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The Kawaii Project runs from November 10th till December 15th. There are an incredible amount of adorable creations, a few of which I am featuring on my blog today. [read more...]



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Tune of the day ▸

Terraform this barren planet

Frozen at the core (wasting away endlessly)

Reviving and awaking

Something worth fighting for (awakening)

Alive and starting to breathe

Collide with eternity

The light glowing underneath

Ignite a cleansing fire


When the ashes start to fade

Synthetics will replicate

From the fabric of time and space

Elements forged and replaced


Reality Starts to Fade


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New at Kawaii Project event opening 4-6


⌑ Eru Skin For Lelutka Evolution

- Includes Brows - Browless

- Includes 2 eyeliners

- Includes 4 freckles options


⌑ Full Face Freckles - Genus & Lelutka Evolution BoM

- 3 presets of both Soft & Harsh options

- Tintable soft & Tintable Harsh


Taxi to event (Opens 4th of June):

Project Flickr


Wasn't it nice that my new neighbors decided to replace their drive way when I needed a big and bold picture?

For Kawaii-Project I have made a Vitiligo Applier


Face + Body is Included in the packs:

BoM only pack (Includes lelutka Evolution also)

Applier pack (Includes lelutka Evolution also)


Tintable + 100% and soft options.




♡Inworld Store




For Kawaii-Project I have made a korean themed Genus-skin; Ayu


She comes with Brow - No brow options.

She comes with a body applier included.

Legacy - Maitreya - BoM - Omega

Tintable brows also included.

2x Eyeliner Included.

4x Freckles options Included.




♡Inworld Store




Shadows of passengers on the upper deck of Hurtigruten's MS Midnatsol projected by the crepuscule sun on the pier of Stamsund, Vestvågøy in the Lofoten Islands. Nordland, Norway.

68° 08' N 13° 51' E

Credits & info @

Oh and... skin worn in photo can be grabbed for free, details on it in the blog post ❤

I cant tell you how excited I was when I got invited to the reopening of kawaii project. This was the first event I was ever in on my old store [Ritz]. I have mad love for this event and after peeking at the other creations I know you guys will too <3


The Kohai Pantsu sets have 8 different text sayings included with every color or you can wear it as a solid. Each pack has 2 different trims options. The fat pack is loaded with 12 different colors to match the Otaku socks. So, be sure to check out that booth aswell~


Kawaii Project, Taxi.


Click here for a taxi to Stoic!

The 100 Bicycles project: 100 different bicycles photographed in detail. This is bicycle number 16#

as a kid i loved the old 70's cartoon Mr Benn. i loved seeing him step out of the changing room into a different time and place dictated by his choice of costume. His adventures included him becoming a pirate, a chef and a hunter to name but a few.

So i thought what with being in lockdown i would finally pay homage to one of my childhood favorites by using hats and headgear as the key to the project and shot over the past 23 days

- In-Game PhotoMode

- Dev Camera Mode

- ReShade

Project Flickr

Talladega is a good place to live if you want to take pictures of angles. It has many beautiful antebellum houses


Created with fd's Flickr Toys

The Eden Project is a visitor attraction in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. Inside the two biomes are plants that are collected from many diverse climates and environments. We visited this place way back in 2007, it was really interesting.

Time for a revisit i think !


This Picture is © Copyrighted.

None of these images may be reproduced and or used in any form of publication, print or the Internet without my written permission


✧ ♫♪ Sound ♪♫I



I'm avatar creator,


creator of land and sim and decorator of houses in Secon Life.


Who is interested contact dolceluna Myoo in Second Life

Or Denice Watson in facebook


SL Project Hope

Creating a healing environment for peer-to-peer support and resources.






Land Group for SL Project Hope Island

Toronto Auto Show 2018

Skopje 2014 (Macedonian: Скопје 2014) is a project financed by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, with the main ideology being based on that of the ruling party VMRO-DPMNE, with the purpose of giving the capital Skopje a more classical appeal by the year 2014. The project, officially announced in 2010, consists mainly of the construction of museums and government buildings, as well as the erection of monuments depicting historical figures from the region of Macedonia. Around 20 buildings and over 40 monuments are planned to be constructed as part of the project.


The project has been criticized for constructing nationalistic historicist kitsch. Skopje 2014 has also generated controversy for its cost, for which estimates range from 80 to 500 million euros.


