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Dim Sum is going home.


I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone:

* who have been involved in this 365 project,

* who have encouraged me with faves and comments and invitations to groups and galleries,

* who have participated in the hide-and-seek and the 6-word captions,

* who posed for some of the images.


A million thanks to you.


Although the project is officially completed, I might still add to the collection as I explore. But I'm going to focus on other projects now.


I no longer have the luxury of juggling multiple projects because of RL commitments, including "making a living." And I believe I've gone as far as I can with the available technologies in SL and Firestorm paired with the no-processing restriction of this project.


I'll continue to take photos but probably proportionally less of travel. And I would like to take more time to explore the Flickr groups and enjoy your images for a change.


I would also be more focused on machinima and stereoscopy. However, Flickr limits video length to 3 minutes, so I might not post all of them here. They'll be available in YouTube though.


Details in the blog.

About the project.


A shoutout and a wave to Fingol Greyhaven, whom I challenged three years ago and I ended up launching my own project.... Mission (Impossible) accomplished.

Part of the set "postmortem"

COLUMBA: Ongoing photographic project started 16.8.2011

Diptych: DMC-G2 - P1250482, DMC-G2 - P1250497 17.1.2012

Have a nice beekend weekend, my Friends!

Part of the set "postmortem".


Merge: DMC-G2 - P1530944 + DMC-G2 - P1530913


rest in peace dad.



This made it to Explore on the 28th of october. Highest position #54

... And again on the 29th of october. Highest position #158.

The porcelain slab of a decaying morgue in the UK


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In the chapel of an abandoned and derelict mortuary at St. Peter's Hospital, Chertsey, Surrey, England, UK.

remnant of installation from "Rear Window" exhibition of 1995

see here:

Pinkham Bi- @F16, expired Fuji FP-100C45


Part of the set "postmortem"


DMC-G2 - P1680077 - 2013-09-03 Outing Sankt Pölten: Landesmuseum: Josef Schagerl "Poesie der Geometrie", Schmetterlinge, Waldmüller bis Schiele; Synagoge; Ausgrabungen Domplatz: Kirchenfundamente, Friedhof, Badehaus; Stöhr Haus / Olbrich Haus mit Stöhr Medizin Relief; Baustelle evangelische Kirche

Station 1 The Dove at Steinhofgründe - part of the ongoing photo project "Columba" Started 16.8.2011. (today: 68 days of photographic observation)

Part of the set "postmortem".

DMC-G2 - P1180979 12.11.2011 12:31:27

hackney hospital


maternity ward




©chris dorley-brown

Detail of find 2. Lachmöwe, Larus Ridibundus, Black-headed gull.

Part of the set "postmortem".

DMC-G2 - P1330837 9.4.2012

Detail of find 2. Lachmöwe, Larus Ridibundus, Black-headed gull.

Part of the set "postmortem".

DMC-G2 - P1330843 9.4.2012

Early stereoview of a lounging man being visited by a transparent ghostly figure. It may be the man's own image or spirit visiting himself...a trick that was common with clever photographers. 3 1/2" x 7" with some toning/foxing. No photographer's mark. Not one of the common commercial spirit photos you see by Underwood or Keystone.

Postmortem of a young boy taken by the Calumet Studio of Chicago. Child probably of Hungarian descent, judging from the names on the floral arrangements. Notice the "death clock" or "sad hour" tucked into the flowers nearest the casket. This is the time that this child died.

Copyright Ann Longmore-Etheridge Collection.

Lavada May Dermott, seen above laid out in her parents’ home and surrounded by funeral flowers, was born 9 May, 1888, in Goshen, Belmont County, Ohio, to Charles Evans Dermott (1849-1907), who went by his middle name, and his wife, Sarah Jane Stewart (1853-1936). Sarah was the daughter of Eleazar Evan Stewart (1834-1910) and Honor Brown (1835-1914).


