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Bald Eagle. Best Viewed Large On Black Caught preening in a small rain forest above a salmon spawning river. About half of the world's 70,000 bald eagles live in Alaska. Combined with British Columbia's population of about 20,000, the northwest coast of North America is by far their greatest stronghold for bald eagles. They flourish here in part because of the salmon. Dead or dying fish are an important food source for all bald eagles. IMG_9803

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Walking through Barcelona’s famous sites, piercing through crowds of visitors from all world, it’s possible never see another Barcelona with very narrow streets and simple working people who lives and dies behind the walls of these probably never renovated buildings. Guess their life is not so easy, I almost sure they don’t know about Gaudi, but they are very good and always ready to help to stupid and very frustrated stranger with photocamera (means me). Even without any English they always try to help you find yourself in this enchanting city. As I said the streets are narrow, the buildings standing window to window and life of one family is open for all heighbours... But this people don’t have what to hide from the eyes of others... So... you can ask me, what about privacy... They do have it. It’s their own OPEN privacy.


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You might well remember this loving couple from last year, this is a pair of Orange Ladybirds I found at Colwick Woods on a wooden handrail. This is a different POV.


This was an ever so ambitious handheld focus stack of 34 images, as could be expected there was some movement (Mainly from the one on top), but I managed to edit around it. I used an F/6.3 aperture, ISO 400 and a 1/160 shutter speed, a diffused flash was also used as this was in the middle of woodland.


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Ricoh GRD4

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I didn't have many opportunities to stop for photos and the cactus were amazing with their blooms in Texas. I decided at the windmill stop I just posted to catch a macro of the blooms on the cactus...I was surprised as this seemed to be the breeding ground for these beetles. I tried to find blooms with no mating couples, no such luck as love was in the air. Any idea what these beetles are? Near Hamilton, TX on HWY 281. A big thanks to Speech Path Girl for the ID of Kern's Flower Scarabs, Euphoria kernii.

Ajax Waterfront, Ajax, Ontario


This evening sky was awesomely enticing. By the time I was at the waterfront, I discovered the best part of the sky was in the northwest, but a lot of trees blocked the sky. not enough time to drive to another part of the town when the sun came down so quickly.


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From a photo shoot I did for my daughter Kayla and her her husband Kerry!! They loved this!!


from the family camping trip .


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(from the archives :-)

This idea is not mine . I saw it on the internet sometime ago(I can't found who is the photographer). So, I wanted to recreate with my personal touch.

Busy Lizzie / Edellieschen (Impatiens neuguinea) - Large On Black

in a flowerpot on our terrace - Frankfurt-Nordend

In a way we all live in our own tiny worlds... separated from others by the walls we put up, by the paths we choose to take, by the things we acknowledge or ignore.


A quaint cabin on a small island in Montana's Salmon Lake. Was surrounded by beautiful autumn foliage. Now that's some sweet privacy.


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Silverseas Series 05


Sardegna, Isola Asinara

Bellissima, occhi intelligenti ma è la bambina più antipatica d'Irlanda. Si è messa così appena mi ha visto e non c'è stato nulla da fare nonostante le mie suppliche e quelle dei suoi genitori. Adesso sarà cresciuta e probabilmente è una dentista o un avvocato.


Beautiful, intelligent eyes, but the child is the most unpleasent little girl in Ireland. It is placed just so and I saw there was nothing to be done in spite of my prayers and those of his parents. Now grown and will probably be a dentist or a lawyer.

is relative. abandoned Holmesburg Prison


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