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Create your own designer look right from your home computer! These printable place cards will be left blank for you to add your own name and table number. Print only as many as you need.

New Sewing Friends printable PDF.

Blogged on Paper Bicycle 1/31/12

Download the printable version here:

First up, Please, these are here as freebies - please don't make copies to sell for profit. I promise Bad Toy Karma to any who do.


Anyhow, this is a small assortment of paperbacks from Baghead's bookshelves. Missing are the complete covers I found while Googling - instead these are either scans from my own collection or pieced together from various sources online (sometimes with a custom spine added) so they're ones you probably wouldn't find anywhere else.


Just download the original size file, print onto paper of your choice (it should fit onto a sheet of A4), cut out and glue around bits of card, wood etc.


They're designed to be printed out at 372dpi (giving an average paperback a height of 2.718 cm or just over an inch for the Imperial folk) probably not authentically scaled, but it should give a book that doesn't look too out of place in either a doll's dainty hand or a GI Joe's big mitt. If you want to change the size remember it's best to alter the dpi resolution you're printing at rather than the actual pixel by pixel size as that way there won't be any drastic degradation in image quality.




For a high-resolution print of the above image, click "ALL SIZES" in the navigation bar above this image and select "Original" (2550 x 3300) for the full-size version. These can be printed on any business card paper that's compatible with Avery templates #8371 or #8871, on full-size adhesive paper, or heavyweight card stock.


Each label (with margins) measure 3" x 2.5".


These are also available at, where additionally you can select any color you'd like for each label before downloading a high-resolution PDF for a small fee.

You can print and make these from your home. Check my profile for details!

I found these images online and made them Barbie scale. Download and print on a full 8.5x11 sheet of card stock.

You can download this background for personal use on my Blog: Shannanigan's Doll Modding (mis)Adventures

head on over to happy happy art collective to see the fun easter freebies the girls have come up with!

Not really information design, but it was a fun printable form that translated well into something fun you can play with. Check out the original blog post for more info.

~ Merry Wishes ~

Printable Christmas Crafts Collection

check out all my printable notecard (print from home) listings in my Etsy shop!


these came about because i SO love artful notecards, but never have the time to go seeking them out in a store or waiting for someone to ship them to me. usually, when i am in need of one i'm in need of it right away! so, my printable art notecards were born! :)


when you give these, you know you are giving something unique and special that won't be found on store shelves everywhere. :)

Ready to print timetable -pdf template

Print as many as you like whenever you like!


This file contains a timetable devided to hours and days of the week (monday-friday) with my original illustrations,

Fits on a regular A4 paper. Recommended to print on heavy cardstock for great results.



New Sewing Friends printable PDF.

Printable dress!

Here are some simple directions and things to know...


I printed this out using fabric transfer paper and then ironed the pattern onto streatchable white cotton fabric. Print out the designs and iron onto fabric using the directions according to iron on transfer paper you have.

Cut out along the black lines after they have been ironed down. The seam allowance is 1/8 inch. If you want more seam allowance, (such as 1/2 inch of 1/4 inch) you can cut out along the pattern and leave some white on the edges of the pattern.

Putting the dress together should be self explanitory, as the pattern is super simple. Sew together the two shoulder pieces, and then sew down among the neck and arm openings. Then sew down the bottom of the dress, sew the two sides of the dresses together, and then sew the back. Add velcro or snaps to the back. The velcro should go on the white, meaning one side would be folded over, so the black of the dress would meet in the back. Turn inside out and done!

Same for the clutch. Sew among the edges, then sew the folds of the flap of the clutch down on the edges, turn inside out again and done! You can add a snap if you want. I just put a little piece of carboard inside so it would hold its shape and glued the flap down to the clutch itself.



- Have fun! My fabric transfer paper was like 7 years old and it did crinkle some on the edges, but thats expected I think.

-They make transfer paper now for silk and stuff, so if you use fabric thats not streatchy, you may want to add a dart to both sides of the front piece, where the white meets the black on the sides.

-You may also want to add a dart if the dress is for a larger busted doll, such as model muse Barbie or Poppy or something.

-The dress was made for Misaki/dynamite girl/nu.face torsos.

-This was made to be really simple and easy, so you could even use fabric glue for the dress!!

-You may also want to print this out in b&w on a piece of regular paper first to make sure the inch matches up the the inch on the paper, THEN print out on the fabric paper.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Enjoy and please feel free to post this anywhere else! I dont even need a link back or a credit. I want people to have fun with doll fashion!

Chalkboard. Hi res printable in the August 2014 magazine

Free printable on my blog!

Easter Dessert Table


This printable collection is available in my Etsy shop here:

Printable Recipe Cards :) enjoy!



Happy Halloween!

Free templates for these candle wrappers are at:

Free printable on Allsorts - blogged

Printable Party Toppers now available in our shops. Check out our blog for more info: Nice Package blog.

As seen on


These printable 'staches are perfect to use as party props.


to purchase, visit

I love making animals, so these silly mixed up friends were especially fun to draw!


Find the Download at

2,5" Circular Tags, free to download and enjoy for your personal use :-)


Don't forget to visit my website: for many more free printables!

available on my blog Click on the "free stuff for you" button on left sidebar. Enjoy!

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