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24 degrees fahrenheit/-4.44 celcius on this winter day at Monument Valley....I started the new year at one of my favorite places! It was so cold I wore gloves that leave half the fingers uncovered to take photos, but I didn't care. I love this place!

I waited for you then, as now. When will you come home?


Junto al Parque Central en La Antigua Guatemala (Guatemala). Al fondo, el Volcán de Agua


Sigma 10-20mm + circular polarizer


Causes in detail

Conditions produced

Part and parcel


Hope you're all doing well. I didn't intend on staying away so long, I think someone overwound the universal clock, time needs to slow down a bit.

Gracias por la visita y por los comentarios!!!

Thanks for your visit and comments!!!

Gracias por la visita y por los comentarios!!!!

Thanks for your visit and comments!!!

Textures by:

Shadowhousecreations, Nichole Renee

Landscape version of an autumnal scene at Thirlmere

Day 326 - 365 Toy Project


Music everywhere you go.

An old ledger containing press clippings for the Adelaide Festival Centre.

Featuring Cigarette Machine by 7 Emporium.



There is a light never goes out

hello guys :)


check list for the weekend:

- send off letters

- finish art piece for competition

- play pokemon soul silver non-stop

- get lost in music

- make goody bags for friends for v day

- clean room, do some hw

- put a quote on my wall..take a picture of it.

- catch some z's


hope you all have a good weekend :)

hopefully this photo gives off some happy

vibes! just had some taquitos, and i'm gon'

go make one of those "things I like" things

fo' flickr! adios! <3

Wish it's that easy...


...that when we make mistakes, we just press ESC and we can start all over again... without any worries...


Life has no ESCAPE key ... it only gives chances. And we just have to make the right decisions the next time around.


Happy weekend myFLICKR friends!


(WORLDWORX Thursday Favourites - 08 October 2009)

I decided that I'd like to try something different, and those storm trooper toy photos look fun. So I went and bought a couple today (note to self, do not go to store the day before Easter).


I just feel I've been stuck in the same ol' rut lately, so a new and fresh perspective without any real seriousness on a subject that I can do indoors or out sounded appealing to me. Something to break up the monotony. I may try some more serious diorama style photos if I get into this.


Mercado de Catania, Sicilia.

Ever had one of those weeks where you fall into a rather depressed slump, perhaps a result of a certain hardship or happening, or maybe several, or perhaps not even from anything at all, which sometimes feels like everything, as if the weight of everyone else's hardships you might not even know of have suddenly spread out to push down on your shoulders, too? Sometimes I try to imagine that when I feel a strange heaviness I'm uncertain of, maybe it's just spread out to balance between me and someone else, allowing their burden to become slightly lighter. My week has felt more or less like this. As I was editing this photo yesterday, I realized it kind of symbolizes what I want: To always hold on to hopefulness. To always keep going forward in the midst of sadness. To always be thankful to be alive. Sometimes it's hard. But I keep trying.


Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, and I'm remembering the things I'm grateful for, trying to think more positively, devouring some chocolate, and attempting to act out of a loving heart. We all have our good weeks and our bad weeks, good months and bad months, good years and bad years... We're not alone. When you're feeling down, what are your go-to methods to help lift your spirits?


“Let every


tell his



That's freedom

of the


― Norman Mailer, Deaths For The Ladies

Quite the atmospheric place, huh? This was taken on a relatively warm November evening, but the wind made visible by the moving branches was chilly. I like these old neighbourhoods though; they are often great subjects for photography.

Newseum, Washington, DC

Fractal - Apophysis.

As windy and wet a week as one can get in the Lakes this past week. 95% of photography done under the canopy of an umbrella.


Still, a most enjoyable challenge. This a scene from near to Dob Gill at Thirlmere. It reminded me of a dried / pressed flower arrangement hence the title.





and btw: press L. you have to.

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