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Coors Brewery – Had the enjoyment of visiting the famous Coors Brewery in Colorado. It was quite the experience; they have a rail system that delivers grain and other needful ingredients right to the brewery. If ever you have the chance be sure to make some time to stop by. You will not be disappointed; even if you are not into breweries.


Update: Unfortunately is vantage point is no longer part of the brewery tour.

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have a wonderful week, everyone :)

Central California – This was taken while on a business trip a few years ago. I stopped the car crossed the street took the shot, jumped back in and took off.

Yermo, CA – This was the kind of place I experienced my teenage years. What to do? Well actually quite a lot, one just needs some imagination and access to an off road vehicle. Or in many cases an ordinary passenger car, this often ended up getting stuck in the middle of nowhere (pre cellphone era). Those were the days, 112F during the day and 95F into the night. We never got in trouble, or at least we never got caught. Entertainment came in many forms, from speeding down dirt roads to eating plants with supposed psychotropic qualities (which never worked, I think they actually were tumbleweeds). On clear days we would drive to the top of some hills, watch the day leave and the night roll in. You could see stars from horizon to horizon. We would listen to the radio, smoke cigarettes, talk about girls and argue about which metal bands where better. The desert may seem like hell to some, but at the time – it was perfect.

Pittsburg, PA – This was taken from Mount Washington; an absolutely breath taking view of the city.

Somewhere in Indiana or was it Illinois? – I was a bit lost trying to find a road that led to the interstate when I noticed these seemly endless fields of farmland that stretched to the horizon. The sky was particularly blue that day and the sun seemed to lift and intensify the colors of the spectrum of the surrounding plants.

Fountain by Alvise Contarini - Piazza del Duomo - Bergamo - Lombardia / Lombardy - Italia / Italy

It's cold and shivering outside, so let's introduce some summer sunflower sunshine to brighten everyone's day!


Note: image taken in the garden during the summer of 2003 with my Canon 5 megapixel Powershot G5. This image demonstrates that you can take effective images with point and shoot cameras. The G5 was a great little partner, helping me to take a lot of images back then. I don't take any images with it these days, but I keep it purely for nostalgic reasons.


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lick von der Festungsruine Monolithos auf die Westküste der Insel Rhodos

Miami, FL – View from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel; this is one of those places that I wish I was there for vacation and not business. If you ever have the means and staying in Miami, I highly recommend this hotel.

When I open my eyes

she is standing, facing a painting

full of 20th century thought.

Small and square, stalks

held together by a thick black band.

The red in the centre would be chaos,

and has been in all the small windows of art.

A corner of the canvas is left white

for new beginnings,

which have quietly happened already

behind the news of murders

and suicides and genocides

behind the Latin endings of words.


Things that exist first fall out of the heart.

There is an aggregate of starlight

until the canvas is lit with it,

the will in it, of the imagination

to hold the picture clear.


~"Red and Black Chaos" - Sophia Kaszuba~

Boston. MA – This was taken from south Boston by the water; I believe it was right over the exit from the turnpike.

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia – Off the main route (Skyline Drive) there are several trails you can take most of which are easy to moderate – however all are well worth the trip.

Fort Worth, Texas. New Jersey born traveling business man purchased a hat and walked the stalls. The locals were a bit confused, but it sure beats eggplant.

Treasure Island, (San Francisco), CA - This place is quite interesting; not a whole lot of things to do but it sure makes for a fantastic view of the city. At the time the skyline was a sun washed silhouette so I decided to lay in the ice plant and hum Christmas carols.

Toronto, Ontario (Canada) – This was taken from the CN Tower in downtown, I believe this looking northeast as you can see the railroads, Gardiner Expressway and part of Lake Ontario. In 2007 they had a winter freeze in which sheets of ice formed on the 1,815 foot structure. What made things worse was wind was blowing more than 50 mph while the sun started to thaw the ice. They closed part of the city in fear of deadly falling ice. The ice did fall but no one was injured, only a taxicab window fell victim to the frozen shards of glass hurling from the sky.

Freibad Garsten - Ennstal - Oberösterreich / Upper Austria - Österreich / Austria


taken with my good old Canon Power Shot G5 (Model 2003) ;-)

Luxembourg, 2007, August 24

Boston, MA - Taken while riding in a bumpy taxi. I believe this is the Callahan Tunnel.

Ponte degli Scalzi, Venice, October 2007.

Shot this at a slow shutter speed while moving around in my chair.

Newport, Massachusetts – The Atlantic coast may not have the waves and the nostalgia that the west brings but it does contain a mystique like no other. It almost feels like a silent beast waiting to hypnosis the unsuspecting onlookers of curiosity. A truly unique experience; it’s the hammock of the senses.

Halibut Point Rockport MA - I had some time on my hands during a business trip in Massachusetts. Drove the rental car North and this is where I ended up; a small town called Rockport. It’s a picturesque fishing town that screams the word ‘quaint’ very quietly. This was a DRY town (no alcohol served or sold) until 2005, in fact the people of the city would still vote by raising their hands in the middle of the town square. Not anymore, the small town has been succumbed to the modem world with its strange and crazy ways.

Pittsburg, PA – While in town I stayed with some new friends (Mark and Jeanine) I met in Paris, France (go figure). Their house was just outside of downtown – a beautiful home in the country. From visiting a brewery that at one time was a church, tailgating in the snow, to the history making Steeler game - the whole weekend went by like a whirlwind but it’s something I’ll never forget.

Miami, FL - Hot, humid, and all Miami

Toronto, Canada - Taken on a business trip in Toronto several years back. There are times I miss those trips; I was able to see a lot, experience the personalities of several cities and a few countries.


At that time I was single and lived in a questionable one bedroom apartment, so a high amount of travel was welcomed. I got to meet so many interesting people and heard their stories, because everyone has a story.


My very first day of my first business trip I got in a car accident in a rental. My last business trip a toddler grabbed my flight ticket and held it for ransom. I don't miss being away two weeks a month, but I do miss the adventures that came with it.

Canon G5 +

0.45x W/A


Photoshop 1 RAW merge x2 files to HDR...tone mapped

Dodge and burn

Tiff to JPG

noise reduction

Raul's sharpen

Smoothing pixels.


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