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Princess of Persian


Our Chip


Chip is Mixed Russian Domestic shorthair cat


AF 85mm 1.4D @ f2.0


Saigon, Vietnam 2012

A Whisper of Roses

“Princess,” he whispered against her ear.

“My beautiful, beautiful princess.

I want to spoil you.

Pamper you.

Indulge you.”

― Teresa Medeiros


Princess Rory

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Poison - Every Rose has its Thorn

Princess in Jungle


Model : Phuong Anh

Photographer : Deven

Lighting : Kenny


Workshop by Deven, Jethuynh, VTCH, Kyo and Tonie


Location : Thu Duc, Saigon


AF 85mm 1.4D @ f1.4


Special thanks my friends and the models ...


Saigon, Vietnam 2011

~Though the winter sun is fading

And the days turn black as night

I still hear your voice saying

Soft words upon the tide~

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Secret Affair -

!dM "Piume e Fiori" **LA GIOIA** Raven Mask

Chaospire Corset

Leezu's sculptie skirt for an old gown


Model: Abigel Nightfire

Acabei de receber esses sapatinhos e fiquei completamente encantada quando abri o pacote.

Eu já sabia que os sapatinhos da Princess Sara eram lindos, mas quando você olha isso "com as mãos" é que você vê a perfeição deles!


Minhas meninas estão doidas pra usar... quer dizer, a Zoe e a Boo querem, a Eleonora nem deu bola... hahaha

Yet another princess flower shot. This was taken at dusk, so the lighting gave this a really different look. Much softer and more delicate.


Hopefully this princess bud is fluffy enough for the Pretty Pink Fluffiness theme. :)

1/800 - f. 5 - ISO 200 - 200 mm - Canon EOS Digital Rebel

Princess lily/Miniature Alstroemeria in the garden.

I lost this plant and a red one last winter.


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Canon 5D markIII

Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG USM

ISO 100 | 35mm | F11 | 1 sec

Lee Filters 1.2ND / 1.2Soft

12 Frames


Princess Pier - Melbourne

Caught up with some Victorian members of our Focus Flickr Group - Focus Seascapes Australia - Phillip & Ricardo - Great to catch up guys.. Love this location.

I haven't let her near the actual Disney Princesses because she's pretty salty she wasn't introduced in the line. She can now consider new flat feet and a role as Storm's understudy her consolation prize though!

Snow Day....Eddi Front sang along as I built this @


A long time ago, in a far away land.


A beautiful and delicate princess roamed the woods at the edge of her kingdom. Draped in a velvet cloak, she laughed as she played in the snow and followed the birds as they flew through the forest canopy.


Deep in the glens, now far away from castle Greyskull (ok, that's the only castle I knew ah ah), her (designer of course) boots damp with the deep snow, she found upon a small building. Blowing on her cold hands, she peeked in side, and saw a warm inviting wood space. Tired, and wanting to rest, Princess Jezibell climbed up the outer stairs to the roof space.


Laying out her cloak on the top rafters, she made a pillow from her small basket. As the moon rose, and the woodland creatures stood guard, Princess Jezibell slept all snug.


Collabor88 now open - dedicated to the lovely Jezibell (sorry it morphed from sleigh to snug!)


ps Lavender Brown Snow roofs now avail at direct TP:

Once-upon-a-time, there was a princess who thought she was so beautiful that she never had to bathe. Naturally her parents wanted her out of the castle. They sent word throughout the land that their daughter was available for marriage.


Men came from far away to see if the tales of her beauty were true. Unfortunately many had to be hospitalized because of her odor. It was a common sight to brave princes galloping away from the castle asking God to make the pain go away.


A passing witch turned the princess into a frog so she wouldn't have to smell her. "You will turn back into a princess when a man loves you for who you are, or you learn how to use a bar of soap...whichever comes first."


One day a handsome prince came to see her. He wasn't at all affected by her body odor. She fell in love with the handsome prince as well. He asked her to marry him and the prince took her away from the castle, much to the joy and relief of the people.


They lived happily together for many years. One day she asked him if he still thought she was beautiful. He told her that actually she was ugly, but she smelled really nice.

Princess Fianna in her secondary outfit



"All glorious is the princess within her chamber;

her gown is interwoven with gold." ~ Proverbs 45:13

Princess Street Gardens, Edinburgh,

Model: Princess Lezay von Hoesslin

Photoshoot at Emirates Aviation College


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500px | Getty Images

Historical outfit of a Qing dynastie princess

BJD princess "QUAIL EGG"

1/1 cast epoxyporcelain doll



:copyright: Copyright SVETAN Photography:tm: - All rights reserved


Island of Sint Maarten


Princess Heights Luxury Boutique Condo Hotel


Nikon D800E + Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8

Beautiful 'Celebration' set by Dust Bunny, at N21...

Wasabi Pills new release 'Cara' at Collabor88....

and... over at The Trunk Show, Kaithleen's, has the gorgeous 'Romantic Gown'...



Everyone deserves to feel like a princess! This was Erin's moment! This beautiful wedding just got posted on my blog!


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#2 Highest Position In Explore




=D Miss Baby 2007


Old piles at the end of Princess Pier in Port Melbourne.

HP5 8x10 in Xtol

Princess Smartypants by Babette Cole


Strobist: AB1600 with gridded 60X30 softbox camera right. AB800 with HOBD-W overhead. Triggered by Cybersync.


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6201 "Princess Elizabeth" climbs past Horton-in-Ribblesdale with "The British Rail Euston 150 Limited" from Euston to Carlisle. 25/7/87. The Princess came on to the train at Blackburn and if memory serves, it was running very late at this point.

Way from Augstenberg down to Pfälzerhütte

Cindy's special girl, Princess, has gotten a makeover including a MorganOrton Rainbow Sherbet reroot. Her mum wanted to keep her stock lips to not make her too too different feeling, I think she turned out really sweet!<3

(scalp is not glued down yet, hence the gap:)

I'm crazy busy with projects right now, have a couple more girls being photographed next week!

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