What you see here is The Museum of the Macedonian Struggle. The Museum of the Macedonian Struggle for Statehood and Independence − Museum of VMRO and Museum of the Victims of the Communist Regime exhibits the strive for an independent Macedonian nation from the Ottoman Empire and later Yugoslavia. It is divided into 16 departments and includes over 100 wax figures of historical individuals. The museum lies on the eastern bank of the Vardar River just northwest of the Museum of Archaeology, opposite Macedonia Square. Construction began in June 2008 and it formally opened on September 10, 2011. The total cost of the museum, which covers 2,500 m2 (26,909.8 ft2), was roughly 10 million euros.


Mijn foto's en meer kun je ook bekijken op

Don't use my photo's without permission. You can contact me at the above website's contactform. I feature free photosoftware on a regular basis, so check regularly!


© Copyright. Eggii 2016. All rights reserved.


#GENUS-Project - #JustMagnetized - #Lamb - #*Lode* - #Foxcity - #ShinyShabby




Le Portrait

slow moving people over a long period of time (project # 9 ) /without using any graphics program/

Intentional Camera Movement - ICM

Project Hudson/Buick I'm hoping....along River Road near the old Savanna Army Depot....

Replaced bellows on the Wista 45N field camera. The original didn't leak but looked like it was ready to turn to dust at any moment. I thought replacement was the better part of valor.


If you are interested in doing it, let me know. I can give you a few pointers and save you some heartburn.


Project No 2 was... less successful. More on that next.

Project Flickr


Most of these were given to me by my daughter-in-law

The purple ones have kitty paws on the bottom.

Keke Dot Projector in Gold or Silver for 75 L - in store until Monday!





Couple 127 (inc prop)





Hair: Sintiklia

Hair Paloma Bento



Rings+Bangles:V/. VoluptasVirtualis

[Lali] - {ALL LINKED}

V/. VoluptasVirtualis


MakeUp: .ARISE.

Josy Lipstick (naturals)

.ARISE. for limit8sl



Corset [06] - [Lace]

[I<3F] for FrouFrou

The Neverfar Project specializes in bringing our signature shabby vintage style to your space. With our meticulous attention to detail and only the best in Second Life decor and landscaping items, we'll bring your dream to life from a single room to a full sim.


To get a feel for our style, please come visit us at Neverfar:


All landscaping and decors are done by Caridee Sparta


If you have any questions or need any more information, please contact Rainbow Mubble via notecard or flickrmail.

[Project 365]201-365



Would everyone please look at the camera. What a day. What. A. day!


Jonathan Montgomery

Elisabeth Montgomery

Doctor Mikhail Tikhonov

Little Project Two - Eleonora Montgomery

Doctor Charles Edward Rosenberg


The Details: Ephemeral Skye


“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”

― Ansel Adams

MY PROJECT : Old Doors & Numbers 1 T/M 150

1 t/m125 completed


Still to go Nr 113,,119


Join the Group / one door a week / Donderdag /Thursday

Het hoofdbestanddeel moet een deur zijn /

The main component has to be a door


I have now been on flickr for one year!!!!

So here are my 366 photos of 2008 (it was a leap year!)


I decided at the beginning of 2008 that I would take a photo a day.

So I bought myself my wonderful Canon Elph SD 750. I can carry it in my pocket.


I like to find my photos within my reach, on my walks in the morning or where ever I may be. I do not go out of my way or go special places to take my photos. They are what I see, everyday. The gifts of the day.


I Thank all of my FLICKR FRIENDS! For your comments and support and most importantly your wonderful photos and inspiration.


Toronto Auto Show 2018

Hey everyone long time since I chatted here anyway I haven’t been

Active lately in flickr coz I’m like a busy bee so I just wanted to

Come up with something on my mood a small project called “ YOU “ project

It’s the NOTE week .. so let's get started


project 52 weeks v. 2011

[Renn]_N-17002 skin applier (6DOO) @ Project Se7en


Event Open 30th March


Our inspiration for the Riverwalk Project, I believe, came from our neighbors to Milwaukee in the north.


Each section of the river between bridges was done a little bit differently. This one is all seating with a ramp slicing diagonally through it. Having eaten lunch here a couple of times - I can tell you that it what very well done and very successful.


The next one up the river is a restaurant and a kayak place for river tours. The one that is currently being built outside of my office is a wetlands design. Not sure what that means, but I hope it is as cool as the rest of them.


Have a terrific Tuesday.

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