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Winterthur, Switzerland


Product set title has not yet been decided 😩


6°Republic Nov 2015

{BE} Vintage Stand light

{BE} Photo Tapestry*Steel tower*

{BE} Coffee bean bag Chair *Red*

{BE} Coffee bean bag Chair *Brown*

{BE} Vintage Stool

{BE} Vintage Wood table

{BE} Coffee (Click to Vend)

{BE} Burger & French fries (Click to Vend)

{BE} Cupcakes (Click to Vend)

Opening on November 6th!!


19 poses to hold a champagne flute divided into: 8 for the right hand 8 for the left hand 1 only for the left hand without the mirror and 2 animations to hold the flute with two hands.



Coming 10/19 to the eBody Event

Macy Outfit

6 Colors Top & Skirt

3 Metals

All outfits come with a metal change HUD.

Fatpack contains all colors and metals

Fitted for:

Alice, eBody Curvy, Freya, Hourglass, Maitreya (beta), Tonic Curvy

*Please Demo Before Purchase


This week my daughter launched her new venture into luxury soaps and bath salts.


It sounds like a plug but you may visit her website for more of my product photography. Don't let my photography stop you from placing orders; UK & Europe only I'm afraid.

For European orders contact us for an up-to-date euro conversion.

Pedestrian overpass on Cannery Row, Monterey, California.

Description and Credits: You can get more details of this Post in my Blog in the section about me in my profile



I always wanted to try it and voila - my first ever attempt :)

Water bird


Thanks for your visit and comments I appreciate thjat very much

The factory really stands out over the Hokitika River. Makes for an interesting contrast.

This is butter murukku very popular in Tamil Nadu & even in south India.


Thanks for everyone for faves, views and comments.

► Video Capture & Edits were done by me as part of product promotion of one of the Birth Products.


► Model & Blogger : Monki Emor

► Brand : Birth Mainstore

► Product : Bum & Boob Animation Hud


See My Another Flickr Acc. Where I post INTERIOR DECO Projects i do for clients..

A product shot of some Pringles lit by flash and a homemade flash modifier made out of a Pringles can.


During lockdown, I'd seen a video of someone using a homemade flash modifier made from a Pringles can (clean it out, cut a hole in it, stick it on a speedlight), so I thought I'd have a go myself. Photocrowd are currently running a Repurposed Object contest so I came up with this idea to make my Pringles can flash modifier the subject of my image. It could only be used one way, and that's to use it to take images of Pringles.

On Amsterdam's Magere Brug.

More beach 'street photography'. This looks heavily processed but actually is quite close to the original.

Clifton, South Africa.


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Outside of an abandoned store, in the small town of Turner, Arkansas.

Items for sale in a bric-a-brac store.

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Margueritte, c'est toi qui a lâché ?

611 passes the historic East End Shops.

SMS Rail operates arguably one of the largest fleets of Baldwin switchers left in existence. In the Penn Warner Industrial Complex in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, SLRS #301 prepares to take cars to the Conrail interchange up the road.


#301 was one of two Baldwin S12 demonstrators that ultimately went to the Rock Island; over 400 models of the Baldwin S12 were produced in the early 1950s. Baldwin's line of diesel switchers was its last stand in the locomotive market. Unable to design a road locomotive to compete with EMD and ALCO, Baldwin left the market in 1956.

I have been doing a lot of Product Photography lately for a military charity,the reason i have been a bit absent from Flikr. Most of the stuff is pretty mundane, thou the glassware can be a bit of a challenge. When they give me this Product to do i knew i could do better than the normal standard white background that seems to be the common thing. Takes a bit of doing but well worth the effort. Thanks for looking. Paul.

Flickr Lounge weekly theme - product photography

Pure fantaisie (à partir d'une photo cependant... et le soleil était là!).

From a regular photograph (with the bright sun in it), I let my imagination run wild.

This is Grant who has an important job at the Grizzly Wolf and Discovery Center. He is making sure this Magellan Outdoors Cooler deserves to have his certificate for being bear proof. The drain on the cooler is open and inside is something yummy like like fish. Grant was very exuberant in his testing -- first throwing in it on the ground, then immersing it in water and throwing it about. The next bear to test it was all about finesses, prying at the opening with claws and teeth. This cooler definitely passed the test.

Grant came to the center with his brother, Roosevelt, when they were cubs when their mother was killed in Yellowstone Park. All the bears at the center could not be released back into the wild.

Dixie Baking Co. Inc.


Cookeville, TN

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