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People may hear your Words,

but they feel your Attitude.

( John C. Maxwell )




Quote (by Meher Baba) typed into a text field in “WORD”

(< 2” x 2” incl. neg. space) printed with an inkjet printer on paper and

taken a macro of on August 8th, 2019, uploaded for #MacroMondays #PrintedWord


Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200


4.5 mm

1/5 Sec

ISO 400


Dedicated to CRA (ILYWAMHASAM)

don't ask me what is written here...

HMM to all participants!

Made another set of Pep's paw prints.... Snow is fun, so is mud, sand and dirt 😄

Theme - Printed Words

Cut out of an instruction manual on how to use a ladder! and in a foreign language. HMM :)

Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces - Scarecrow Farm Stand

Macro Mondays, theme this week "Printed Word"

“Printed Word”


corner of an old nursery rhymes book,

within 2 3/4 inches, yes size matters! ;-P




HMM everyone!

Printed with Canon Image Pro 1000

13cmx13cm and framed

Hatch Show Print is one of America's oldest letterpress shops, in business since 1879. It has created original art for Elvis Presley, Grand Ole Opry stars and contemporary artists like The Black Keys. Step inside the shop to view printmaking in action, take the official tour.



My husband holds his most recent calibration prints for his new 3D printer. Hot off the press. He likes to try and to learn new things.


See you May 23!

👗 Artizana Adere Limited Edition dress


💎 RAWR Siren Choker HUD

LM: in store


💇‍♀️ Truth Hair

My favourite book is always the one I'm currently reading.


Repost of a year old salt print with a few adaptations in post. I need some strong energy today!

(Lumen print 9, inverted)

Paw prints down Elie beach.

Contact print of very expired 5x7 Agfapan 33 (<1970?), taken with the Cambo SC and 240mm/4.5 Rodenstock Eurynar

Never mind the looks, we've got an image!


My first wet plate collodion ambrotype, printed in the darkroom on expired Ilford MGIV. A very thin negative to print, but it holds a surprising level of detail.

Contact Print - 4x5 Film Negative - Sanders LPL enlarger - Dektol 1+2 - Ilford Galerie Paper


I recently was juried into a winter residency at the Penland School of Craft, I spent two weeks in their amazing darkroom printing nonstop.

Abandoned Print Shop

Macro Mondays ~ Printed Word


Small section of the printed cover of one of our many books on genealogy.

We have been working for many years on our family history and thoroughly enjoy finding new members of our extended family.


Thank you to everyone who pauses long enough to look at my photo. Any comments or Faves are very much appreciated.

Linocut print and chine colle on paper 10 x 15 cm

#MacroMondays theme “Printed Word”

For Macro Mondays theme "Printed Word", this is a 2.5 inch section of the cover of an issue of "Texas Highways" magazine.

Scan of a darkroom print version of my previous upload done from a negative scan.


Camera: Asahi Pentax Spotmatic SP

Lens: Super-Takumar 35mm F2.0

Exposure: 1/30 @ F/4.0

Film: Ilford FP4+ (exp. 2009) hand developed in D-76 1+1


Ilford Multigrade print

Leitz Focomat V35 with Multigrade vario-contrast module

Macro Mondays and "Printed Word"


I was looking around the house for an old newspaper as I hadn't bought one for quite a while and I came across an edition of "Photography News" which is a free newspaper which can be picked up at certain outlets including Jessops which is still open in the nearby town of Horsham.


Once I had found it I started flicking through the pages to find a word/composition I liked. After locating a section with some words and a photo I noticed a paragraph containing photographic abbreviations and decided to make it a depth of field shot as these abbreviations all seemed to line up together.

Haven't had much time to be out lately .. so another from the (more recent) archives .. have a fabulous Wednesday everyone!

Macro Mondays, borduurgaren


Detail from a very large print that I bought from a charity shop some years ago. The original painting was by a Swiss artist known as 'Stauffi', real name Paul Stauffenegger (1925-2016).

Colour tweaked in Topaz, framed in ipiccy !


Some classic Motown from Smokey Robinson & The Miracles...

"Tears Of A Clown"


Listen :- Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Tears Of A Clown

Thanks to all Flickr member friends for visiting, all faves and comments are much appreciated .

I don’t know about the things you can win, the cereal is full of nice things!


Printed Words theme - Macro Mondays



Olympus digital camera

A small portion of an old deed of property. Everything is printed except for the final digit of the year and the signature of the witness at the bottom. Filled out about 20 years after the beginning of the Revolution and likely from somewhere in the state of Pennsylvania. I found it interesting that even then they had a form printed that had spaces to be filled in with signatures and the year. Unfortunately the top portion of the deed, which is where the location of the property would have been specified, is missing. HMM everyone!

lumen print


first try below in comments

I set the second try out last night and left it out until early afternoon today. when using 3-D object on a lumen, it's hard to get a clear impression.

A rusting sieve plate, directly printed on cotton fabric.

lumen prints, darkened a bit in photoshop.

interesting that they were both the same paper, put out at the same time, for the same amount of time, and they are still a bit different.

the stripes on the one on the left is caused by the corrugated

cardboard underneath. I had plastic foam under the one on the right.


I love these grasses. when massed together they look like lace.



I added two rescue groups at the top of the menu on my website. one of them is jon's

the other is the rescue that provided us with three loving hounds.


my website


Signiture from the Declaration of Independance on July 4, 1776. Marking the day that the united States of America declared independance from England.

Feeling the Atmosphere in the History of the Film Festival


Interesting to see bronze hand prints of most of the celebrities on the Allee des Stars.It was somewhat like the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the US.


A selection of palm prints near the popular Palais des Festivals for the cinephiles & music lovers.


Cinephilia and Filmmaking ... Cannes April 2017

Here is a slice of the workplace / museum that is now Hatch Show Prints' new location between the Omni Hotel and the Country Music Hall of Fame in vibrant downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

lumen print

darkened in photoshop, lines added


**the river has gone way down. the plumber was here today to fix the kitchen sink. we shopped for groceries, 3 days late.

life resumes at more normal rhythm.


rain again next week, but with a couple of days of sun I may have to get out and weed. and transplant.

until the rains begin again.


I want to thank hanni for the suggestion of using a sun lamp for winter lumens. my daughter got me a 5 foot lamp for christmas, and where I put it allows me to stack some boxes and do a lumen while I read .

thank you for sharing, hanni.


view this large, I think.

Small size print (13 X 13 cm)

Canson Infinity Rag Photographique paper and Epson printer


© Thierry Cariou

lumen prints with paper hanni sent me.


blowsy rose and blowsy doll


**the the doll is by Sandy Mastroni

A colour photograph of paw prints in mud.

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