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This is Valeria Carnevale's ceramic work

Our Daily Challenge ... imported, foreign or exotic.


I really like fresh asparagus. It is not always available but when it is, it is invariably imported from Mexico.

Shot with a 28mm Computar TV lens @ 2.8 f/stop


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8f8 product is awesome!! It's use a material texture!!

This is perfect product!!

Applause of acclaimed!!! :D


However, Byebye Gacha event :(

I will save the money...

This is the impact of foreign exchange rates... :(


Agh! ヽ(`Д´)ノ

Hehe :D


But! Maybe I will play Gacha in the future lol

Fresh dairy products milk, cottage cheese Adygei cheese , wheat, white wood background,

Jeeprs creeprs, where'd you get those peeprs?

Here is the final illustration for Network World which came out pretty close to the final sketch concept. This concept is pretty direct but works well for these types of articles.


Be sure to look below to see the various sketch stages for this illustration and his "All Sizes" for a slightly larger look at this final piece. Thanks for checking it out!


Product Testing, 2007, mixed media on board, measures approx. 6"W x 5-3/4"H.

An evening with product photography.

Fresh dairy products with rosemary and honey, green and black olives white wood background,

We are a product of our experiences, the school of hard knocks only makes you tougher.

I wasn't really satisfied with yesterday's efforts, so I arranged a re-shoot with my models.


Lightpainted again with iPhone screen light.

Fresh dairy products with rosemary and honey, green and black olives white wood background,

Fresh dairy products with rosemary and honey on a dark stone background,

ben & jerrys in manchester, nh

Thanks for your likes and comments... :o)

More pics (from our crazy Pop Art photoshoot too) on

This is Valeria Carnevale's ceramic work

trying to get invited to We've Joined Red!!!

Outdoor Product Photography

Placed right into a puddle, in fact...


I think I was operating under some kind of bizarre 'if I can't see their eyes, then they can't see me' delusion when I decided to take a few shots of the reflections of people passing by this puddle...

First product shoot ever, playing around with painting with light. Would like to re-shoot this..

BTS self portrait "model styling." Haha.

A display of the various products produced from the iron ore smelter at The Lone Pine mine on Red Mountain in Alabama in the early 1900's..and my second photomerge of 2 images

A sunny way into the darkness...

Sometimes it is just really hard to drag myself into work.

I really liked how this one turned out, and now that I look closer, I should have sprayed the surface with more water droplets, it just looks runny from the objects themselves dripping. Damn. I should have consigned this $1.50 foamcore to death for the sake of a better shot.

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