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Protesting the new Flickr Format


Crazy Leaves Texture by HollyKl:

Surawardi Uddan

Dhaka, Bangladesh


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by the Icelandic parlament in Reykjavík. 1.okt 2011


( ljóðmynd nr. 121 )

Protest for the Burnt Forests 08/07/07




The mount Parnitha was burned....and it was one of the few remaining forest in Attica. There was a lot of talk about how fast the fire department reacted to the fire, why there arent more fire forces and about how the fire first begun...also people are wondering what will happen with the burnt land...and fear that its going to turn into real estate.

So there was a protest in front of the parliament last sunday...and this is a photo of a "mountza" which is a typical greek gesture showing anger and frustration....its followed with the words "Parta re" or "Na!"...and its typically used while driving..

Danes demonstrating against fracking.

there was a protest on the iraq war in front of the rockefeller center. this is one of my favorite images in the lot. i love the tired and sad expression on the man's face, the stillness of his body vs. the blurred movement in the background & the red paint on his palms.

Joining the protest on this Sliders Sunday HSS!

tess does this every now and then to protest the gentle leader, but i always win.

lomo 5.4.06



Recently Flickr did a remodel of the site and it was VERY poorly done. I am hoping to get at least 10,000 signatures to turn into Marissa Mayer. Please share this with all your friends! We need this to go viral.


That's why I signed a petition to Marissa Mayer, CEO, which says:


"We ask you to please change Flickr back to its old style. The new style is incredibly poorly done and we had no chance to opt out or even pick between the new and old style."


Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:



Bhai RP Singh from Akhand Kirtani Jatha giving speech at the Protest March against Bhai Rajoana's Hanging..!!

Woman fighting for life after setting herself on fire near presidency building in Bulgaria

cpe protest, march 2006

Final result of the style tests before.... Child protest ;)


Strobist info:

On all the models two YN560 full power through umbrella left of the camera. One on the front of the model, the other on on the back.

One YN560 full power on the right side of the camera, also behind the models.


Triggered with RF-602

protest in Tel Aviv


A protest against the Liberal government's plans to create and East-West road link. A liberal party "fundraising" dinner was taking place at the Ritz Ballroom.


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Free Tibet Protest against Olympic Torch London 2008




Ljóðmynd nr. 179

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happening against the abolition of night lines in prague

Reached #75 on Explore, September 26, 2010

Protest against the new government dwindles through the country of Colombia as Brazil gains full control of the country.




For LMG.


Holy crap. This got explored.

First Nations protest (with mostly non-indigenous participants, by the looks of things) in advance of the G20 conference in Toronto.

D200 passes Ribblehead station with a return charter from Carlisle on the 8th March 1986. The train had been hauled north by steam loco 5305 and conveyed West Yorkshire councillors protesting at the closure proposals for the S & C.


Medical students stage a "Die-In" to protest racism, mistreatment and disparities. Many more pictures from around the country can be found on twitter:


Bangladeshi people gather for a protest demanding death penalty for Jamaat-e-Islami leader Abdul Quader Mollah in Chittagong Press Club.

The leader of Bangladesh's largest Islamic party was Tuesday convicted and sentenced to life in prison in a series of killings during the country's 1971 independence war.


Press Club,Chittagong.

AIM leader vernon foster camps in ward valley where a nuclear waste facility was propsed for the pristine valley in the far eastern mojave desert. the project was to sit above an aquifer for the colorado river just 40 miles away. indians from all over came for the peaceful protest which pitted native americans against federal agents. science was on the side of the indians as incidences of leakage of nuclear waste in other sites had been confirmed.


one of the symbols of the protest was the american flag flown upside down.


the battle to protect the desert continues.







this image was a pain to process. it was shot with that garbage camera the kodak nc2000. when the battery got low or the cards got old - i don't remember —an ugly, dirty yellow stripe would run from top to bottom. trying to get rid of it is almost impossible. thus, fancy Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 "pinhole" filter was just about the only thing that would obscure the stripe - along with some boring and boring cloning and layer masks.





>>>>>"No Ward Valley Nuclear Waste Dump" Legislation Signed by California Governor! Victory for Environmental Justice!


In a victory for health, environmental justice and Native American rights, California Governor Gray Davis has signed Assembly Bill 2214 (sponsored by Assemblyman Fred Keeley) which prohibits the use of Ward Valley for a nuclear waste facility. The nuclear industry and the state of California had fought for years to site a nuclear waste dump at Ward Valley. If it had been approved, highly radioactive and long-lived radioactive waste from nuclear power plants would have been dumped in unlined dirt trenches above an aquifer with pathways to the Colorado River, drinking and agricultural water for over 20 million people. Ward Valley is also sacred land to the Native peoples who have lived in the area since time immemorial.


In 1998, the Colorado River Native Nations Alliance (Ft. Mojave, Chemehuevi, Quechan, Cocopah and Colorado River Indian Tribes), Greenaction and many other organizations and individuals joined together in an historic 113 day nonviolent direct action and occupation of the proposed dump site that physically prevented federal police from entering Ward Valley to begin tests for the dump.


The signing of AB 2214 by Governor Davis should forever prevent the beautiful and sacred area known as Ward Valley from being a nuclear dumping ground."<<<<


now the area is under threat from "green" engery development.

cpe protest, march 2006

Protest, 2011

Ink and Acrylic on Paper

8.5 x 11 inches

PARIS-. Manifestations contre le projet de réforme des retraites...


PARIS-. Strikes and protests follow adoption of pension reform ...

Strikes and protests against pension reform after the lower house of parliament gave final approval to a controversial bill that raises the legal retirement age from 60 to 62. ...


On Black


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Protest against the new government dwindles through the country of Colombia as Brazil gains full control of the country.




For LMG.

Flickr - your changes are always forced upon us. You ask for feedback, but never seem to listen when we tell you how much we hate it. The last few changes have not been for the better, and this next one will be no different.


It is clear that those who make these changes are not part of the Flickr community and have no idea of what it is all about, the posting, the comments, the groups, the friends we make and contacts we follow, the enjoyment of sharing. For all their smarts they remain clueless, and just make us miserable with the changes they call improvement.


And shame on you Flickr for allowing it!


For once I'd like to be proven wrong, and find out that you will listen and stop these drastic changes that no one is asking for.



Will you sign this petition to change Flickr back to its old style? Click here:




Boy demonstrating against fracking in front of the Danish parliament.

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