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Another shot of Portland Head Light located in Cape Elizabeth / Casco Bay, Maine.


My #1 fave lighthouse until I came across Pemaquid Point Light. Now they're tied for 1st place.


Happy midweek folks. :-)


New Yorkled


Portland Head Light is a historic lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

The light station sits on a head of land at the entrance of the primary shipping channel into Portland Harbor, which is within Casco Bay in the Gulf of Maine.

Completed in 1791, it is the oldest lighthouse in the state of Maine.

The light station is automated, and the tower, beacon, and foghorn are maintained by the United States Coast Guard.

From lovely Portland, Oregon. Walking around in the city, I encountered several old perimeter walls that had been preserved after the buildings had been taken down. They were mostly quite interesting–with textures, colors, decorations and windows that added to the urban landscapes. This is a detail of one of them.

This was on the 4th of July 2009 in Portland.

Another shot from a while back, a different perspective on the first shot of this building

Lovely light on Portland in Dorset tonight a bit of mist too

Portland Bill Lighthouse is a functioning lighthouse at Portland Bill, on the Isle of Portland, Dorset, England. The lighthouse and its boundary walls are Grade II Listed.


As Portland's largest and most recent lighthouse, the Trinity House operated Portland Bill Lighthouse is distinctively white and red striped, standing at a height of 41 metres (135 ft). The tower is approximately 114 feet. The lighthouse was completed by 1906 and first shone out on 11 January 1906.


Portland Bill Lighthouse guides passing vessels through these hazardous waters as well as acting as a waymark for ships navigating the English Channel.

Portland Bill lighthouse at sunset from my trip to Dorset last month.


The seas was really rough and I had some fun experimenting with the exposure times blurring the waves. For this shot I stacked two 0.9 nd filters.

Artist: Aaron Reed

Title: Portland Head




A nice little lighthouse on the other side of the country. The rocks along the coast here are especially beautiful. Speaking of the coast, I have 1 spot left in my previously sold out Northern Oregon Coast workshop coming up next month and a couple left in my Southern Coast workshop later this summer. Check out the Exposure Northwest site or shoot me a message for more info!

:Portland Head Light at sunrise. Portland, Maine

Portland Head Lighthouse, Fort Williams, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Portland, Oregon long exposure.

Full site at:

It was big and beautiful and double, but this was all I could get because it was so short lived. I had the 70-300 on my camera, and I was at home, so there were lots of houses and power lines in the way. It disappeared so quickly I dashed into the house to get my camera. I still like the band of color, though.

Portland Headlight, Portland, Maine; July 21, 2009.


Wishing you all the best for 2015.

Was able to stop in Portland on my way home from shooting waterfalls in Washington.

I had seen cool shots from allong the river from a few of my Portland contacts, but I had no idea where to go..So I just drove around trying to get close to the river..I finally found a place to park where I could see the river..Walked up and down the river path until I spotted some cool pilings..I ran down there as the light was fleeting...Grabbed this comp for my first sunrise in P-Town...



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A beautiful but windswept day at Portland Bill lighthouse, Portland Dorset.

Two photo Panorama of Portland Oregon at the Morrison Bridge. Shot from Treasure Island. Visit Facebook at:

{Explored} One of Portland's most popular destinations, the popular attraction Portland Bill Lighthouse is found in the area. Portland Bill is also noted for its rough coast, and is the only place on Portland where the limestone cliffs rise directly from the sea.


The name "Portland Bill" has its roots in "The Beel" as named on early maps. This derived from the beak shape of Portland Bill. From 1588 onwards, when the area was part of a crucial Armanda invasion-warning network, it was often named "The Beacon"

Dear Lynne, you are just as wonderful in person as I had imagined.

Thank you so very much for your friendship. It is so precious to me!


Lynne's girl is wearing a lovely Chinese dress that Lynne made especially for our mini meet in the Chinese Gardens in Portland. She also made similar dresses for our girls to celebrate that moment together. How sweet from her!


You rock, Lynne! I love you!

Believe it or not, this is the first non HDR pic I've posted to flickr since Summer 09'. I've been trying to broaden my horizons a bit, and take some different kinds of photos. A couple nights ago I was an event photographer at this huge beach party in Victoria. Lots of fun!


Portland Bill Lighthouse, Dorset, England


Portland Bill Lighthouse was built by Trinity House in 1906 to guide vessels heading for Portland and Weymouth as well as acting as a waymark for ships navigating the English Channel.


Height: 41m


Range of light: 25 NM

Old Steam Paddle wheel ship docked on the Willamette River in Portland. It is now a Museum.


(Created Cut and Paste Scene - Photo Art)

The light at Portland Bill is one of Britain's best known coastal landmarks.


For centuries Portland Bill, the promontory at Portland's southernmost point, has been considered one of the English Channel's most dangerous hazards. Aside from the promontory jutting out into the channel, the Portland Race and Shambles sandbank make the conditions around the Bill even more hazardous. The Portland race can run up to 10 knots in spring tidal streams, and are created when the tide and current clash round the Bill Point. The Shambles is a sandbank situated south-east of the Bill, which extends across two miles. The depth of the sandbank has been recorded as reaching as little as 11 feet in two places during low tide. As evidence suggests, the Romans would light beacon fires at the Bill, on Branscombe Hill, to warn passing vessels. These beacons would also be lit on Verne Hill, but as both locations suffered from a lack of adequate fuel, they were not always lit. Originally the two original lighthouses Old Higher Lighthouse and Old Lower Lighthouse operated as a pair. They were constructed in 1716, and continued to warn ships of the dangerous coast until 1906, when both were decommissioned following the establishment of the present lighthouse.

Went down to Portland for inspiration but the rain started pretty quickly! This was between showers....

The skyline of Portland,Oregon, the Willamette River, and the Hawthorne Bridge.


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