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Happy Easter and HSS! - 3/31/13


Added a little orton effect and a couple of my own textures

PA turquoise/aqua I can't get enough of this color. You can see the table this is resting on is also this blue. After we spray painted it from its original black, it was all I could do, not to go crazy, painting more and more.

Texture frame by Kim Klassen

I took this in August when I was home visiting my mom and brother. We were sitting on my brother's back deck having a BBQ when the sky turned this amazing colour :)

definitely bling in its day. my sons 61 Cadillac... he loves it.

Taken for Prompt Addicts: Right Outside My Door

And, since it's my best slide of the week, submitted to Sliders Sunday - HSS!

Christmas Morning Tree Bokeh

Another of my pumpkin finds from Trader Joe's - delicious!!!



Kim Klassen's Friday Finds

weekly-1562013 - Fall Color

PA - Everyday Things

ODC - Everyday Object - I use the doorknob and bed everyday, not the bottle of flowers, though, lol. ;)

Be Still 52 - Hanging Bottles


ODT - (Extra)-ordinary

For a few months Eric & I also socialized young stray kittens for Stichting Zwerfkatten ((a foundation that cares for the stray-cats that live in Rotterdam).


This little grey baby was one of them. We called her Muis (Mouse) because she was so scared at first, and because of her beautiful blue grey color.


We enjoyed it very much giving these babies a home for a few weeks. In the end we stopped because it was too hard to say goodbye every time our babies were ready for a new home.


Wow! This shot is mentioned in Explore. Great honor. Thank you!!


Find more animal photography on

Added to Prompt Addicts for week of July 15

...sunbathing by the frog pond!!

For Prompt Addicts theme - Macro


ODT - Emerge

Thanks to Kim Klassen for the texture used here.


Linking to Kim Klassen's Friday Finds... I picked up this little bottle on a trip through Michael's this week - just couldn't resist that long narrow form. The flowers are a remnant from my Christmas dining room bouquet. Mother Nature provided the snowy background - wasn't that nice of her?


Back to basics for me this week - just some texture, text, and a spatter frame for Sliders Sunday. HSS

Yes! At last the rain has stopped here in Aberdeenshire. Many roads are still impassable - fields are like lakes - and some roads and bridges have been damaged or washed away. Many homes flooded and and power cuts too. The rain has changed to a deep freeze tonight, with ice and a promise of snow to come. It is an 'interesting' start to the year!. We have surpassed the highest ever recorded rainfall for the whole month ... I wonder what delights are still in store!

My own background texture


PA - foreground and background


The chrysanthemum shot was taken last March, and the raindrops are more elegant than the pounding soaking that has marked this month ;o)

I thought it was interesting in having a flattened effect where foreground and background are roughly equal in visual impact.


My PA set here: Prompt Addicts set


My Chrysanthemum set: Chrysanthemums

Paid a visit to Strawbery Banke, an outdoor history museum, in Portsmouth NH today. More info here:


Frame texture thanks to Kim Klassen

oh, the wonders of hoarfrost

dangling delicately and delightfully

from sleeping lilac seeds


prompt addicts . the little things

PA - In Between

Textural Tuesday


A creamy white rose caught between the late sunshine and the encroaching shadows.


My Textural Tuesday set here: Elisa Textural Tuesday

My PA set here: Prompt Addicts set

My rose set: Elisa Roses Set


PA Faceless Selfie

and HTT ;o)


When I'm not photographing flowers, I'm growing them. I bring small pots of flowers home from the supermarket or garden centre - and fill the house with colour and texture through the dark, drab days of winter.


Thanks to Birgitta Sjöstedt for her Texture blue with lace


My PA set here: Prompt Addicts set

My Textural Tuesday set here: Elisa Textural Tuesday

My Textured set here: Elisa Textured set


My Cyclamen set: Cyclamen set

and for PA- Shapes

and Textural Tuesday


I'm collecting an album of Simple Pleasures to celebrate the ordinary things that I take for granted - and might overlook and not think to photograph.

I thought of Cezanne when I started looking closely at pears. They are such beautiful shapes - and a seasonal fruit that I've had growing in my garden most of my life.


textures my own and many thanks to Terry Pellmar for his texture T1


My PA set here: Prompt Addicts set

My Textural Tuesday set here: Elisa Textural Tuesday

My Food and drink set: Food and Drink


NOW YOU: Backstory


I guess I would say I am a light seeker when it comes to my photography. But my light seeking usually involves full on light - shooting directly into the sun or being where the light just washes over my subject. I don't really play in the shadows much. So I thought that would be a good place to start today.


PA: Black & White


Thanks for all your comments and making this to EXPLORE!

An excuse to indulge myself - I just couldn't resist it!

A very early memory as a wee child was my mum taking me to the cake shop for a rare treat, a cake of my own choosing! Gazing through the shop window I fell in love with the meringue - and have been in love with with the heavenly blend of egg whites and sugar ever since.

