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Pudding is a cat. Asleep at the Kitty Café, Leeds, West Yorkshire. A visit is highly recommended. Cute cats, good food, happy people.

Everybody is up at the ocean end butt I liked the trees and the bike path bridge :-)

The Pudding Creek Trestle was made during construction of the Ten Mile Railroad in 1915 which brought wood from a logging area 10 miles North down into the town proper. In order to cross Pudding Creek the Trestle was built and it was used until 1949. The bridge itself is 527 feet long and 44 feet high with 34 uprights in it.

Pudding taking it easy.

Hope everyone has a great week end.

HMM (possibility)...the theme for macromondays for 5/13 is "a spoonful" and one must stay within the parameters of size while still showing at least a portion of the bowl of the spoon and the contents. if i decide to go with this one, i may crop it down just a little, although it is under 3 inches in all directions. the theme's explanation can be found here:


when i spotted this tray of bead pudding, i was immediately transported back to a memory of my dad who had this story/joke that he never really finished telling because it would crack him up every time he tried ~grin~


ANSH scavenger14 "In the centre"

With Trenitalia taking an involvement in the running of the WCML from today I find it apt to post something featuring their other UK operation - c2c. The chosen example is 357020 passing Pudding Mill Lane DLR station with 9B09 from SHoeburyness to Liverpool St via Barking & Stratford.


Trenitalia has been the operator of the c2c franchise since 2017 - managing the day-to-day running of services between London Fenchurch St and Shoeburyness. They claim to be one of the UK's most punctual and popular train services and boast about their award winning status on their website.


Trenitalia is the passenger rail arm of the Italian state operator - FS Italiane. They were brought into the First group West Coast bid as the specification demanded an operator with high speed rail experience, which they have gained through the Frecciarossa network in Italy.


They seem to be getting on fine with this operation, but the West Coast Main Line is in a totally different league in comparison. As a common user of the WCML route I can only hope they are a success and maintain - or improve upon - the high level of service provided by the Virgin group.

We took both Pudding and Shadow with us on an afternoon jaunt to the seaside town of Tamsui to enjoy the sunset with us. We had a good time but they were really scared.

Pudding in the bird bath. Pudding when he first came to me

....pease pudding cold, pease pudding in the pot nine days old.

52 in 2016 # 10 Food & 116 in 2016 # 82 Illustrate a Nursery Rhyme


We love pease pudding but I cook it in the oven rather than boil it in a pan. When I do cook a stew in a pan, if there is some left over I add to it for the next day to use it up. It is easy to see how if one was very poor this could get added to for over a week.

For those of you who don't know, pease pudding is made by stewing up yellow split peas, and is a good cheap protein alternative to meat. When people are/were poor, this and similar food is what they use/used instead of meat or to add to meat to make it go further in large families. Vegetarians can use this for protein of course. We should all get back to basic cooking, cheaper and healthier.

One of two in the gardens at Montacute House, Somerset.


Favoured dinner guests were often asked to retire to one of the pudding houses, which offered extensive views over the parkland, for the third course of fruits, sweetmeats, quince, jelly and sweet spiced wine. (Ref: National Trust)


Thanks to Lenabem-Anna

for the texture.

Pudding climbed the tree tentatively but poked his head out between the branches to see if I was near. He really likes the park but he is afraid of leaving the apartment.

Our newest family member!





In a trowel......... Mind, the restaurant was called "The Botanist"

Being The Adventures of Bunyip Bluegum and his friends Bill Barnacle and Sam Sawnoff is an Australian children's book written and illustrated by Norman Lindsay. It is a comic fantasy, and a classic of Australian children's literature.

The story is set in Australia with humans mixing with anthropomorphic animals. It tells of a magic pudding which, no matter how often it is eaten, always reforms in order to be eaten again. It is owned by three companions who must defend it against Pudding Thieves who want it for themselves.

The book is divided into four "slices" instead of chapters. There are many short songs interspersed throughout the text, varying from stories told in rhyme to descriptions of a character's mood or behaviour, and verses of an ongoing sea song. (from Wikipedia)

Warm Bread Pudding in Caramel sauce

Sticky Toffee Pudding from The Catch Kitchen and Bar, in Steveston, BC

Another one of my favourite shops, and their baked Christmas goods looked (and tasted) outstanding.

I decided to try a chocolate version of my Lemon Souffle Pudding Cake tonight .

Pears in our garden. Almost ripe.


And ... a new camera for my birthday!!

Jamie Italian Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand


Tom Pudding was the name given to the tub boats on the Aire and Calder Navigation. The name derives from their resemblance to a string of black puddings or perhaps Yorkshire puddings and the first name of original constructor.

On reaching the docks, the boats were lifted by large hydraulic hoists, from which they could be discharged directly into seagoing ships, a system which proved so successful that it competed against rail until 1985.

For further details

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Winter has come. The cats are cold. They cuddle under the blankets to stay warm. Love these cats so much. They bring so much joy to so many.

Carin in my back yard on the patio.

Our Pudding Looking out of the guardrails to see what is out there. Brave boy. We are on the fourth floor. He probably won't jump.

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