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A neighbours daughter poses shortly before being taken to her Prom Night at school.

Day 246


Yesterday was my senior prom! It was amazing, I had so much fun and I felt like some sort of princess in my dress :) I took this photo in the limo on the way there. I was planning on taking the city bus with Yasmin, but a few days ago my Gramma decided that I was going to be murdered if I did, so she arranged for a limo just to take the two of us there :P I'm glad she did because my french teacher, (who is very aware of my love affair with balloons), told me that all the balloons were a free for all at the end of the night. Guess who took twenty of them and the letter M in prom?! The limo driver loved me. It took three people to stuff them all in.


Also: There was a photobooth run by the amazing Morgan of Morgan Piironen Photography. THEY HAD STICK ON MOUSTACHES. Naturally, I took one for myself and one for my camera.


I took hundreds of photos, but I chose to edit+upload this one first because it pretty much sums up the whole night AAAND my entire life. There are so many freaking amazing things to see and experience, from the big milestones like PROM to the more simple things like getting up early to watch the sunrise. I have an incredible childlike wonder and appreciation for beautiful things that I hope I will never ever lose sight of.


Sooo: Prom 2014, you were amazing, thanks for having me ;) Shout out to Mrs. LP for making an appearance and Bianca for dancing the ENTIRE night. You are both awesome. :*


Gown made-one of a kind. Satin, sheer and chains used in construction of gown.

Never too early to start dreaming of the Prom. I walked by an alley with a basement warehouse that had a garage sale sign in front of it. Filled with gowns.

The 2011 prom dress attracts people's attention by being fully boned and lined with unbeatable quality and stylish design.

My daughters Prom 2017, with two of her best friends :)

This is a selection of images from my daughters Prom evening, I am so extremely proud of her xx

VIP studio shots before 2007 prom.

My son went to his high school prom this week and of course I had to take a few shots of the momentous event. Here's the girls comparing shoes.

dream prom dress for high school prom 2014 this dress looks like a cinderella dress and its only $199

Yesterday was Prom.

Here's me. At the restuarant. Gojo's. A cool Japanese resturant. They cook in front of you. The chef was like...are you high? to everyone. He was elvis. heheh...

just a silly photo..


I didnt get queen. Oh well. I have to admit I was a bit upset, I cried a bit. Not neccesarily because I lost, but because of teh big deal everyone made about it. I was shocked even to be up there...then everybody kept telling me, "oh I know you got Queen." I kept saying no you dont...but yea. I knew I was going to set myself up for disapointment as always...and I did. But life goes on...


I love the outfit though. My mom made the dress....


an old hollywood kind of feel, dont ya think?

Digging back into the archives, this is from a photo shoot the day of the high school prom here in Macomb, Illinois in 2015.




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my little sister and her date for prom.

Shot a couple photos for prom, Also in a few.

Shot a couple photos for prom, Also in a few.

Shot a couple photos for prom, Also in a few.

dejanskipina | photographer | :copyright:2017

I didn't want anything to do with my Senior prom, so in the end, my close man love friend, Parker, invited me to his. :)



Shot a couple photos for prom, Also in a few.

Its almost Prom time girls !!

Shot a couple photos for prom, Also in a few.

Shot a couple photos for prom, Also in a few.

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