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Another mono image from NZ.

This was one of my favorite locations, we came across it by taking a wrong turn and spent several hours here soaking up the tranquility.


I will be away again and (unfortunately) heading into some very hot weather next week , so there will be some very early mornings to try and beat the heat!!


Have a great weekend everyone :-)x

Missing the Sawtooths. One of Idaho's visual gems.


This was one fabulous morning. Naturally I hoped for lots of color and a great reflection. Instead woke up to rain and wind. Wonderful! Nice drama and power in those skies. Made for a nice blue hour shot.


A shot taken an hour, 40 minutes later when the sun arrived posted in comments.


Time for another mountain fix. Heading for Rainier National Park. First visit. Time to get up close and personal with The Mountain.


Thanks for taking a look.


Wonderful time at Rainier.

Now off visiting my father and family.

Favorite, and therefore busiest time of the year.


sunrise at Vermillion lakes (Banff,Canada,Alberta)


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The Battersea power station form a bridge which over looks the train tracks that come from Victoria Station. Taken just after the blue hour had passed. I got lucky with the train.


If you like this picture please feel free to look at my London Set for others from london or my HDR set for all of my HDR shots.


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31130 ‘Calder Hall Power Station’ and 31302 pass Claverton, between Trowbridge and Bath with a nuclear flask train for Gloucester from Winfrith in Dorset.


This is, of course the same train as I had shot a few hours earlier with a class 73 at the helm ( ), following a locomotive change at Westbury.


This train (and what followed it) illustrates the uncertainty of the linesiding in the pre-internet age: although I drove directly from Sherrington, had it already changed loco and passed?


And, as I walked away from taking this photograph, how did I feel about missing 33114 (which followed the ‘31s a block behind) for the second time in an afternoon?!


1992 was the height of British Rail’s sectorisation, where dedicated resources owned by each sector operated each flow. Nuclear traffic was operated by the Trainload Coal subsector, using a dedicated fleet of class 31s. 31130 carries the Trainload Coal livery whereas 31302 carries the Trainload Petroleum livery. 31302 had been transferred into the subsector as I recall.


The unique flasks used for the spent fuel from Winfrith had a pair of unique wagons to carry them: the wagons are both conversions of steel coil carriers. They are in the normal early 1990s formation of a former HEA barrier wagon on either side of the flasks and a brake van to follow.


Taken using a Pentax 6x7 using a Takumar 150mm lens with Ektachrome 200.

Building work going on at Battersea Power Station, as they turn it into luxury flats. In front trains enter and leave Victoria Station, with some heading into sidings and sheds. The chimneys on the power station have now all been replaced with replicas, however it will be a while before the rest of the work is finished.

The April 27th storms of 2011 were devastating for some, but most of us were only inconvenienced with the loss of power. I pray for those most affected by the storms. In this darkest hour God provided the most beautiful night sky seen in years just to let us know there are good things to come. God bless everyone, and keep helping each other.

This marvelous Russian-style church was built on the spot where Emperor Alexander II was assassinated in March 1881. After assuming power in 1855 in the wake of Russia’s disastrous defeat in the Crimean war against Britain, France and Turkey, Alexander II initiated a number of reforms. In 1861 he freed the Russian serfs (peasants, who were almost enslaved to their owners) from their ties to their masters and undertook a rigorous program of military, judicial and urban reforms, never before attempted in Russia. However, during the second half of his reign Alexander II grew wary of the dangers of his system of reforms, having only barely survived a series of attempts on his life, including an explosion in the Winter Palace and the derailment of a train. Alexander II was finally assassinated in 1881 by a group of revolutionaries, who threw a bomb at his royal carriage.

The decision was taken to build a church on the spot where the Emperor was mortally wounded. The church was built between 1883 and 1907 and was officially called the Resurrection of Christ Church (a.k.a. The Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood ). The construction of the church was almost entirely funded by the Imperial family and thousands of private donators. Both the interior and exterior of the church is decorated with incredibly detailed mosaics, designed and created by the most prominent Russian artists

The church was closed for services in the 1930s, when the Bolsheviks went on an offensive against religion and destroyed churches all over the country. It remained closed and under restoration for over 30 years and was finally re-opened in 1997 in all its dazzling former glory.


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The Sog Hydroelectric Project is one of Iceland´s first major electric projects. It has supplied electricity to the city of Reykjavík since 1937. Three power stations harness the river Sog: Ljósafossstöð, Írafossstöð and Steingrímsstöð.