Lavada’s parents married in Goshen 26 January, 1871. They first make an appearance as a family unit on the 1880 Census of that township. Evans Dermott listed his occupation as “huxter.” His father, Irish-born farmer William Dermott (1811-1896) was also a part of the household—his wife, Eliza Kelly (1813-1879), having died the year before.


Evans and Sarah had together four children: William Wilber (1871-1947), Charles E. Dermott (19 June, 1881-23 September, 1944), Lavada, and Lillie F. Dermott (1895-1987). On 20 May, 1900, the eldest son, William, married Grace Stanley King. William spelled the family name as Der Mott and is buried thusly in Forest Rose Cemetery, Lancaster, Ohio. By 1910, the Der Motts lived in Cleveland, Ohio. William worked as a garment cutter for a clothing company and eventually became manager of a clothing store. He worked in that position as late as 1940. They had two children: Neil (b. 1902) and William P. (b. 1903).


To read more about this photo, visit Your Dying Charlotte,

COLUMBA: Ongoing photographic project started 16.8.2011

Part of the set "postmortem"

DMC-G2 - P1250872 19.1.2012

1/6 plate postmortem daguerreotype.

Frühlingliches Entropie-Stillleben.

Part of the set "postmortem" COLUMBA: Ongoing photographic project started 16.8.2011

DMC-G2 - P1320323 27.3.2012

"Charles Wright, Photographer, 235 High Holborn."


This woman looks tremendously like the actress Angela Pleasence, whom I adore.

This is a trimmed version of the card, which is marked "Photographs from J. E. Taylor, Mercersb-g, PA," and about the size of two carte de visites laid crosswise. The image shows seven young women in white or light colors. An eighth young woman, who is dressed in black, is almost certainly mourning. Four of the women look to her with obvious sympathy, while another hangs familiarly upon her shoulder. My deduction is that this group of friends posed for this tableau with the bereaved to create a lasting image of the support, empathy, and love they felt for her.

It's interesting that the magnificently colored red drape is barely seen in the final matted format.

We had a dinner party the other night - this guy flew in and caused quite an uproar around the table. Sadly it was not a happy ending for this bee so I memorialized him in this post-mortem portrait :O


More than you probably want to know:

This portrait is a composite of about 10 pictures, each taken 1mm closer, with a camera mounted on a macro focusing rail. I used a 105mm macro lens and full stack of Kenko extension tubes. The decedent was held in position by a jewelers third hand clamp and needle. I used green tissue paper napkin as the background and a 3 IKEA goose-neck LED light setup (one on either side of the bee and one behind the background). The RAW images were corrected in Lightroom and then aligned and 'Focused Stacked' in Photoshop. It was finished off by cloning out the needle and blending in a textured grunge overlay complements of Jerry at Shadowhouse Creations.

"56 Crockherb Town, Cardiff, J. Long, Artist and Photographer." Another stunning hat atop a mound of hair and an unusually posed deceased or sleeping child laid upon her lap.

i think the photograph speaks for itself.

zonogram tomography of the kidneys during an IVP

homerton hospital




:copyright:chris dorley-brown


made during residency at Homerton Hospital in 1988 . It was the first photographic "residency" in a UK hospital. Many of the photographs cannot be posted or exhibited because of the patient confidentiality regs, but they are held in many public collections including the Museum of London. My area of interest at this time was the relationship between staff and patients and how pictures made of this dynamic reminded me of religious paintings of the rennaisance. I was given access to all areas, theatres, mortuary, wards , casualty and non-patient areas.

Necrophages at a carcass. Outdoor area of National Park Center Lobau, Orth Castle.


Part of the set "postmortem".


DMC-G2 - P1450859 5.8.2012 Outing: Lobau, Nationalparkzentrum Schloß Orth, Schloß Hof

Feathers of the Wings - Snow-Covered.

Part of the set "postmortem"

COLUMBA: Ongoing photographic project started 16.8.2011

DMC-G2 - P1250503 17.1.2012

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