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If you ever listen to Garrison Keillor you know that one of the "sponsors" of Prairie Home Companion is ketchup. I *love* these ads...they just crack me up! Make sure you add a good northern Iowa/Minnesota accent to this when you read it. Who may not be funny at all if you've never heard it on the radio :-P


SS: Jim what's gotten into you this morning? You're so-loopy.


TR: I in that dentist's chair, looking at the X-rays of all my impending cavities, and I thought, life is short. It's meant to be enjoyed.


SS: You're enjoying my toast, is what you're doing, Jim.


TR: Lighten up, Barb.


SS: Jim, I wonder if you've been getting enough ketchup.


TR: Ketchup, Barb?


SS: Ketchup contains natural mellowing agents that help you see that life is ok just as it is. With or without jokes.


TR: Sounds good, Barb. Did you hear about the —


SS: Yes, I did, Jim. Many times.


Rich Dworsky (SINGS):

These are the good times,

If we persevere.

Prosperity is coming.

All we need to fear is fear.

Life is flowing

Like ketchup in your beer.


Garrison Keillor: Ketchup, for the good times


RD: Ketchup...ketchup...ketchup...


3. Cutout. Is it a cliche? Of course it is. Can we resist it? No, we can't! Show us a photo where the image is completely desaturated (reduced to black and white) except for one color.


Chris Thile was called a prodigy when he was a kid, and a virtuoso when he got older. He's universally respected now for not only mastering traditional string music, but for taking it to new and exciting places-first as a solo performer, then with Nickle Creek, then with Punch Brothers, then with a series of projects with the likes of Edgar Meyer, Yo-Yo Ma, and more. He's performed and recorded with everyone from Dolly Parton to the Chieftains. In addition to his brilliant playing and writing, his quick wit and winning personality has opened the door for him to take over as host of A Prairie Home Companion, the public radio institution led for the last 40+ years by the legendary Garrison Keillor, when Keillor retires at the end of summer 2016.

I gave my fiancee tickets to a live performance of A Prairie Home Companion for Christmas, but I didn't want to give her a print-out of the ugly ticketmaster PDF tickets, so I designed a fake, but prettier version for her to open up on Christmas!


Explored #420

This is a cool old abandoned farm house I've been wanting to shoot for years. I finally made myself stop and photograph the thing this past weekend. Very glad I did, however the Sneffels range is just to the left of this photo, and I'm a little bummed I couldn't get it in the frame.

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St Paul is the smaller of Minnesota's "Twin Cities," and many people may assume because of that that it is lesser. This is not the case. While Minneapolis plays the role of Minnesota's cosmopolitan metropolis, St Paul epitomizes the hearty, down to earth spirit of the upper midwest. The city also hosts many of Minnesota's most iconic and beloved events, traditions, and places: The Prairie Home Companion, Ice Castles, The Winter Carnival, the MN State Fair, the MN Science Museum, MN Public Radio, and much more.


It's true, St Paul's skyline is modest in comparison to that of Minneapolis, but this is not due to slower economic growth, this is due to the approach for Runway 22 at the MSP International Airport flying directly over downtown. This may result in fewer shiny tall buildings, but it also has meant the preservation of the old classic brick and stone buildings that made the city what it is.


Not to mention, St Paul will be getting Light Rail service in 2014! (Remind me to change this in 3 years..haha).


© Luke Birtzer 2011

Prairie Home Companion street dance. September 26, 2009. St. Paul, Minnesota.

And a rainbow came out for a little bit!

Lenox, Massachusetts - July 2, 2011 (Time to head back to our picnic set up on the lawn with this great weather...)

Best seat in the house sans my love! #bucketlist #prairiehomecompanion #home #theater


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Prairie Home Companion street dance. September 26, 2009. St. Paul, Minnesota.

I always make a point to look up when I'm at a show, museum, or any place of significant size. Usually there is something spectacular on the ceiling that otherwise goes unnoticed.

This photo was featured in "The Tao of Cow" on SOF Observed.


(photo: Andra Suchy-Pierzina)

Prairie Home Companion Nashville-2014

Shot using a D90 with a vivitar 400mz camera right in slave mode.

High on stand through umbrella pointed down.

Had to use onboard flash ttl to triger as comander would not work.

to stop the onboard from washing out "Guy" I bounced it off my hand

directing it to the flash.

at the Prairie Home Companion 40th Anniversary / Macalester College, St. Paul, MN

at the Prairie Home Companion 40th Anniversary / Macalester College, St. Paul, MN

Audience assembles at Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, for June 19, 2010 live broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion. Blossom is the summer home of the Cleveland Orchestra.

Lenox, Massachusetts - July 2, 2011 (The view is just amazing as many people enjoyed a pre-performance walk around the grounds of Tanglewood.)

at the Prairie Home Companion 40th Anniversary / Macalester College, St. Paul, MN

The Fitzgerald Theater, the home of Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion show, in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota.

Prairie Home Companion - Wolftrap Farm, May 25, 2007


- More images at the SeasonImages web site.

Koussevitzky Music Shed.

Lawn while the sun still shone near Koussevitzky Music Shed, Tanglewood, Lenox, MA.

Our 7th annual pilgramage to hear a Prairie Home Companion live.


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