountains. You can Kennecott mine to the far left. One of these days I'm going to take a picture from the roof so I can get more of the valley. This is as much as I can get because of the neighbors homes across the street blocking much of the valley view.

“You can't go home again”

― Thomas Wolfe


• Fence Friday HFF

#7DWF Fridays:Flora


"home" is a piece by Allan Holdsworth from the album "Road Games".


Nikon FA

My new magical home - This amazing terraforming and landscaping was done by Chloe McMinnar!

Would you like to live in Neverfar...home not far away.The sim is a phototography haven,peaceful and private for dreamers.There is only 1 exclusive parcel available at the sim this time so contact me caridee sparta inworld via notecard if you are interested for more details.


With much love and peace,



drop by for viewing at Neverfar



A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.

Farmhouse and barn, central Alberta.

La mia casa è il cielo, porto luce e calore.

Rallegro le giornate con i mie raggi

e divento romantico quando piano piano mi spengo per lasciare posto al buio...


Grazie a tutti per il passaggio tra le mie foto.

Thank to all for the appreciation.

Not my home, but home nevertheless....


Processed with Digikam

Converted to Kodak HIE

Brown tone, Yellow filter

Local Contrast applied to darken the sky a little more

Vignette added


Part of my 'FOLLOW ME' Set.

94/365/2017, 2286 days in a row

~Home is a tall strong tree, and we the leaves free to travel with the wind, yet always knowing that our roots will remain, firmly planted.~


Texture b Lenabem Anna


I know, another Moon photograph!

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I really appreciate your visit and kind comments.

Special thanks to all who fave my work.


Explored: Nov. 12, 2012 # 251

Elements: Itkupilli Imagenarium, TFS and Dkerhof @ Mischief Circus.

Life takes you to unexpected places,

Love brings you home...♥


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Back home after a lovely week away in Anglesey with friends. I took the dog out on our normal walk :) After a week of chasing seagulls, it was back to terrorising squirrels!!!

The setting sun was shining up through a draw and into this finger of fog.

I saw this scenery at the end of my run and had to make a dash home for my camera...

Thankfully, the fog hadn't dissipated.

Prairie Home Needs a New Porch

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Explored Nov 14, 2009


No group invitation, please!


Houston hibiscus from our frontyard.


Thanks for all your support, my dear friends!

Спасибо за поддержку, мои дорогие друзья!

Created for the "Home Sweet Home" challenge at Vivid...check it out!

Kansas, U.S.A. Rural home away from the hustle and bustle of city life.... The moon is barely peeking in on the right side.

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