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round and round

[and from sean, alternate "the cow jumped over the moon", thank you sir. I can see that]


cyanotype play


it's cloudy today, but yesterday we had sun.


the website


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I just took a ride

in a silver machine

and I'm still feeling mean

I got a silver machine

Do you want to ride

see yourself going by

other side of the sky

Well I got a silver machine

It flies sideways through time

It's an electric line

To your Zodiac sign

It flies out of a dream

It's anti-septically clean

You're gonna know where I've been

In my silver machine


"Silver Machine' - Hawkwind


Absolutely no PhotoShop was used in the making of this photo!

Folks....This is real !!!


I had the pleasure of shooting this wonderful baby and her parents last night. She had the sweetest little disposition, and let us do just about anything with her! Such fun!

To get a clue - please see previous image...:-))


Most definitely TIME for a creative break!!!!! See you soon!


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Bear proof cabin near Nanugvik


*Manual, sunny, ISO 100, 1/100 @ f/4.0

Baby Addison Newborn Session '14

I had the pleasure of photographing this precious baby today...her eyes are so huge and telling...she ALSO seems to look straight into my soul!




Yay! Explored #138!! Thank you!!

Everything prepared for tasting in the PUNI Distillery

Milkweed seeds...............from very late in the season. I thought that my little section of "wilderness" (usually called the side yard) didn't have any of this plant this year. But one small collection of "fliers" turned up when they seem to have vanished everywhere else. So I made a point of getting close on a recent sunny day.

Don't ask me how I managed this but this shot taken this morning clearly shows forestation on the moon!

I think it is back to the drawing board .......I just can't get these right :-(

This is what you'll get during photoshoot - fusion of fun & satisfaction.


Have a Great Day to all My Flickr Friends.

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Impressions from Spielmannsau / Bavaria.


Captured with a Nikon Df and a manual Nikkor Ai 24mm ƒ1:2, post processed in Lightroom using VSCO Film.


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