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a good friend once talked to me about the 'tapestry of life'

referring to the times of doubt, fear or frustration that we all feel sometimes ... these shadows give depth and definition to our lives, without which our 'tapestry' would be superficial and incomplete


[Gorécki - Symphonie No.3 - 2nd Movement]

in the study --- A shot taken yesterday just to fulfil the requirement for the day.

Starting off the year with 12 round fruits for prosperity & good luck

"To see a world in a grain of sand,

And a heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,

And eternity in an hour." ~William Blake


According to Wikipedia;

"Purgatory is the condition or process of purification or temporary punishment[1] in which the souls of those who die in a state of grace are made ready for Heaven. This is an idea that has ancient roots and is well-attested in early Christian literature, while the conception of purgatory as a geographically situated place is largely the creation of medieval Christian piety and imagination"


A question of mortality, a theory of morality, a search for truth... What awaits on the other side?


Guys, thanks so much for your kind words and for passing by. It has lifted my spirit during these dark hours...I hope all is well on your side of the world. Take care and I'll see you again very soon. :)


IceArt on an icy Austin Day

"We live in a rainbow of chaos." ~Paul Cezanne


I miss painting. I was never really good at it, but I enjoyed the sound dry paintbrush bristles made when they're dabbed into thick blobs of paint. After yesterday's fiasco, I decided to alter my mood by soaking up some summer sun.


The thing I'll miss most about daily portrait-taking is the chance to get out and deliberately do something crazy. Maybe, I'm wrong, and I've now become conditioned in doing crazy things, that it will just seem like second nature. But I know my fascination with optical phenomena will never stop. I know now that I want to take pictures, until I die, plainly because I've realized that I enjoy colorful chaos.


Enjoy your Sunday guys, hope the sun is shining brightly where you are :o)


i took 194 photos this afternoon in the beautiful sunny weather. i later edited them down to a tight 21 photos over dinner. but when i snapped this one shot tonight after shampooing his hair i knew this was my moment to remember from today.


Project365 - #54/365

ODC - Layers. Layers of rotting clapbords, creeping vines, and sprouting saplings.

Texture by FrenchKiss Textures

“Silence is a source of great strength.” ~Lao Tzu


How do you express derision? They say the best way to tire people who never stop talking shit is to give them more things to talk about...


I prefer to keep quiet... things have a way of getting around.

Besides, we all hold our own truths anyway...


Hope you're all having a quiet and relaxing weekend...


"I asked myself "What is the myth you are living?" and found that I did not know. So ... I took it upon myself to get to know "my" myth and I regarded this as the task of tasks ... I simply had to know what unconscious or preconscious myth was forming me." ~C.J. Jung


2010 saw me complete my undergraduate degree. I lost two very important women in my life unexpectedly. A great friend moved to the other side of the world. Discovered new friends and lived for new experiences... I was up, down, but mostly all around on most days, but not a day went by that I did not pick up my camera and take a picture.


Some people are blessed with a photographic memory, but mere mortals rely on photographs to tell stories. At the beginning of my journey, I did not know what to expect from this project, I was sure I'd run out of ideas by Day 70, but I managed to claw my way to the finish line.


Project 365 has taught me that there's nothing absurd about making any attempt to get acquainted with ourselves. I also learned that each day presents something that can spark our imagination. That a whole year can be recounted in a series of pictures. At the end of it all, it matters most only to one person, but what a wonderful feeling to be able to share the journey with the most amazing people, family, friends (near and far) and perfect strangers.


This is my story, for which I make no apologies or excuses. I And I have you to thank. :o)


Taken: 21st Jan 2011 @7pm.




on the highway. i'm smitten with the clouds these days.

Took a walk on the trail and loved the reflection.

...its always the rubber-neckers that slow things down ;)



1/200th shutter


ISO 100

day 63: Hurry up spring!

some days just feel blessed ...

free today to rest and later to walk


[From the Beginning - Emerson, Lake & Palmer]


friday. i treated myself to a photo session of my very own today. an hour with my son spent running around on grassy hills, he agreed to a photo session today in exchange for a shared milkshake. i think i got the better deal that resulted in some gorgeous photos and a heart full of love.


it's you and i now.



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