Ljósafossstöð is the oldest; it began production in 1937 with two installed Francis turbines, the third being added in 1944. Írafossstöð began production in 1953 with two Francis turbines and had the third one added in 1963. Steingrímsstöð was commissioned in 1959 with two Kaplan turbines.

The river Sog discharges from Þingvallavatn, Iceland's largest natural lake, and the water quality is exceptional resulting in almost wear- and corrosion free equipment after decades power production.

Steingrímsstöð power station is situated in the upper Sog river between lake Þingvallavatn and lake Úlfljótsvatn. Ljósafossstöð dam is situated at the outflow of lake Úlfljótsvatn. The Írafossstöð dam is very close to Ljósafossstöð power station's outflow. Írafossstöð power station harnesses two waterfalls in the river Sog: Írafoss and Kistufoss.

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A similar shot, but in black & white, is located here.


See this sunset, through a tree, as I was leaving. It's here.


I returned last night, at sunset, to one of my favorite spots. (See previous shots of this little pier here and here.)


It was quite a bit colder, and much snowier than it was last time. You can see the snow on the pier in this shot if you look closely. I loved this view because of the wonderful reflection of the pier onto the thin ice below.


For those of you who can't see the photo notes, the poles that you see (on the right) in the background aren't power lines. They are nesting poles for eagles.


HDR Info

- Three exposure HDR, bracketing set to 3F with 2.0 EV.

- Photomatix tonemapped generated HDR (using detail enhancer).

- Lightroom 2

- Ryan Eng has a great tutorial on HDR here


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Driver Mike Beegle roars through a straight section of the course at the River Roar power boat races last weekend in Bay City, Michigan. These boats can reach speeds well in excess of 100 miles per hour.


And yes, this is my Fence Friday submission this week. The two parallel black lines above the boat are the rails of the fence separating the fans in the bleachers from the action on the water.




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This shot is taken from the site of the old Normanby Park steel works.

Shot during Blue Hour


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For just a little while we have the power,

Given at the moment of our birth,

To manifest the care of the Creator

Upon these darkly shadowed plains of earth.

Only for the the spanning of a lifetime,

Be that long, or tiny-heartbeat short,

We may touch the essence of another

And gift away the love which we have brought.

With passing years, the soul may not remember

Those larger realms, eternal and divine

From whence it came. And be content to linger

And feast on coarser bread and lesser wine.

Thus we may use up the hours and minutes,

The days and months of our alloted time,

Wrapped within a dark cocoon of doing,

Doubting there's a reason in the rhyme.

Until some yearning, shuttered by the senses,

Breaks illusion's bonds, to rise in flight,

Awakening a deep subconscious knowing

That all are One, and Life is Love and Light.


- Tricia Sturgeon


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A little break from the norm for me with a little excursion to Western Europe's largest power station. Drax has the capacity to produce 8% of the UKs electricity. Drax is now predominantly a Biomass Power Station. Around 80,000 tonnes of biomass are stored in the four huge domes – each 30% bigger than the Royal Albert Hall.

"Normal service will resume shortly!"

As the weather slowly mellows I've been finding more willpower to get out and find interesting Spokane locations to photograph. I've always liked this view of the Spokane river and Washington Water Power building.

Lately I really enjoy making these blue hour city shots, so here is another one... ;-)


This is the Stoker and Brander again, but now viewed from the Helperzoom. These are two flats of 80 meters high in the city of Groningen, The Netherlands.

At the left side you see the Mediacentrale. This used to be the power plant Helpmancentrale for apart of the district Helpman in Groningen and was in use until 1984. After that it is completely rebuilt (inside) and from 2005 this is a big office building for Media and Internet companies.


Dutch info:


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Another shot from my recent holiday,this one is taken in France,not far from the borders with Luxembourg and Germany.


I'm taking a break after this upload,because i've gone back to work this week(after my holiday) and it gives me some time to think what i want to photograph the rest of this year.(Amsterdam or maybe Germany again,i don't know)


Thanks for your comments on my previous photo.

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Excellent news!

Thanks for looking everyone.


Plas Power this morning. Took a couple of hours out to check out the waterfall in Autumn for the first time.


This is a manmade wier which is about 15ft tall and built from local stone, in reality it looks rather like a natural waterfall. The shallow riverbed (in places) allows those with wellies to get in the water to take photographs.


On this occasion, I am perched on the edge of the rock with just a few inches to spare behind me.


This is where this picture was taken. [?]


Last night's blue hour view of Lower Manhattan | Top of the Rock, NYC

"Power hair" collaborama

Well I figured if I can't get a shot of the sunset without some power lines in the scene, I would make the power lines the subject of my scene and let the sunset hold the subject. I was going to trash this shot because it came out a little fuzzy(Man I need a 5D mark III) but a flickr friend said that I should post one with the sunset in the BG(ThanksPamela). Even though it's a bit fuzzy and I should have gone with a 30 sec exposure I think that the subject and composition warranted a post to see how you all respond.


