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I have been playing in photoshop. I forgot why now. just a bit of fun. I need new fonts though

Very nice poster (courtesy of the fine folk at R/GA) for my upcoming talk.

Did this one from Berlin, drew it on my sketchbook and scaned..

Too bad i'm gonna miss this show, two of my favorite artists right now


If you don't know them you should check 'em out-

shadowy self portrait.

see pic below for the setup.

Was nice and cozy in HH,

thank you Comicfestival Hamburg 2012!

Poster denemesi-2

İstanbul'dan günbatımı manzaraları



Sunsets from Istanbul ĐÃ CÓ TRAILER

Tuy rất buồn nhưng BTC đã cho giải nhì tuy trong cuộc thi không có

Đây là lời chuyển từ BTC đến vs Skul

Rất tiếc khi không thể trao giải cho em, 1 bạn thí sinh rất xứng đáng nên hi vọng cách này sẽ giúp em vui hơn


BTC sẽ add em vào danh sách. Chờ mail nhé! Em cũng sẽ được tặng 1 cặp vé tham dự họp báo.

Tks em.

Mình cảm ơn các bạn đã ủng hộ mình ^^

I guess you DO like this poster right girls? lmao!


Custom type poster I just finished up.

The Principle is CENSORSHIP - it's not about Germany and the other nations - it's about power and "filtering for My Morals over Yours" - And this is about much more than just what pictures and images we see - This is about the new power of communications in our entire global community - The Internet Is the New Power Base for Communication and Information - Make No Mistake About this.


Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Communicate Freedom to Think and See what you want -- IS NOT ABOUT CONVENIENCE, not now; not ever.


This Flickr Thing is a symptom of the real fear and danger that many of the citizens in the USA ,and all over the world, feel is doing such harm to all of us - censorship is never a good thing - That is not to say that we cannot try to protect minors against sexual explotation BUT, Flickr Members should have the Freedom of Choice - That same Freedom is what allows People of Faith to live within their religious ideas - that Freedom, to see and live within a different World View should be honored and granted to people who have different ideals of morality -


This is what The Flickr Protest is about - frankly, as I am sure many others have stated "if this were not so important an issue it would be hilarious."

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theory_one1 says:


poster deisgn for a group show . i like it more in vector the print lost a lot of detail . oh well . was a good learning curve .

Vintage poster illustrated by Daphne Padden.

Posters will be available at the event on August 10 (and our site after August 10). More info at


Update: The print is now available for purchase in our etsy shop.

A poster for our annual school exhibitions haiku illustration section. It´s a relatively old illustration I turned into a poster, which wasn´t easy given the exotic format.


Also, I might be completely off on the japanese characters...

In-store poster for Accountax

Mawgey:Our little shamrock practicing for her Irish dance class.


Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

18" x 24" screen printed poster for Ride Snowboards outerwear collection.

Monica Bellucci

è un'attrice e modella italiana

girovagando tra i poster


Monica Bellucci

is an actress and model Italian

wandering among the posters




Full-color offset printed poster drawn for Island Records. More info here.

My poster for a Circa Survive show in Hollywood, CA.

A collaboration with Hrafn Gunnarsson and Jón Ari Helgason. For the annual Fíton magazine.


A graphics collection for people of commerce. Filled with many, many advertising clichés.


Best seen large.

Yay for half-assed photoshopping!

Poster for Les Yper Sound Club

For the city of Pfarrkirchen, Lower Bavaria


[Press 'L' for larger view]


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