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Stealthic - Devotion Hair @The Mainstore


Premium - Kallesh Tattoo @The Mainstore


Kaithleen's - Universal Thong @The Mainstore

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Leica M-P & Elmarit-M 28mm


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Tree sparrow (Passer ontanus) standing on a cobblestone and holding a bunch of insects in its beak.


Mazurek (Passer montanus) stojący na kocim łbie i trzymający w dziobie porcję owadów.

Happy week Everyone

thanks for the comments and nice words last days much appreciated !

much greetings all the animals of the farm , Caroline

DIM8040, one of two V set motor cars left in service that had the modification work for a destination board and recessed headlight, heads away from Penrith as W534 from Springwood to Sydney Terminal.


Tuesday 19th November 2019

Aufgenommen mit dem Schneider Radionar 3,5/50 (Akarette), das mittels Adapter an der Zorki 1e angebracht war.

Precious drops of Eau de vie.


Thousands of liters of this precious product in one place.


Guess what color it is on the roof of the storagebuilding

Private homes offering sweeping views accross the North Sea.


Tynemouth, North East England, United Kingdom

In the Christmas Market -

Nuremberg, Germany


Location: oxygen -

Leica M-P & Summilux-M 35mm


Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my written permission.

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My first time seeing one of these!

Macro Mondays ... cloth/textile ...HMM!

58-0062, from the 171st ARS, 127 WG at Selfridge ANGB. This KC-135T in its earlier life was one of those dedicated to the SR-71 fleet

Part of Kalemegdon Fortress, Belgrade


© 2016 tapa | all rights reserved

Our trip began much later than expected. Due to a PTC outage east of Conway, the deadhead move for the OCS equipment was running behind and arrived into Toledo after midnight. I was hoping for a much earlier departure. Don't get me wrong here: I'll show up to run F-units in rain, snow, dark of night, whatever!


Revenue trains get priority ahead of OCS deadhead moves as they rightfully should. After all, those trains pay the bills. We watched several trains go around us in Toledo and followed the parade to Elkhart.


It was almost 5am when we entered the Elkhart city limits. For reasons unknown at the time, we waited for several trains in both directions. Once traffic had passed, the dispatcher informed us that we needed to stop and fuel on the mainline fuel pad.


In order to make this move, we need to cross over and occupy track two. Rarely do westbounds gas up, so this often throws a monkey wrench in the dispatcher's plans. The DS will normally get as many eastbounds through town before a westbound fuels. Hence the reason for our earlier delay.


With fuel tanks only 1/5th the size of a wide body, our stop here will be brief.

While the conductor and RFE chew the fat in the cab, I hopped down to speak with the mechanical people who are looking over the train.


For a one man show, the fuel man was making quick work of the refueling. As he was about to connect the hose on the leader, he jokingly asked if I wanted unleaded or leaded.


Premium please!

Near Berkel en Rodenrijs

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Antonina Line 2088

Hyundai D6AB


Hyundai Universe Space Luxury Premium


Location: Time Square Ave cor Gen Roxas Ave, Araneta Center, Brgy Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City

Finally took advantage of a free home, benefit of being Premium. It's mid century modern, perfect to put my collection of same. (Caledon is still my "real" home.)

Chilling in a groovy corner of my new pad.

HAIR: Devina from TRUTH

ROMPER: Maitreya

LEGGINGS: maitreya

SHOES: Reign

CHAIR: Foxy dining chair from (Sickly SWEET)

BONG: from Foxy's Smoke Shop

RUG: from Culprit


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