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This is one of the local strays that would visit the resort in Cuba. They mostly seemed to be friendly and submissive. It was sad to leave without one of them.

A three-month old Potcake going for her big girl pose!

🎵Yeah, I'm tired of wasting all my precious time

You got to be all mine, all mine

Foxy lady 🎵🎸

... island style. And Dolly came too!


February 14, 2016


Rockport, Massachusetts

Cape Ann - USA


Photo by brucetopher

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Looks are deceiving. This potcake was the sweetest creature.

I can't link to Aenee's photo from the negative space challenge of Xziva, but that's my inspiration. Nice blue sky for Luna.

A Potcake in front of Quality Markets, Nassau, BAH.

A Bahamian "Potcake" had a sharp eye on me .. see if you can spot him? (click on photo to enlarge)

This sweet potcake wanted scratches over treats. He ended up following me around and playing with me before he found shade in our cars shadow.

"Wooo! This is a good fun matchup! But I, the mightiest Labradoodle, shall emerge victori- Heyyy, how come you get padding?!"

Emotional, affectionate, fun loving sweet boy. Sidney's favorite thing is meeting his dog pals for a walk! Happy New Year everyone.

Lucky shot with beautiful colors of Autumn. Happy Luna on her daily woods walk.

This made Explore for a few hours this morning, as soon as I added it to the "explore" Flickr group it was dropped :(

I just love her against the cloudy blue sky - I don't get a chance to take pictures on rolling terrain - this is upstate in the Finger Lakes area of NY. Beautiful scenery and fall colors too.

Additional photos. Needed some more to put on

My newest foster. She's about 3 mo. old. She came to us in Florida from the Bahamas. They are called potcakes.

My Royal Bahamian Potcake. She is a very special dog. She loves me more than anything!

Happy Gotcha Day Anniversary 6-19-2005 my beloved Luna.


She is still playful and bossy but has been limping chronically for awhile. Just started treatment for Lyme, though it was a low level positive. She also has a newly discovered heart murmur and of course I worry too much. Watching her age is not easy, but knowing she is happy is what matters.

Luna is 14 this month


I haven’t been able to decide on her photo. We have a great time together, Luna and Sidney... and every day I worry about her getting older but I also smile at her antics and her playfulness with Sidney. She’s pretty stiff sometimes and Sidney still wants to leap on her and wrestle. She wants to reciprocate but limps a bit later so we try to prevent that.

They have daily tender moments of affection between them too that just make me happy.

Happy birthday Luna and hoping for many more beautiful affectionate loving days.

24" x 18" acrylic on wood panel Potcake puppy portrait.

Luna on the beach rocks and her brother Sidney following behind. We've had an oppressive heat wave for days and days. We hate it so much and haven't had many photo chances.

my individual challenge from Hodgey is a silhouette - life and weather haven't been cooperative. I think I'll try again this year but here is my first attempt.

Thanks for the challenge Hodgey and here's hoping I will improve. I have something else in mind, a little more dramatic, maybe I can get it this summer.

This is a great place for photos.

Handsome boy just had his 6th birthday this month!

Luna and I are really looking forward to getting away for a few days next week and I hope there will be peace and quiet at the lake in New Hampshire. I am praying for a lack of gunshots or fireworks. This beach used to be a favorite of ours but all summer Luna has been worried about potential noises. Love the light here.

Nothing better than a Potcake. This little pack wants nothing more than to jump on your and lick your face.

My life for the past 36 hours. Tucked in the belly of the 252 ft Superyacht, The Laurel. Keeping these potcakes fed, cleaned, and safe.


I helped Amanda orchestrate the evacuation of 50 dogs from the Nassau Humane Society to make way for the influx of displaced animals from the affected islands. With the help of Big Dog Ranch Rescue and the Laurel Superyacht. We were able to travel from Nassau to Freeport to drop off a huge amount of relief supplies, then off the West Palm Beach for be transported to the rescue for future home placement.


So thankful for the workers/volunteers at the Humane Society, the owner/crew of The Laurel, and of course Big Dog Rance Rescue.

Handsome boy Sidney and his best pal Davinci who is so much smaller than Sidney but is a few years older and definitely the boss!

Mako in our Holiday collar/bandana setup at the beach. PotcakeCollars


Here's a link to the video

Wow my girl finally got on Explore :-)

This is a very special one for me - Luna and I have battled her fear aggression issues since her adoption at 14 weeks. She and her littermates were found abandoned on a Turks and Caicos beach and were estimated to be 4 weeks old. They were flown to NYC to a vet hospital and kept caged until their adoption. Luna was the last one to find a home.


At first she was terrified of everything - then she started to show specific fears and a big one was men - especially men with hats.


Thankfully we had the resources of veterinary colleagues, acupuncturists, trainers and friends. Happily I have seen her blossom over the years and become more mature and confident. It has taken a LOT of hard work and patience.


A year ago a wonderful cowboy came into our lives - she was distrustful, jealous and snappy at first (and he was a little nervous, understandably.)


Now he calls her "my buddy, my pal and my friend." This is joy and we are truly a happy family, which I never thought would have happened so fast!


- Evening sunlight at the beach - a photographic goal this year -

I adopted Luna as a puppy in June of 2005. She has been in the 52 weeks group since 2009. She'll turn 10 next year. In January 2014 we adopted another mixed breed potcake to be her companion. They are both from the islands of Turks and Caicos and are loyal, smart, affectionate and loving. Luna's athletic and we do a lot of walks on the beach.


I adore her and since she developed fearful behavior issues at a young age her training has been a challenge - she has become my heart dog as we've come so far together.


Welcome back everyone, and Happy New Year.

Sweet happy girl on a walk in the woods.

Little bit of morning sun on my sweet love’s beautiful face. She’s my everything.

View On Black


relaxing Labor Day in the park- the trick was to have someone next to her holding her leash and cropping them out, otherwise she would have been looking at me :-)

I LOVE my girl so much. Limping this week and I hope it's just her elbow arthritis. She is 13 and I'm so lucky and blessed to have her continue to thrive and be happy at her age. She is a most wonderful companion.

sweet girl posing with Sidney, they love their walks in the woods, and posing for me. Was hoping for a snow photo for #12, but we drive to Canada for vacation this weekend where I'm sure there will be snow!

Luna likes to see the world from above. Here she is above the trail in the woods.

Found in an alley... who knows if they have an owner, but if you were the owner, would you let them roam around like that?

Taking Sidney to the woods for adventures - that's his favorite thing.


Happy New Year from me and Luna and her brother Sidney. Wishing all of the people and dogs in the group a great next year. This will be Luna’s last year in the group, Sidney too. It’s been lovely to get to know the dogs over the years. Luna turns 15 in February and I struggled a bit this year to take photos that capture her well. She can’t run and jump like she used to so we take really short walks. Thanks again to everyone in the group especially Liz for maintaining it. Xoxo

This cute potcake peering at me from her perch next to a horse stable.

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