Shot here with a garnish of raspberries - to give the illusion that there is something 'healthy' about meringues, when really it is the feather-light white that draws me ;o)


For Prompt Addicts - Guilty Pleasures


My Textured set here: Elisa Textured set

My PA set here: Prompt Addicts set

My Food and drink set: Food and Drink

I started to look at this shot for more creative pp possibilities and I'm sure I'll find a way to be more artistiic with it, but I have to admit that I really like the way this basic plume moves through the frame.

ODC - What Kind of Photography (choose our favorite photography to do) - mine is closeup, macro, food, detail, but I enjoy all sorts of photography - whatever is available will do nicely!

Be Still 52 - Milk and Cookies

assignment52-372014 - Artistic Scavenger Hunt - Yummy - Truly, I could also have used this as Today I.... cheated on my diet, but it was just a little cheat, so we won't go there, lol!!! ;D

PA - Curves

PA - Quiet moments

Tree-mendous Tuesday


Taken at Fyvie Castle Gardens. The walk around the small loch in the grounds of the castle is a wonderful way to relax and steal some quiet time.

Thanks for the texture Calendula from Betty Jo

My first 'Prompt Addicts' post ;o)


My Textured set here: Elisa Textured set

My Fyvie Castle set is here: Elisa Fyvie Castle

My Tree group set is here: Elisa Tree Group


PA - Minimalism


ODT - On my grocery list - fresh fruit!

dusted brownie squares made into triangles ~ i think i am crazed with this right angle thing ... ; )


cropped it skinny so we won't feel badly eating them all : )


. . .


prompt addicts . right angles

Happy Valentine's Day to all my Flickr friends!


Taken for:

Assignment52-072013 - Creating Mood with Color

Weekly-1222013 - Valentines

Prompt Addicts - Valentine

Totally Texture Tuesday - TTT


Thanks to Kim Klassen for the texture Cora from her Downton collection

ODC - In the Sky - Well, it WAS in the sky a few minutes ago!


The deck furniture I put out this week is being washed by today's rains.

Playing with creative use of selected tone curves and cross processing for Kim Klassen's Start to Finish class - waaaaaay outside my comfort zone!!!



s2f - Week 3-4

Prompt Addicts - 7-in-7 theme fresh

If you're fond of sand dunes and salty air

Quaint little villages here and there

You're sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod


If you like the taste of a lobster stew

Served by a window with an ocean view

You're sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod


Winding roads that seem to beckon you

Miles of green beneath a sky of blue

Church bells chimin' on a Sunday morn

Remind you of the town where you were born


If you spend an evening you'll want to stay

Watching the moonlight on Cape Cod Bay

You're sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod


Old Cape Cod lyrics - Patti Page


Thanks to Kim Klassen for the textures used here


For the Poetography theme - Old

A perfect theme for me this week, as I'm vacationing at an old fashioned seaside resort on... you guessed it... Cape Cod.


Added to Prompt Addicts theme - Where in the World....

PA - Summer in B&W

Sliders Sunday - HSS everyone!

It is very rare or almost impossible that an event can be negative from all points of view. therefore, it is useful when something happens to try to look at it from different angles and then you can see the positive or beneficial aspects.

~ dalai lama


. . .


prompt addicts . negative space

PA: negative space

plus Beyond Layers: less is more. I used kk's beige canvas after converting to b&w and doing one minor adjustment in Lightroom.


Credit: model's name is Pearl.


PA - Sparkle


Yes! It's that time again! The Christmas decorations are offering a festive sparkle to brighten the winter nights.


My PA set here: Prompt Addicts set

My Everyday Things set is here: Elisa Everyday Things

For the Macro Mondays challenge (Feb 15th 2016) "Hearts"

PA - Hearts

And a belated Valentine's Day too ;o)


A single silver earring, hand-crafted by my talented friend Laurie. It was one of the first things she made when she began learning the art of metalsmithing! She is now an accomplished metalsmith, working in silver, copper and bronze. See some of her more recent work here: The Adventurous Silversmith


Background texture - my own


My 2016 Macro Mondays set: 2016 Macro Mondays

My PA set here: Prompt Addicts set

So I brought this out of the archives especially for the lovelies at prompt addicts.


I'm really enjoying citrus lately

and even doing the occasional blog post!


it was such a brilliantly bright day today ~ lots of 'diamonds' in the snowy canola stubble


For the Macro Mondays challenge (April 25th 2016) "One of These Things is NOT Like the Others"


PA - Shapes


I'm not familiar with Sesame Street - which I am told is the source for this week's challenge - but the idea of this learning game is very familiar. I know it as "Odd One Out" or "Odd Man Out". Good fun and a sweet way to learn ;o)

The bowl of the spoon is about 3cm across - establishing shot of the spoon in the first comment field


My 2016 Macro Mondays set: 2016 Macro Mondays

My PA set here: Prompt Addicts set

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