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A movie that marked my


Mom was a huge Doris Day fan.....we were forced to watch.... I'm okay with it now.


Daisies are my favorite flowers.....

Fokelore has it that you would find a pot of gold at the end of the far I've only noticed it as a reward for enduring the stormy weather that precedes it.

Now where is that pot o gold...?

This is a 3 photo stitch from a P&S camera so not the quality I would like - too much noise. The sun was really lifting the colours. A short moment later it was gone....You can see a second rainbow for much of the bow.

I've been away for almost a month, and I'm still pretty busy at work, but I sure did miss you all!! I just had to post one, just to see if I remembered how :)


I hope you all have a great weekend, and I'll try to do a little catching up next week.


This shot is for my dear friend, Vesna, whose texture work and still life images have always delighted me! Check out her Rocks!!

Nazareth Village is an open-air museum in Nazareth, Israel, that reconstructs and reenacts village life in Galilee in the time of Jesus.

Potpourri in my wild marshland...!!!


On Explore...!!! Thank you very much to all of you my dear Flickr friends for your so kind comments...!!!


An impressionnist photo safari concentrated mainly on a daily basis (or almost) on my small piece of planet of 55 000 square feet…!!!

A Thoreau "waldennienne" approach…!!!


Un safari photo impressioniste au quotidien concentré essentiellement (ou presque) sur un petit morceau de planète de 55 000 pieds carrés…!!!

Une démarche "waldennienne" à la Thoreau…!!!


Flower Pot Men at the Oregon Gardens

Clever use of clay pots for the garden at Amberley Castle, England

The pots

Heritage Village Dubai

Loose Crab pots washed up on the beach.

This is the front of the oldest house in the US, Santa Fe, NM

Much better seen in Large.


PETRIFIED in putrefaction: "It is the French name for a Spanish stew with a wide variety of ingredients called "olla podrida, specialty of the town of Burgos. The word was taken and copied by the French military during the Napoleonic occupation of Burgos (1808-1813)." Literally, however, the word "pot" in French has the same meaning as it does in Spanish and English, while the word "pourri" means rotten. In English, "potpourri" is often used to refer to any collection of miscellaneous or diverse items.

In early 17th Century France fresh herbs and flowers were gathered—starting in spring and continuing throughout the summer. The herbs were left for a day or two to become limp, then layered with coarse sea salt. The aging mixture was stirred occasionally as layers were added to it. Often the mixture would ferment or even mold as the summer went by. In fall, spices would be added to the unsightly grey mix until a pleasant fragrance was achieved, then scent preserving fixatives (see below) were added. The finished potpourri was set out in special pots with perforated lids to perfume rooms. Modern homes avoid having pots of moldly substances laying about, and potpourri is usually purchased in stores." (in Wikipedia)


Second Life - Delicatessen / Petrified (at Porto)

The Studio - Potting bench

edit based on Kim's preset 'Lilly'


Dahlia plants and garden supplies,

back of an old picture frame ...

Colas Tug 60021 makes a fleeting appearance across the factory rooftops of Cornholme in the Calder Valley as it heads the 08.55 Preston Docks Lanfina - Lindsey tankers (6E32).

11th February 2015


If you prefer factory rooftops to trains, this just might be the shot for you.

Re-edit from an old negative of a pot bust in Graves County, KY, from when I was working for a newspaper there in the 1990s

One of the photos I took yesterday of a variety of fences and frontages in my area. I drive past this house almost every day and am struck by the beauty of the pot plants on the perimeter. But yesterday I walked past the house and took several photos.


Thanks everyone for commenting and awarding so generously on this ... as well as my other photos.

Weeds, wet cobwebs, droplets, and dead leaves. I liked the patterns in the droplets and web, and the tones and textures. In this version I've played with the slightly chaotic/cosmic feel of the image and altered the hues to accentuate this


Better Viewed On Black


Best Viewed Large On Black




Dappled Sunlight On A Wall

Sunset + Rainbow = win


I was a bit too late to catch the hole thing making a perfect half circle


song of the day:

9th Wonder & Wale - Pot Of Gold feat. Daniel Merriweather

PFFG - Carrasqueira - Setúbal - Portugal


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Nº 85 in EXPLORE - NOV17, 2007

Finally managed to get out with the camera today, had a good day out with Simon not sunny but great for long exposures.


Best to view in Light-box, press L.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM

Exposure 401 seconds @ f/20

Filter used Lee Big Stopper & 3 stop GND


I appreciate all comments left and constructive criticism is welcome.


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I definitely found my pot of gold at Glacier National Park this past year. This particular photo was taken just before 7 a.m. on the day after my "Magic in Many Glacier" was shot. The storm clouds and sprinkles of rain kept sweeping over and intermittently there would be a rainbow stretching from Swiftcurrent Lake to the hills where the Grizzlies, Big Horns and Mountain Goats like to hang out. The sun would light up portions of the world that I was so lucky to be a part of for a moment. Glacier is there for all who seek it and I plan to spend much more time exploring this wondrous creation of nature.


I am so thankful for the opportunities that took me to five national parks this past summer and that will take me back to Mt. Rainier one more time before 2011 rings in. That mountain covered in snow, can you imagine?


Hit L to view large, you won't be disappointed.


Thanks for looking.



I like this pot - I always wanted to photograph a pot, and here is one. I woke up that day, still sleepy, and went straight out without even brushing. Waited for the right lighting. I am truly inseparable from my camera now.




To see the details: View Large On Black

:copyright: Rajesh Pamnani 2017

With two giant pandas in residence at the Adelaide Zoo, bamboo is everywhere including this potted specimen, as the pandas eat an awful lot of bamboo.

Taken a little while ago at Biddulph Grange, Staffordshire, I loved how these chimney pots seemed to be reaching for the sky!


Creation Falls

Clifty Wilderness

Red River Gorge



It looked as if Creation Falls was flowing into a pot of gold last July.

pots in backyard done in topaz impressions

This photo was taken in my front garden on a cold December morning. It is nice to see a little bit of colour at this time of year.

The Kootenay Paint Pots with some freshly fallen snow. Iron and other minerals are responsible for the brilliant color. The paint pots were very sacred to indigenous people who also used them to collect ochre. Later on, European settlers began mining the ochre for paint production. Thankfully, commercial mining operations have now ceased. This is one of the areas we'll visit on the upcoming Canadian Rockies Tour. Follow this link for more info:

This was one of the brightest rainbows I have ever seen! I think if we had any means of getting off this island, I would have gone looking for that pot of gold!


Once again: 9 image HDR (+/- 1ev), tone mapped in Photomatix and enhanced with filters from the Nik Color Efex Pro 3 plug-in.


Thanks for all the kind comments on the last shot, I really appreciate it a lot! Have a nice week...

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