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Máš 30 sekúnd aby si niekoho objal

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You have 30 seconds to hug somebody

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This poster is set next to a path leading back from my building's parking lot. It's a popular hang out for stoners, and I thought this poster would accent its sketchy vibe.







This was a bad idea.

Three DPS guys were directly on the other side of this car (well, across the street).


"Trust The Experts.


'You Really Don't Have A Choice'"

it was getting late, and the light was going

The first poster I put up, and surprisingly, the one that managed to survive the longest. It's inside a

[una vez que lo sabes, no lo puedes des-saber]

Poster taped inside a newsstand.

[citation needed]

@ The corner of kallisti and discordia blvd.

PosterGASM on work blackboard

Cainad holding a Homeland Security poster up to the Freemasons' building. Secret Discordians?

I had never heard of a "Tackhammer" before. Best thing ever! Also, Boots w/tackhammer = sexiest thing ever.

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