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Butler JCFA theater department's The Priest and the Prostitute November 1, 2011.


Polaroid Prostitute

You are not defined by your fading photographs.

Your personality does not have a white frame.

You are a Polaroid prostitute.


Wearing [Sexy Princess] - Envy Black bodystocking for Maitreya


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would you stop your car if you saw me? How much would you offer me? Can you even afford a girl like me?


Video coming to my youtube channel soon =)

Japanese prostitute style

- out fit -

*:..Silvery K..:*Slip-on Kimono



- pose -

wear-andika[catharsis03]bento posepack


Event @Re:Japonica


credit @kyoka-style


- other outfit -

[Ay] HODOKE_Sarashi_ShortLeft_Wagara001


Hana Mursi,south Ethiopia, in the only "hotel" available. In fact a brothel. As thousands of workers are sent in the Omo area by governments for giant plantations, prostitutes are also coming, and start to transmit AIDS and hepatitis to the local tribes. I met a local doctor who has started to test the tribes, and the first results are catastrophic... As the tribes still make scarifications as body decorations, sharing used razor blades, you can imagine what happens.

Miss Saganash , on the picture asks 20 us dollars for a night, or 5 us dollars for 15 minutes.


© Eric Lafforgue

A hostess from Cyrcee Club in Street 49 leads the way upstairs in a short time hotel located nearby in the same street.

Inspired by the "lady" who had a "point" in front of my house.... I didn't see her anymore....


--> that isn't a crime in Brazil! <----


very subliminar picture.... O.o

She stands on the street corners,

because it's her home now.

Under the bright lamp, her eyes have lost their glow.

They have dimmed.

But she's alert.. on the inside, at least.

Her heart skips a beat everytime a car slows down near,

Because maybe.. just maybe, it'll mean she'll have dinner for that night.

and then it'll be a few hours,

maybe even a few more days,

until she has to do it again.

It fills her mind with such shame and disgust,

putting a price on her body,

just to keep going.

Immoral, wrong, shameful.

Jesus, surely, would never approve.

But does she follow Jesus,

Or quit Him,

simply to relish in his precious gift

of Life?


In the US, the average age of entry into prostitution is 13.

In September, Governor David Paterson signed into law the Safe Harbor for Exploited Youth Act, which is intended to stop the practice of charging sexually exploited children as criminals.


Problem is, the law doesn't go into effect until 2010.

Until then, New York will continue to charge child prostitutes under the age of 16 as criminals, rather than treating them as victims. Boys and girls as young as 12 who are charged with prostitution are often sent to juvenile detention centers.

Their entry in the profession is often running away from an abusive home or being kidnapped. The average age of entry into the commercial sex industry is now 11-12 years old. According to a 2007 report from the NY State Office of Children and Family Services, more than 2,200 children are victimized through commercial sexual exploitation in New York City.

These stats made me cry.


{ #2 in Destruction of Innocence series. YES, I am wearing heavy make-up, i.e. red lipstick, and I tried to achieve the streaks of mascara look }

They sell their company to make others feel loved for as long as what they can pay... and the dignity of their hard job is priceless and they should always be respected and thanked for it...


Who said it was all easy?


View On Black


Prostitutes on a street of Palma de Majorca,


Looking Down "Skinny Alley" towards the Booths from which the Prostitutes Ply their trade in Amsterdam's Red Light District

handmade, scissor n´glue collage. may, 2015

Prostitute Ettie Sultana worked in northern New South Wales and in the Queensland cities of Brisbane and Toowoomba for most of her career. She had multiple convictions for prostitution, theft, drunkenness, swearing and vagrancy. She was sentenced to six months with hard labour. Charged with: soliciting, attempt to prevent the course of justice, stealing, drunk, obscene expression, common prostitute, vagrancy and drunkenness. DOB: 31/12/1885. From: Singleton. Occupation: domestic duties.

Love scene in Doramundo, directed by João Batista de Andrade in 1978.

