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.. Sony SLT-A77V


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I just can not leave well enough alone. I tore my flowers apart to see what fun things I could come up with.

Feat Torek 1port Dunz Fraka

Alameda, CA Posey Tube. This is the center of the tunnel which is flat and lower than both entrance and exit. It was most likely designed this way for water drainage or to maximize clearance in the Oakland Inner Harbor directly above. Upon entering you drive downhill and then head uphill on the way out. This is shot from the Oakland side of the center with a Nikon 70-200mm zoom lens at 190mm to exaggerate the effect and make it more visible.


There's a single camera on the ceiling at the approximate center of the tunnel that I only noticed while examining my photos. You are being watched.

Lots of this in my neck of the woods.

New for Rhapsody, opens 28 June.


[skin Glam Affair Elvi

hair Tableau Vivant Alexandria]

It's been such a long time since I've done serious pose/animation shopping but I just spent nearly an hour practically throwing all of my Lindens at Valencia Southard. I just find her poses to be so engaging and they fit me perfectly. <3

Missy, I thought you might like this. <3

HCN Foster Kitten

HCN Foster Kitten

HCN Foster Kitten

Small posey of purple flowers.

Sometimes it is difficult to be so cute.

taken for Our Daily Challenge - with a flower on it.


I found it hard to decide between the two but my husband liked this one best because of the contrast between the metal and the splintery wood so this is what I went with.


This cheers me up, I hope it cheers viewers too. Rainham Marshes



SL Photography by Maht Wuyts

MDR Photo Studio


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