By the time I arrived at this new location the sun was already way below the horizon, The clouds where slightly pink and the sky was gray. I can't believe that most photographers pack up they're gear and leave right after the color is visibly gone from the sky. This is the time I think things become really interesting because of the color of the sky during blue hour and tinkling lights, stars and the ability to hit your subject with a splash of light all of which help build character in a photo(which i'm still learning).


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For those of you new to photography, I would like to provide you with some very helpful videos that will help you get more from your photography. They were very useful to me while I was learning and I hope that they will help you out as well. Just click the link below and on the left side column there are pre-made playlists on everything you could ever want to know about photography. I hope you enjoy them and as always my friends "Happy Shooting"

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We just got the power back on since early this morning. I went outside and took some pics with bluer sky and some sunshine, but I have to download them now, that we are back to "normal". It is pretty but us the southerners we do not know how to deal with the snow and real winter. Thanks havens it is warm, sunny and the white stuff melts quickly. I spend few hours though shoveling it out of my driveway, just in case. . . I know you're laughing :)))) well, this is Atlanta, not Anchorage or Chicago. I will comeback with more sunny pics. I am happy my camellias that are heavy with flowers right now, are still pretty, the flowers are OK, and will be so as long as we are above freezing temperatures.

Concourse and surrounding buildings, Singapore

November 2014.


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This pano shows to the right the 'Kokerei Schwelgern' (coking plant) ath the river Rhine in Duisburg. To the left there is the new Walsum power plant, a coal fired power station. The sunset scenery from the 'Alsumer Berg' in Duisburg's north is very impressive with all the industrial complexes around.


The pano is stitched from 8 single shots.

From all the forces of the Nature, this is the one I most love and respect: the Sea.

Back in childhood, I used to spent hours looking at the waves crashing against the rocks, never tired of admiring the power of the Ocean. It was like an obsession.

I would do exactly the same today if I had more time.


Taken at Guincho coastine, Cascais, Portugal


See large:


Having a chance at shooting this three month old SD70ACe #8467 at night was certainly a nice way to start the new year! I had come by earlier in the day and the shots under grey skies were underwhelming, to say the least. A few hours later though, the combination of blue hour skies and some lighting assistance from my car created a much more dramatic view of the Mexican-built ACe.

Lite power off a 633 ethanol empty blast thru the drift at MP 109, west of Nora Springs. CSXT, CEFX, and 2 BNSF units are about 8 miles from the Mason City Yard. The strong northwest winds are keeping snow in these drifts today, as only 4 hours ago 471 had cleaned this drift out. .

"Can ye fathom the ocean, dark and deep, where the mighty waves and the grandeur sweep? " ~ Fanny Crosby.


I spent an absorbing three hours from before dawn one misty morning last week, walking along the beach at St Clair, Dunedin; photographing the power of the waves and the remnants of the groynes which were originally built in 1913. These remains show the results of the constant pounding and force of waves over the years since then.


I think the gritty post treatment empahises that power. I would be interested in any comments you might have time to add.

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I had posted a similar image a few weeks back from this same evening. After going back and looking at the photos from this night, I think I prefer this one over the other image I had posted.

The one issue that I have from shooting images from this location or this side of the Mississippi is the power lines that run across the river. At least at Blue hour they are not nearly as pronounced as they can be at other times of the day..


Canon 50d

Canon 17-40L


Single RAW exposure @ 23mm

ISO 100


30 seconds


Best Viewed Large -

Whoever would have imagined being without power for 26 hours before, during and after Thanksgiving? We thought this only happened in Connecticut, not NH where snowstorms are so common!

I did nothing to this shot to alter it ... it was foggy and cold and the aspens were bare ... sometimes nature gives you a natural abstract. Sometimes there is power in simplicity and a monotone shot... but I seem to always have trouble wanting to post these even though I like them when others post such shots. Until today I would not have posted this photo.


I tend to think that color is a powerful draw in a photo ... and light of course. Think how so many of our favorite photos and or photographers are about sunrise and sunset shots. Yet there are 22 other hours of the day! I believe those other hours are all beautiful too. And those days with little light like above hold a mystery and stillness.


Growing outside my self imposed limitations seems to be one lesson I've been learning from all our discussion on a what makes a good photo!







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"They say the darkest hour is right before the dawn."

Rough, gritty and rugged.


Quick 2-hour power build.

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