Very Popular Heroine In South Indian Film Industry

Cynthia, forty six, starting working as a prostitute at the age of thirteen. She turned to the streets after battling her single mother in Brooklyn. "I didn't want to listen to her. She didn't give me any time." Cynthia is now the mother of fifteen children, eleven of whom are still alive. Her "baby" is sixteen, her oldest child thirty.


We talked about the child prostitutes in Hunts Point now. She told me "Hunts Point isn't what it used to be, when the girls would stick together. Then came crack and heroin, that fucked up everything. A girl out there at that age. She got no choice. It ain't right."


Cynthia was strung out, agitated and slurring. When I asked her how she wanted to be described she looked me in the eye, thought for a second, then said "An honest person. Thats what I am. An honest person."


More on Addiction: Faces of Addiction

আগার তাহার বিভীষিকাভরা, জীবন মরণময়!

সমাজের বুকে অভিশাপ সে যে – সে যে ব্যাধি, সে যে ক্ষয়;

প্রেমের পসরা ভেঙে ফেলে দিয়ে ছলনার কারাগারে

রচিয়াছে সে যে, দিনের আলোয় রুদ্ধ ক’রেছে দ্বার!

সূর্যকিরণ চকিতে নিভায়ে সাজিয়াছে নিশাচর,

কালনাগিনীর ফনার মতন নাচে সে বুকের পর!

চক্ষে তাহার কালকুট ঝরে, বিষপঙ্কিল শ্বাস,

সারাটি জীবন মরীচিকা তার প্রহসন-পরিহাস!

ছোঁয়াচে তাহার ম্লান হয়ে যায় শশীতারকার শিখা,

আলোকের পারে নেমে আসে তার আঁধারের যবনিকা!

সে যে মন্বন্তর, মৃত্যুর দূত, অপঘাত, মহামারী-

মানুষ তবু সে, তার চেয়ে বড় – সে যে নারী, সে যে নারী!

-জীবনানন্দ দাশ।


MTN (spray paint) + Posca, MTN (paint-marker) on MDF (eucatex) (Total: 65 x 54 cm / 25.5"x 21.2" Info:



This is a first black and white finished version of an old sketch. I'm rescuing my artwork from 1980-1990 and I came across a drawing from the early 1990's that I call "the weeping prostitute". On those days I used to rove alone the night of Rio just to find some girl to talk. No money, no car, no friends. But at the end of the night, sometimes one of the nightclubs ended opening its door for everyone. And I saw these three girls saying goodbye one to another. The one who was weeping, grabbed a drink and with her eyes full of tears stammered:

"Well… From here to eternity…"

The other one who was comforting her, hugged her with affection and said:

"I will never forget you".

The scene was powerfull. At that moment, I was living at the margins of society as a "rejected weirdo", but it made me able to testify the affection hidden inside the "immorality".

The first person to hear my spiritual story was a stunning girl that I met while she was finishing her pole dancing session. =)



Esta é uma primeira versão final preto e branco de um velho esboço. Estou resgatando o meu trabalho dos anos 1980-1990 e me deparei com um desenho do início de 1990 que chamava de "a prostituta chorando". Naqueles dias, eu costumava perambular sozinho na noite do Rio só para encontrar uma garota para conversar. Sem dinheiro, sem carro, sem amigos. Mas no final da noite, às vezes um dos inferninhos acabava abrindo suas portas para todos. E eu vi essas três garotas se despedindo. A garota que estava chorando, pegou uma bebida e com os olhos cheios de lágrimas balbuciou:

"Bem ... Daqui até a eternidade ..."

A outra, que a consolava, abraçou-a com carinho e disse:

"Eu nunca vou te esquecer".

A cena me impressiou demais. Agora que eu estava à margem da sociedade por ter me tornado um "esquisitão rejeitado", eu era capaz de testemunhar a afeição escondida dentro da "imoralidade".

