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The first warm days, the first days enjoying my garden and suddenly everything else is just "maculature".

Project365 ~ Round II


It is pretty (if you don't have to drive in it)

The other two lovely little cameras I found in clearing out my late Grandads. Feel a display of the three would be nice.

Project365 - #54/365

ODC - Layers. Layers of rotting clapbords, creeping vines, and sprouting saplings.

Texture by FrenchKiss Textures

Fantastic weather again today, so at lunch time I took some photos at the lake but when I got home they looked pretty ordinary.

Went back tonight for another go and I'm rather pleased with the result of this Project365 shot.

Plenty of fishermen out tonight at the lake and in Vic Park but didn't see anyone catch anything.

"Yeah they call me the recluse, 'cause I don't go outside for nothing..."

So After the fog yesterday I decided to get up early and see if it was again. It was, even more so this morning! Went out on Norfolk Park in Sheffield bright and early, got wet and cold and captured a couple of nice shots I think :)

Day 70 , Project365 ..... Thanks to Trader Luke for his individuality .

Day 255: Another in my minimalism series. Simple a wire hanger in one of my closets



Strobist: Upended cardboard box with hole cut in the (now) top, Canon 430ex flash on 1/64 power lying on its back under the box, lined up underneath the hole; upended pyrex dish to bridge the hole while allowing the light thrhough; 4 sheets white paper to diffuse and attenuate the flash shooting directly up into the base of the paperweight on top of the pyrex. Cactus triggers. I'm thinking there must be a simpler way :-)


I suppose it would have sounded more impressive if I'd claimed it was white blood cells or something ;-)

Everyone has or needs a pair of beat up Chucks

Day 343: I was very misty out this afternoon and i wanted to try and capture it, but i was not pleased with any of the results. This drain proved to my more interesting and had the feel that i wanted to try and capture with the mist.

#project365 a #photography project by @a_sablan. Just driving down the road and all of a sudden I see on the horizon what looked like three horses and a baby horse. So I decided to pull over and take some pictures of the little horse. I walked over to the fence and I noticed this baby horse was in fact a donkey. Living in eastern central Ohio, I was totally taken back because one just doesn't happen upon many donkeys around these parts.

Went walking around Sheffield today to gather textures and captured some others during that time


05 January 2015


Rainy Sunday. Luckily my wife Helen was helping me by holding the umbrella :)

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