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Gallery Le Petit Port - “Mixed Double”


Sanne Bruggink and Yarre Stooker present together a mixed game full of contrasts. On first sight the reliefs of Bruggink look straight and static, the videos of Stooker playful and full of movement. On second sight there is a world together which shows in watching and the playing of the artists. The spectator gets his own important role

Unbelievable, I made it, again.

Rennbahn Zweibrücken, Pfalz

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On 29 March 2014, my son Jordan and all the Year 12 students from St John's College, Darwin celebrated their Presentation Ball in formal attire. Each student learnt four dances with their partner. A professional photographer was hired for the afternoon/evening. This is the only recent family photo that I have (Brandon, Kevin, Sharon & Jordan).

I put my own touch to the photograph, hope you like it!


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Sometimes it's not what we shoot but rather the "Presentation" that tells a better story. The ever popular interest in Hot Rods has been around since the 1950's and still year after year it gains in popularity.

Victorian stained glass in St Etheldreda's parish church, Hatfield, Herts. The subject of the Presentation: Jesus has been taken to the temple as his mother (left) is celebrate the ritual purification. At the temple they encouter St Simeon (the Righteous, centre) who has been promised this meeting in a prophesy earlier in his life. To the right is St Anna, a temple prophetess also said to have been present. The window may be the work of Heaton, Butler & Bayne, but this is uncertain. The window dates from some time after 1872.

textures and effects by Remember Remember

Presentation: shoe Lo2fU7 men - جوتے اور جوتے, mens 1010 baby મેન Обувь и обувь | ሕፃን ልጅ Shoes & verursacht | Related search: Avalynė ir Avalynė

Presentation Board composition for CDH to use for prospective clients to show our work at meetings/interviews. Graphics & composition work by me and photos are a part of CDH's digital library.

Presentation: boy 7435U children - Shoes & takalma, kids 4V kid কিডস שוז & שוכוואַרג | женские שוז & שוכוואַרג | Related search: Бут кийим жана бут кийим More:

New models présentation.


Big thanks to BMW Den Haag !


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Presentation: womens hO1046n boys - Аяқ & Аяқ, men B8 children ሴት ልጅ Seevae & seevae | Kleinkind Shoes & Footwear | Related search: Кафшҳо & Пойафзол More:

reading presentation of self in everyday life by goffman

244/365days of flickr

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Presentation: boy 10S31 girls - Boty a obuv, boys Xk mens qizlar Cipő és cipő | dievčatá Buty, obuwie | Related search: Schuhe und Schuhe

Présentation du Playset en français.

Presentation: childrens tF babys - Кафшҳо & Пойафзол केटी

Presentation on the Grand Avenue Project, April 24th at the Disney Concert Hall.


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Interactive presentations empower your Sales Reps. to personalize their pitch and focus on every possible key benefit that the audience may be interested in. Interactive presentations provide you with a powerful new development and coaching tool for your sales team. Visit for more @


Presentation: babys 6Q110M4 toddler - Nsapato & nsapato, women 69 Weather Girls Hu & Footwear | watoto ಶೂಸ್ ಹಾಗೂ ಪಾದರಕ್ಷೆ | Related search: Scarpe e calzatura More:

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Presentation: children 7c men - ጫማዎች እና ጫማዎች kid

KAM workshops 2011 final presentation

presentation of my latest print.

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