A primeira pessoa a ouvir a minha história espiritual foi uma linda garota que conheci quando ela finalizava a sua sessão de pole dancing. =)

Reidar Aulie (1904-1977). The brothel (1933). Occasionally on display at KODE, Art Museums of Bergen.





OIRAN (花魁) were high-class courtesan or prostitute in the Yoshiwara pleasure district of Edo (Tokyo). The word "Oiran" consists of two kanji 花 meaning "flower", and 魁 meaning "leader" or "first."Arose in the Edo period, 1600 - 1868 and offering all manner of entertainments. Among the oiran, the tayuu (太夫 or 大夫) was considered the highest rank of courtesan, and were considered suitable for the daimyo (most powerful feudal rulers). Only the wealthiest and highest ranking could hope to patronize them.


The rise of the GEISHA ended the era of the OIRAN. The last recorded oiran was in 1761.


The Brief Description of Oiran




no rules, no limitations, no boundaries it's like an art™


© All Rights Reserved by ajpscs

Butler JCFA theater department's The Priest and the Prostitute November 1, 2011.


we are all prostitutes


Prostitution is the act or practice of engaging in sex acts for hire. In most cultures, prostitution is viewed as a deviant profession, either discouraged or illegal; however, motivations vary from the implications of those potentially exposed to that activity to whether it constitutes or not an exploitative practice. The word "prostitution" can also be used metaphorically to mean debasement or working towards an unworthy cause


She needs her huge doggy protector

One of my, ahem, friends ;-) commented on my last photo it would be different from my 'normal' space-prostitute look.


Enjoy Gabriela in her red prostitute spacesuit, brought to you by Galaxy Entertainment Inc.

The Vulcan hotel in St Bathans apparently the most haunted drinking hole in New Zealand, ive given it some ghostly processing treatment, unfortunately we saw no ghosts, in fact we didnt even know it was haunted until a couple of days after when it appeared on an article on the tv news.


Gold Rush Past


St. Bathans was not always the miniscule dot on the map it is now – with a permanent population of only six. In the late 1800s it was a bustling town of 2000 caught up in the gold rush fever gripping the region. During its heyday, it could perhaps more accurately have been described as spirited rather than spirit-infested. After all, wherever gold was discovered, vice and corruption usually followed, and at one point St. Bathans boasted over a dozen pubs – as well as numerous dance halls and brothels. It was a boom town where a small nugget of gold could buy a miner big night out. And it is at this point the ghost story of St. Bathans really begins.


Tragic Murder of a Prostitute


In the early 1880s an itinerant prostitute known only as the Rose ventured into town, one of a seemingly endless stream of young ladies lured to the minefields with hopes of finding a better life. She worked the dance halls and rented a room at the Vulcan Hotel. A gifted singer, her dulcet tones were claimed to have drawn her no shortage of fans and eager clients. But one evening the Rose invited the wrong customer back to her room. Her body was found the next morning on the bed where she made her miserable living. She had been raped, robbed and strangled to death. Her killer was never caught.


Gold mining eventually came to a halt in the 1930s, when the deep open mine situated beside the town of St. Bathans had been dug so deeply the main street was in danger of sliding in. The township shrank rapidly; the Vulcan being the only hotel to survive. Today its most infamous inhabitant is the Rose. And if reports are true, she likes to make her presence known.


Ghostly Activity


Inside the Vulcan Hotel hallways groan, kettles boil over without being turned on and doors are known to lock themselves. The apparition of the Rose has been sighted by staff members and tourists alike – usually reclining on a chaise longue in the Vulcan’s formal dining room.


According to stories the spirit of the Rose seems to have a vengeful quality – especially where members of the male gender are concerned. This phenomenon especially manifests itself in the front corner room where she was killed. Apparently one of her favourite tricks is to climb atop a male guest sleeping in the bed and throttle him until he wakes up – often finding himself sporting bruises and scratches. Such occurrences have been reported by visitors to the hotel as varied as an archaeologist, a singer in a rock band and a television producer.


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Love a crispy, cold and sunny winter morning.

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